A few friends and yours truly were walking back after seeing the movie, and we couldn't help but notice that a certain RC Car sort of vanished after Sam and co headed for Petra. In reaction, I wrote this short snippet. Enjoy.

Where's Wheelie?

Despite injuries, both Mikaela and Sam were scrabbling up the hill, clambering back to the building they'd used the previous night. Behind them, Bumblebee trailed along, somewhat embarrassed.

"I cannot believe we left him behind!" Mikaela wailed. "Why didn't anyone notice he wasn't there?"

"Hey, you're the one he's all lovey duvey with" Sam defended, still limping slightly. "I just figured you'd thrown him back in his box."

The girl moaned. "Well, the twins were making such a racket and you were so ready to get going…I thought he was in the boot."

She swung to glare at Bumblebee, who flinched. "I thought somebody would have realised he was a passenger short."

A few hours after The Fallen's defeat, the sun had been starting to set, and the teams preparing to leave. Only for Mikaela to realise, once the adrenaline of the events had died down, that she was missing a certain ex-Decepticon limpet.

The twins had joked he'd no doubt been stepped on; until the humans realised they hadn't actually seen the RC car since the previous night.

Realising they had to have left him in the building before Petra, the two teens and camaro had bolted back, desperate to find Wheelie and get to the dock before the military ship volunteered for their ride home left.

Mikaela reached the door first, yanking it open and heading inside, holding it open for Sam.

"I'll take the top floor if you take this one."

"Kay. But what do we do if he's not here?"

Which was definitely a valid point. Given that building was right next to the Pyramids, Wheelie would have been frighteningly close to Devastor. Most of Cairo was still in a panic – the government seemed to be spinning a story about terrorists and a chemical hallucinogenic spill (though whether or not it was working was anyone's guess), and anyone this close would have turned tail and ran as fast as their legs (or wheels) could carry them.

The girl shrugged. "His alt mode is a toy car. Even if he isn't, how far could he really have gotten?"


Wheelie had been in the middle of a wonderful recharge. The kind that involved powerful ray guns and painful events happening to satellite imitating Decepticons, when he felt someone pick him up.

His one working optic immediately snapped open and began transforming, forcing whoever had him to let go. He collapsed to the ground and immediately huddled up.



His optic focused on the speaker – Sam. Though looking far more dishevelled than the last time he'd seen him. By his side, Mikaela was already crouching down, looking worried.

"I'm really sorry we left you behind," she said. "I swear I didn't mean to."

Wheelie blinked. "Left behind? What you talkin' about?"

He looked out one of the higher windows. The sky was the same colour as it had been coming in. "Doesn't look like we've been here that long."

Now it was the human's turn to blink in confusion. "We…left this morning. You've been asleep this whole time?" Mikaela asked.

"You didn't hear…anything that woke you up?" Sam asked. "Nothing at all?"

Wheelie shrugged. "Eh, I'm deep recharger. I can sleep through bomb raids."

He stood up and stretched, given them both a smirk while they boggled at him.

"So…what'd I miss?"