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Winter. There was just something about that season that was both lonely and beautiful. At the Asakura residence, Yoh and his wife, Anna were busy decorating the inside of their home with the help of their friends of course. However, Tamao was happily babysitting the Asakura's two-year-old baby boy. That's right. Four years have passed since that faithful day and they have told the story to their little boy as a bedtime story. It always seemed to put him right to sleep with a smile on his delicate face even though they doubted that he really understood.

Outside in the backyard, an oak tree stood proudly near the pond, but resting under the tree was a beautifully carved headstone with a crimson bladed scythe resting against it. Unknown to all that weren't able to see ghosts, a young girl with long light blue hair and red orange eyes was seated atop of the headstone in a hunched over position while her chin rested comfortably in the palm of her hand. Her gentle gaze never once left the scene that was taking place. With a thoughtful smile, she couldn't help but allow a light chuckle escape her lips as she watched everyone panic, but then laugh as the Christmas tree lost its balance and fell over on top of HoroHoro.

"...Hey Cerberus...These guys really aren't so bad at all...They're really good and kindhearted, though I fully admit some of them definately have their quirks. Heheh...Watching them become adults and still retain some of their childish behaviors is nice...It just means they won't grow up to be dull and boring." Cerberus glanced at his human, who was now a ghost herself, though it had been four years since her death, but even now, the underworld dog still loyally stayed at her side.

With a soft sigh to herself she finally allowed her gaze to drift up towards the sky as it began to snow; light frozen drops of water fell gently from the sky, slowly painting the scenery in a beautiful white sheet. "...I wish Lord Hao was here to see this...It may be corny and weird coming from me, but it would've been kinda romantic to share this with the one you love." It was then that a light laugh sounded off behind the girl, causing her eyes to widen slightly in surprise. "So, you still love me even after all these years, huh?"

Kichi jerked her head around quickly and could only seem to stare in shock as standing right there before her was Hao Asakura himself, smiling cheerfully in his usual innocent-like manner. His clothes hadn't changed at all, nor did the attire have any damage set upon it. His long, waist length brown hair swayed lightly in the gentle breeze. Finally, managing to snap out of it and force herself back to reality, she pushed herself off of her sitting position on her headstone and stepped around it to fully face the taller boy while she crossed her arms over her chest. "...You're late Lord Hao."

Hao chuckled a bit at the young girl's remark, but still smiled as he closed the distance between them. "Sorry about that. I suppose you could say I got distracted by a certain old, little cat friend of mine." He halted when there was only a foot between them and he lifted up a hand to rest it gently against her cheek as he leaned down and over her a bit. "...So you really still love me, huh?" Kichi felt herself blushing lightly at this, but then just smiled and pulled away from him. "...Yeah, I guess I do...I apparently couldn't get over that stupid charm of yours or that smile."

The older Asakura twin actually laughed at her remark again, but then stopped after a moment as he spoke once more. "I'm glad to hear that, because you know what?...I love you too Kichi." The young Shaman arched an eyebrow at this, but then smirked. "A little late, don't you think?" Hao grinned, knowing that it was true, but he didn't care. "True, but I didn't want you to be left alone in the living world without me. I didn't tell you for that reason." His brown eyes then opened up as they drifted onto the scene that was taking place inside. He couldn't help but smile at how happy his twin brother looked. As much as it pained him to know that he was killed by him and all, he couldn't very well stay mad or hate him forever. They were twins after all. Finally, he snapped out of his thoughts and let his gaze drift back onto the young Shaman before him as he held out his hand for her to take. "...You ready to go now Kichi?"

Kichi glanced to his outstretched gloved hand before turning her gaze to behind her for a moment. With a gentle smile planted on her features, she turned back to face Hao once again as she gently took his hand and nodded her head. "Yeah...Lets go home." And with that, Kichi, Hao, and even Cerberus slowly faded away as they left the plain of the living to go to their new home.

Unknown to them though, Yoh and Anna both had watched this scene take place and the Shaman King couldn't help but smile at this. "...You summoned Hao back here with your prayer beads, didn't you?" Anna crossed her arms nonchalantly as she leaned her side against the pillar. "Yeah, so? It was the only way I believe that she would've allowed herself to pass on and find peace...Plus, I was getting tired of her staying in our backyard." Anna then gently closed her eyes before turning around and heading back inside. Yoh watched his wife go in as he still continued to smile, but then he turned his gaze back onto the headstone before him that stood proud and strong under the oak tree. "...Anna might have said that, but I know she just wanted to see you happy again...Goodbye Kichi...I'm glad you finally found the peace and love you deserved and needed."

As Yoh turned around, heading back inside himself, the full moon drifted out from behind the light clouds and shined down upon the headstone, illuminating it in a beautiful light, revealing the engraving on the marble stone.

Yomi Kichi


A proud and strong Shaman

Princess of her once great race

Gone, but never to be forgotten

May she finally find the love she waited for

Now the END.

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