And here's the last chapter—epilogue… also, I know I want to become a doctor and stuff but I'm still fourteen so some of medical information can be wrong. But I hope it's okay.

And in response to Becky's question: yes, Edge is is he?




Randy was sitting there beside John, head on John's shoulder, watching Ted as he paced around the room.



Three times.

"Ted," Randy's voice interrupted his pacing. "Maybe you should sit down. You look nervous."

"I am nervous!" Ted shot back, his shoulders shaking, his head threatening to explode on the inside as he walked towards Randy and sat down. "I hate hospitals…"

"We all hate hospital."


"I'm going off for a minute… I need some fresh air."

The other two only nodded their head at Ted's gesture as Ted walked out of the room without another word swirling through his head. In the middle of the way, he stopped and looked behind his shoulder, nothing really, but it was the thoughts that were weighing him down.

He kept looking up and down. Front and behind.

Just to keep himself from thinking.

Ted clutched onto his stomach when he felt nauseous and decided to head back. They should've been done examining Cody, now, right? He walked inside of the room to have the nervousness build up again now that John and Randy were still in the waiting room. He was tired of waiting. He needed to know what had happened to Cody back there.

Dr. Gray poked his head out and Ted's heart exploded. They were done? Now, he wasn't sure that he wanted to get inside of the room to see Cody. Dr. Gray walked up towards all three, looking at his clipboard as if he had needed it.

"Your little friend had fainted from shock. He's fine now—but the shock had made the boy forget the ordeal he had been in before…"

"So you're saying that Cody doesn't remember being in the train, at all?" Randy asked, trying to understand.

The doctor simply nodded his head. "Yes. He doesn't remember being in the train. Actually, he doesn't remember why he's afraid of trains. The mind works in mysterious ways sometimes."

Randy nodded his head.

Ted swallowed the lump in his throat. "C-can I see him?"

Dr. Gray only nodded his head once before they had all scurried to leave the waiting room where Cody was playing with the sheets. He looked so adorable, Ted had decided as he sat down onto the chair and looked at him, both of their eyes staring at each other and Cody's smile faded. "Why am I here?"

"No reason, Cody, no real reason," he lied, not wanting Cody to remember all that horror—he wanted to keep Cody away from it and now that he had the chance, he knew that he wanted to keep him safe.

"I'm hungry."


Ted rolled his eyes and looked back at John and Randy. "There's this restaurant I saw before we came in," John said, amazed at the doctor's words—Cody did look confused, very much.

Cody's eyes enlightened as he stood up and fixed his hair. The clothes they'd been wearing for about a week now were filled with sweat. "Can we first shower or something? It smells like…" Cody shook his head at the thought and Ted can only nod his head as they all walked out of the room.

Ted couldn't help but smile.

Finally, the horror was over.


Ted had showered and dressed up, a red t-shirt and jeans, watching as Randy Orton and John Cena, dressed in jeans and band tees, came in the room and their clothing was still wet and their eyes were exploding with glee and faces, and Ted stared at them, before laughing.

Ted raised an eyebrow, 'what you two been doing in the shower?" Ted said, smirking.

Their faces turned red. "That obvious?" Randy asked.

Ted laughed and shook his head. "And they were talking about an escape, I didn't think…"

"We are escaping." John added in. "Going for a vacation. Called WWE. We're going on a nice little trip for around two weeks or so. Then they expect us to return for Monday Night RAW. Called in for you and Cody, too. You both deserve a break, really."

Ted nodded his head, digesting the information. "I love the sound of a break."

Then they heard it.

The thing that shocked their bodies with fear.

A scream.

Cody's scream.

They ran towards the shower, knocking on the door to have the Rhodes boy go out, looking dizzy, feeling faint, and his eyes looked horrified. "There's a lot of blood on me…" he whispered.

Ted cupped Cody's face. "Oh, Cody," he whispered, closing his eyes. "Let me see."

Ted watched as Cody went to his black clothing, and took it off the ground to expose the bloodied water underneath it. He'd never seen so much blood before in his life. He held Cody's shoulders and brought him close to his chest. Did he really lose all that blood in seven days? It seemed impossible.

Ted kissed Cody's forehead. "It's okay. I swear you're okay now."

Cody only nodded his head, as Ted helped him out of that mess. Cody felt as if he was scarred for life. Why did he have all that blood? Where did it come from? Possibilities were rushing to his head. He was afraid—of himself. He took a deep breath as Ted laid him down onto the bed.

"Is everything alright?" Orton and Cena asked both at once.

Ted nodded his head. "Yes, everything's alright."

"Great. Let's go for a bite."


Randy ate the last bite of his spaghetti and took a swig of Pepsi as he looked around. He'd never really cared about the place or the food or anything but now, after being stuck in a train, just seeing colors made his heart thud with love and life and explosion. It seemed like Heaven after Hell.


Perfectly ecstatic.

He looked over at John and winked once, causing John to smirk at him. "Where did Cody and Ted go? They said they were going to get some more water."

"Ted's code for 'water' means 'I'm going to go passionately make out' with…" John's eyes widened but he breathed a sigh of relief. Finally. Randy nodded his head as if agreeing with him before he took another bite to eat.


The night was humid and sultry.

Ted's hand went to Cody's face, feeling the heat burned into Cody's body and Cody stared into his eyes.


"I need to tell you something, Cody."

Cody's eyes went horrified. Was he going to leave him? Was he going to hurt him now that he was alone? What? Cody's heart thudded when he thought of Ted kissing him. Fluttered softly and sweetly.


"Yes, Teddy?"

Ted took a deep breath. But the look on Cody's face…he knew he needed to go through past shadows. And a feeling in the pit of his stomach just told him not to. Ted's hand slipped from Cody's face.


Another flutter from both Cody and Ted's hearts.



"You didn't tell him?!"

"He's my friend. If I do, after all I've done, we might break up. He's just confused anyways. Maybe someday."

"What do you mean someday?"


"You sure about this, Ted?"

"He's scared out of his mind. He just saw his own blood on the floor. He looks so innocent…he is innocent. I can't scare him telling him I love him," Ted said to Randy. "Besides, it's not over yet. We've got our whole lives ahead of us. Maybe it's just not meant to be."

"Oh, Ted, it is meant to be. You just don't want to believe it. It's the same excuse you used to use before when someone younger than you walks it, 'we're at different points of our lives'…if you sit around waiting Ted, Cody's going to slip away. Someway." Randy responded. "Do you want that to happen?"

"N-no. But I don't have another choice."

Randy didn't say another word as Ted walked over to Cody's door, looking at him as he slept. One day. He told himself. One day.

But a feeling at the pit of his stomach, twisting acid, burning pain, just made Ted feel as if this wasn't the end.

This was just the beginning.


Um…total sequel to this. This is book one of like four...the damn 'Cross Rhodes to DreamStreet' series so yeah…

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