In the end

One: I don't own Shaman King. If I did, HoroHoro would've won instead of it just ending without a Shaman King & Hao wouldn't have been killed. Boo to you Yoh!
Two: This is just a thought I had in my head & my second attempt at a Tragedy so hopefully it doesn't totally suck.

As I stand there on the high rocks around the very scene where you finally met your demise at the hands of your own twin brother, I clench my gloved fists tightly, only to flinch a bit at the pain that coursed throughout my body slowly from the palm of my left hand. It had been almost two years since that horrible day. That day is still so visible in my mind even now. Yoh is the Shaman King and he's living the good life with his friends and fiancee, Anna Kyouyama. Why should he get to be so happy and carefree?...Why did it have to end like this?

My crimson orange eyes narrow slightly as a breeze begins to blow around the battlefield, whipping around my light blue hair. I had changed a lot since you last saw me and I know that you cared for me more than anyone else even though you never told me those three little words...I'm actually glad you didn't tell them to me though. That just means I'll be with you again soon. My fifteenth birthday is coming up in just another week. You know what that means, right my lord?

As I lifted my gaze away from the scene before me and up towards the sky, my eyes drift slowly closed as I remember your voice still so clearly as if I had only spoken to you moments ago. Your last words to me were that we would be together forever and that once you became the Shaman King, we'd build our own Shaman clan together. That was all taken from us though...Taken from you. Funny how life can seem so wonderful for some, but cruel to others in return.

With one final sigh of breath, I turned around and left the battlefield that had become the resting place of my lord, my master, secret love. "I have only one week left before it'll be time to reunite with him once more, but first, I have to finish something Cerberus...It's high time that we pay a visit to our dear Yoh Asakura." The spirit flame of my ally ghost shifted his multiple gazes onto me. The three dog heads, which had ghostly flames around them, growled slightly and floated along at my side; his ghostly tail swaying behind him. My loyal companion would be the one that helps me to accomplish my goal.

To be continued:

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