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What is better….?

Buffy woke up to an empty bed, she heard a loud protracted scream fill the air . She walked down to the kitchen to see Fred reading a paper as she warmed up a cup of blood.

Buffy was very amused, "The boys get an early start?"

Fred nodded, "They got into a heated discussion over what was better, saws or spikes. The argument only waned when I suggested why not try them out?"

Buffy smirked and tied the sash on her silk robe, "I'll go see the fun, then have a shower."

She walked down into the basement and had to shout over the din of a chain saw, "You boys having fun?"

They both turned round with looks of pure glee, "Lover!"


She shook her head in amusement, "When did you grab him?"

"This morning early he was searching for Red and her lover."

Buffy looked into Xander's eyes; she had to give the boys credit they had inflicted a fair amount of damage but kept him conscious, "Yeah about that, that was me and Tara last night."

She could see her precious 'white knights' look of confusion, she filled in the gaps, "Your wondering why you? Well it's more a case of the Powers deciding they want the big bads to be sane. We will keep their beloved balance we are dark but we aren't stupid enough to end the world."

She then glanced back at her mate and Spike, "Oh did you settle your argument spikes or saws."

Spike shook his head, "Nope we got onto a different discussion. We were wondering whether it is possible to wear a ribcage as a hat, an idea you seem to be fond of."

Then Angelus smirked, "I wanted to try Tyson suggestion from RAW. To rip his intestines out and skip with them."

Buffy figured they would settle their argument the best way they could, "Well you boys have fun we will pack the stuff so we are ready to move out when you are ready."


Xander watched his last vain hope waltz up the stairs, funny he always knew that dead boy would be the death of him, he just never expected Buffy to stand by and watch. The greatest irony of it was as the pain dulled in between their strikes he started to look at the friendship they had with Buffy. In hindsight and he could admit it now he wasn't the best friend he could have been, jealousy had seen to that.


The vampires came upstairs half an hour later, "Have you boys finished?"

"Nope we want refreshments."

They took a cup of blood each and waltzed back down the stairs. Buffy quirked an eyebrow, "Does it say something about them, that they are friendliest when they are torturing others?"

Fred sniggered, "Probably does but if they are happy then it makes for a quiet life."

Buffy relaxed back on the chair, "I can't wait to see the back of this place. I love L.A"

Fred raised a glass, as another scream punctuated the air, "To family."

Buffy smirked, "I'll drink to that."

Spike shouted up, "If it's whiskey leave us a shot, I got an awful thirst."

Buffy while laughing at the statement wasn't so amused, "I hope he doesn't expect me to serve him."

Fred was now outright laughing, "I think you can convince him otherwise. The thing is whether vamp or just normal they really are a different species."

Buffy giggled enjoying the little gossip session they were having, "That is so true. Then again Spike and Angelus as humans couldn't be rated as normal. I gotta confess I'm not bothered. Would we love them if they weren't who they were?"

Angelus shouted louder, "Lover we are at the encore."

Buffy smiled, "Guess that's my cue. You ready to get going?"

Fred mock saluted, "We are all ready to depart Ma'am."


When Buffy descended the stairs, the moment she reached the bottom the vampires each with their favourite swords and ran him though.

Angelus shrugged, "We were becoming bored. My desire to kill him outweighed my desire to make him suffer."

Buffy just smiled, "He was yours, just like I promised. Now as we have thoroughly destroyed our pasts we can get outta here."

Angelus pulled her into a kiss, "Anything you want Lover. I've said my goodbyes to this place."

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