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Chapter 5 - Nirvana of bliss

The air was crisp as the sweet smell of newly blossomed flowers filled the school grounds.

A large, childish grin filled a tanned face as the sun shone brightly in a clear blue sky.

Although it was a small moment in time, the blonde felt all his worries disappear… soon it would be summer, and he couldn't help but daydream about all the things he would do in the months to come.

The blonde made his way to his second lesson of the day, English.

As per usual, he slumped into a chair by the window just behind kiba, who also planned to not pay attention to the lesson.

Naruto rested his head on the desk in front and observed the classroom. The chattering classmates filling the room, with a loud continuous noise, as they waited for the teacher.

He would have started talking to Kiba, if he hadn't been busy making paper aeroplanes fly around the room.

Blue eyes landed on the Uchiha's back. He was sitting, not at the front of the class, but far enough away from Naruto so as to not see the blonde staring at him.

I'm sorry….

Delicate words echoed in the ears of the blonde as he thought back to a week ago.

Since the last encounter with Sasuke, Naruto's hatred towards him had diminished dramatically… he had never been one to hate, after all.

The Uchiha also seemed to have given the blonde more space since the incident. Usually Naruto would feel the cold glare of the boy at school all the time…

Porcelain face. Black eyes.

It took a while before Naruto realised that the Uchiha had turned around and was now looking directly at him… and he was staring back!

The blonde's head short up off the desk, as a pink hue filled his cheeks.

He snapped his head around to look out the window.

Why am I blushing?

He frantically tried to get rid of the blush, only to feel more embarrassed.

He turned a deep red.


Sasuke, Sasuke, SASUKE!

The boy just wouldn't leave Naruto's head and it was driving him crazy.

It was a Friday lunch time, and everyone was discussing what to do at the weekend… except Naruto. So much was rattling around his head, that the boy hadn't added to the conversation, since finishing his somewhat large meal.

Sasuke, Sasuke, SASUKE!

Naruto still didn't know the real reason Sasuke left, or why he left when he did, and although the fox had been angry about the whole situation of the Uchiha coming back, he couldn't help but feel the strange tingling sensation he used to feel for the boy crop up once more.

It seemed each time he had contact with the boy, his hatred and anger would diminish, and the strange feeling in his heart would bloom… although he could never let the Uchiha know of this...

…. Sasuke….

"Eh, Naruto! Are you listening?" The blonde snapped out of his thoughts to see Sakura looking at him in puzzlement.

"Oi, Naruto, feeling a bit flushed!" Kiba barked out from the other side of the table

"Shut it, dog breath" the blondes words were more threatening than usual, as he realised that the thought of Sasuke had once again made him blush.

"Ano… Naruto, do you want to come to the arcade with us after school?" The pink haired girl quickly cut in, before Kiba could get the chance to retaliate.

The blonde was far from in the mood to go to the arcade, and as he glanced up to decline the offer of his girlfriend, he saw the boy.

The teme had sat himself on the table next to theirs, and seemed to have strategically placed himself just in the sight of Naruto.


"Gomen Sakura-chan. I haven't been feeling very well today… ano… I'll see you at the weekend." and with this, Naruto quickly left the dining room. Eager to get away from the prying eyes of both his girlfriend and Sasuke Uchiha.


The sun was low in the sky when Naruto came across his old school. He decided that he wasn't ready to walk back to his empty flat, and so began to walk around the building for a while.

The walk had helped clear his thoughts a little bit, but he still felt as though a rain cloud was following him, wherever he went.

So the blonde ended up here, the school he grew up in when he was younger.

The gates were open.

The place hadn't changed much since he last visited a few years ago. The school did not hold great memories for Naruto, and so he only ever came to visit his favourite spot when he was younger.

A haze of pink filled his vision as a gust of wind blew past.

The flimsy piece of wood swung clumsily in the wind, fighting against the ropes that held it on to the cherry blossom tree.

Naruto made his way over to the swing, grabbing at the ropes as another gust of wind blew past.

He stared at the rope, frayed from years of being there. The wood had seen better days as well, but never the less, the blonde carefully sat on the swing.

Naruto didn't even realise that someone had wondered up to him, until he heard his voice.

"Hey, Naruto."

Blue eyes guided their way to the face of the visitor.

The blondes face beamed "Iruka-sensei!" in his excitement, Naruto hooked his foot on a rock and fell flat on his face from trying to get off the swing.

Iruka laughed as he helped his old student up off the ground.

"Hey Naruto how is everything going at school? How's Sakura?" the two sat themselves on a bench near to the swing.

"It's ok… ano… I mean Sakura's fine…. School is…" the blonde trailed off.

"I see.." Iruka knew that whenever Naruto didn't finish his sentences, there was something up. "I heard Sasuke had come back to konoha…"

Blonde eyebrows furrowed.

"Must be difficult loosing such a close friend, only for him to reappear in your life without much notice."

Silence gathered around the two as another gust of wind blew past.

"Mmm, Iruka-sensei, can I ask you a question" Naruto turned his gaze to the floor by his feet. "Ano… what would you do, if you thought you had feelings for someone, but…. you're not sure if you do… and… well, you already know you have feeling for someone else but…"

Naruto felt a hand rest on his shoulder, forcing him to turn and look up to his old teacher.

"Naruto. If you think you have stronger feeling for someone else, who you're not with, then you need to know for sure before breaking someone's heart."

"Hai." Naruto agreed, somewhat saddened by Iruka's response. He was hoping that his old teacher would tell him to stick with what he already had… but Iruka always did know what Naruto always needed to hear.

The last rays of sunlight touched on grounds with soft gentle oranges and reds, as the two decided to part ways, Naruto glancing back at the old Sakura tree he used to rely on so much.

I guess things are going to change….


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