My Best Friends Girl

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Chapter 1 – The Unexpected

"I will never fall in love." Jin suddenly blurted to his best friend Hwoarang as they were heading to the car parks, to his car.

Hwoarang cocked an eyebrow in return, rather in pathetic way. "Hmm." He growled.

Jin stopped totally confused by his pals reaction. "What?" He trembled.

Hwoarang dropped his expression and laughed historically placing one hand on the, dumbfounded, shoulder of the mighty proud Jin. "Everyone falls in love and if you do Jinny I get to kick your ass a hundred times. Deal?" He tempted with a sly grin.

Jin of chorus accepted the challenge since they were also rivals in many events and shook Hwoarang's hand. "Deal."

Three years later

Mishima CEO

Jin Kazama was spending his doleful day in his prison, his office. Sometimes he'd wish to be else where but he didn't know where. He could go any where if he wanted to but where to was the hard part. Another day with no excitement He thought as he looked at the paper work on his desk, so high and not even started. He sighed miserably. Fuck that shit I'll let Kazuya do the paper work He ended up taking a nap on his work desk.

Moments later his uncle walked in Jin didn't even hear him. Lee looked down at him shaking his head with a smile. Yeah, it sucks to be Kazuya's son then again I'm his brother so what's the difference? He thought as he took a seat in front of Jin and did what he does best, started to light a fag, he inhaled it and blew in the air.

Jin's nose started to twitch. That disgusting foul smell. Could only be one person Jin sprung his head up, his hair now in a mess, his eyes hanging out of his head as if he'd never slept in his life.

Lee just sat there until he broke the silence. "Did I disturb you my nephew or shall I say sleeping beauty?" He asked politely hoping Jin would say yes because he looked like he was just about to do die of doing absolutely Jack-Shit.

Jin yawned then sighed. "No but your cancer alarm did." He seriously joked hoping Lee would quit after. Lee started to laugh almost choking on his fag. Lee seriously you need to quit because I seriously don't want to replace you He thought with a smile.

Lee finally got a hold of himself straightening his silver hair while the fag entangled with his fingers. "That's one for you Jinny." He said back rather sarcastically Jin hated the nick-name but for some odd reason he always responded to it. Suddenly Jin's phone, which was on his desk, started to ring which shocked Jin considering not many knew the number, only family. Jin and Lee both looked at it for a split second. Lee looked back at his nephew. "Are you gonna answer it? Could be important you know." He suggested as he waved his hand in the air along with the fag.

Jin didn't expect any calls but decided to answer the call. He sighed greatly before speaking. "Hello, Jin Kazama speaking. How can I help you?" He said rather deeply.

Lee couldn't help but chuckle. So like Kazuya so serious at work. Poor prick He thought as he waited for the next action in his nephews script.

Jin was about to hang up when he heard laughter. That voice, so familiar Jin thought howeverthe caller didn't speak only laughed louder.

This time Jin was just about to hang up since the caller he found disturbing when, "Hey Jin it's me." The voice said calmly, a mans voice.

Jin had a puzzled look on his face. It's me? He seriously thought.

Lee studied Jin's face once again, absolutely priceless, if only he had a camera he could make serious greens. He tried hard not to laugh in order of respect for his only nephew. Jin and Kazuya have the same expression these days. Must be a father and son thing He thought as Jins expression suddenly changed again. Yep he is Kazuyas kid He thought.

Jin screwed his face, sourly."Who's me? Never heard of me before." He growled however the mysterious man started to laugh again. He was getting pissed off with the stranger he even stood up with his fathers expression which made Lee moved back some distant on his four wheeled chair, he knew the expression too well, a walking time bomb.

The man managed to calm down. "Man you've never changed have you? Even after what three years?" The man chuckled which made Jin totally confused yet again.

He knows me? He better not try anything or I'll snap who ever this fuck is Jin angrily thought even screwing his face and clenching his fist wishing the callers head was in it. "Alright you have my attention asshole! Now tell me who the fuck are you?" He demanded but the man laughed again Jins fury was about to explode and Lee moved just a tiny bit back, he was nearly touching the wall. This fucking prick He thought as he was just about to throw the phone.

"Jin it's me Hwoarang. Hows it been buddy? Long time hey?" Hwoarang cheerfully claimed. Jin and Hwoarang had been best pals since primary school and even high school however Hwoarang left three years ago to join the Korean army which Hwoarang found a total waste of time. Oh how Jin wished Hwoarang was in front of him right now so he could beat the shit out of him and then lit a light.

Jin sighed then smiled which made his uncle confused.

The hell? He was about to kill someone Lee thought as he moved back to where he started since he believes it's now safe.

Jin sighed dramatically. "Hwoarang why didn't tell me earlier? You prick!" He calmly said getting a hold of himself.

Hwoarang shook his head trying not to laugh again since he knows Jin is a stiff. "You know me I gotta push that Jinny button." Hwoarang answered sarcastically.

Jin sat there holding the phone with a blank face. Push the Jinny button? I guess this flirt hasn't changed at all He thought as he got comfortable in his throne. "Well, so why call?" He curiously questioned since it has been three years.

Hwoarang had a sly cunning grin on his face. "Well just to let you know I'm coming home with my fiancé." He teased waiting for a reply.

Jin completely froze after he heard the word fiancé. Is this guy serious? Hes a dog! Total flirt He thought he would never imagine Hwoarang with a woman well at least for the rest of his miserable life. "So, when ya coming?" He asked trying to change the subject since hes had bad luck with women but wouldn't dare tell anyone. In a way Jin was glad that his best friend was coming back home they certainly had a lot of catching up to do, however the thought of Hwoarang with a woman, who knows what's shes like, she might not see the friendship between them and try to split them. That's what girls do and the friendship sinks and never floats again, according to Jin. Man Hwoarang with a woman? That's just swell He thought and he even thought of not seeing Hwoarang at all but they are best pals how could he not? And he knew Hwoarang would find him, he always does.

"I'm already here Jinny I'll see you tomorrow." Hwoarang said with great speed then hung the phone leaving Jin dumbfounded.

Hes here? Oh boy Jin sighed as he puts the phone down, rather slowly.

Lee just watched the scenes with a few dirty ideas already flowing in his dirty mind of tricks. "So your buddy Hwoarang is back eh?" He questioned while lighting his second fag.

Jin looked back at his uncle folding his arms. "Yeah, with his fiancé." He answered rather quickly not wanting to go further. Man, Hwoarang sure has changed I mean he was a total flirt well during high school He thought as he daydreamed about the past. Out of all of Jins friends, he was the only one who hasn't changed. In a way Jin was scared to change the thought of being someone hes not didn't fit in his category.

Lee waved to get Jins attention who of chorus responded with a stare. "Fiancé? If shes hot take her and bang her." He suggested while a small smile escaped his lips.

Jin flattered his eyes, blinking several time recalling what had been just said. He looked at Lee disgusted was written on his face which made Lees smile widen. Bang? why don't you just say fuck or screw but bang? Lee you really are a sick fuck you know He seriously thought. "Are you serious? I don't believe in that shit and besides she belongs to Hwoarang." He spat back angrily.

Lee stared rather stupidly at Jin this time with the fag in his mouth and smiled. "That's what friends are for." He answered with a shrug Jin couldn't believe what Lee just said so no shame at all than again Lee did try to get Jun however Kazuya made that the mission impossible which was indeed a good thing. Jin will always be grateful for his father in that department but the rest, is all complete bullshit. Jin couldn't imagine being Lees son and Kazauya the flirt, the male slut. Just thinking about it made Jin sick to the stomach.

Jin death glared at Lee. "That's his fiancé." He harshly answered arms folded tighter.

Lee sarcastically rolled his eyes. Jin you really are fucking stupid "Exactly! Fiancé not wife! Although it would've been better if they were married. Also your better looking than Hwoarang." He said sarcastically waiting for the next comeback.

Jin felt like puking considering he hasn't eaten anything yet. Me seducing a woman? No way! Jin respected women and that's why he stays away. "What's with you? I don't have any attention in any woman." Jin was getting angry Lee could easily see his expression.

Why do you have to be like Kazuya? Lee remembered when Kazuya told him, back in the days, women were a waste of time. However when Kazuya met Jun he couldn't keep his eyes of her and now they have a son, such convenient. Although Lee never admitted but he, too, fell in love with the beautiful angel but he won't dare to say it now. Why the husband would kill him and the son would kill him again. "Come on Jin you know the saying the longer you wait the harder it gets." He teased even cocking his eyebrow.

Jin couldn't take the lecture anymore he got of his throne and went to stand in his favorite spot. The front of his office window glaring into nothing.

Lee started to laugh. Well Jinny looks like history is about to repeat it self He thought to himself as he inhaled the fag.

Jin just ignored him with his back to him, arms behind him a technique he learnt well from his father. Lee if Kazuya doesn't kill you I will He thought as he closed his eyes preparing for his pals arrival if he ever came today.

Hwoarang and his fiancé rocked up at Lings place. Wow still the same He thought with a smile as he saw a quick flash back of him, Ling and Jin. Ling was also one of his best friends. He, Jin and Ling grew up together and now they'll be together again. He walked up to the door and knocked it.

Ling jumped at the sound she didn't expect any visitors. "COMING!!" She yelled as she cheerfully skipped to her door and opened it, slowly with cautious.

"Hi Ling been a while." Hwoarang said while waving his hand.

At first Ling didn't know who it was at first but she remembered the red hair. Only one person had that Ling was happy, as usual she was really glad to see him since it's been three years but her eyes landed on the fiancé."Hey Hwoarang who's your girlfriend?" She kindly asked blinking several times.

Hwoarang pulled the girl closer to him and smiled. "Ling this is Julia Chang my fiancé."