My Best Friends Girl

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Chapter 3 – The Beach

Jin was once again in his office doing absolutely jack shit plus he was alone, again. His father, Kazuya, took Jun out for the day since it was her birthday plus their anniversary. His sex maniac uncle, Lee, went to the casino with non other than, Anna. Lee asked him to join but of course he refused, gambling wasn't his jig. He suddenly thought of her again. You again? He couldn't figure out why but for some reason he felt relaxed when he thought of her. Why am I thinking of her? Shes just another woman and yet I can't get her out of my mind Then without warning the door swung open widely he quickly shook the thoughts out. Holy Fuck!

The intruder was non other than, Hwoarang. "Hey Jinny. Still in fantasy world are you?." He joked as he walked in admiring the flashy workroom. "How can you work in here? Knowing me I'll end up going loony." He blabbered.

This guy still the same pops up unexpectedly Jin laughed. "You know me Hwoarang. I'm not an exciting person." He flattered admitting one truth of his miserable life.

Still the same Hwoarang shrugged with a mischief smile. "Well any ways I'm here to save you from boredom. Me, Julia and Ling are heading for the beach. Wanna join?" He kindly offered.

God no please no! I won't handle especially with your girl Jin didn't want to go because of Julia but he didn't dare to say. The thought of being around her was just too complicated for some odd reason plus most of all she was his best friends girl. "Sorry Hwoarang but I have things to do but thanks for the invite." He was lying he never had things to do.

Stop the lies Jinny! Hwoarang smiled he saw the lie. "Come on Jin. It'll be fun like old times plus Julia wants you to come." He begged even making the sad puppy eyes.

This is gonna be complicated That's the reason why Jin doesn't want to go. Julia wants me? Forget it! He knew he would loose this battle. He always does when it comes to his best pal. Hwoarang was probably the second person to make him do almost anything. The first was his mother of course oh boy if she was here he'll have no choice but to go. I hope things go smoothly He sighed in ultimate defeat he looked at his watch. "Sure what time?" He asked changing his mind looking back at Hwoarang.

Wow that was too easy usually we'd end up having a scratch match but hey hes finally agreeing Hwoarang smiled suddenly grabbed Jin's arm which made him confused. "Now." He said loud and clear.

Hwoarang and Jin rushed out of the Mishima mansion like lightning bolts.

The Beach

The beach was full of people which was no surprise since it was the summer season. Jin didn't remember the last time he came here. He was now rarely seen in public. Gosh how long has it been? Years He started to remember the days when he, Jun, Kazuya, Lee and Hwoarang came every summer time during the school breaks. I guess that's the past now He and Hwoarang were sitting at the bar waiting for Julia and Ling.

Hwoarang clicked his fingers to snap Jins day dream and it worked. "So Jin what do you drink?" He asked politely since he wanted to buy him one.

Drink? Jin fearfully looked at Hwoarang. Alcohol? Shit! Never tried He never tasted alcohol before, considering he was twenty-one, he wouldn't dare to tell Hwoarang. He will be getting the biggest lecture of his life. "Nothing I'm not thirsty. Thanks" He answered leaving his pal stung.

He doesn't drink? Gosh Jinny! Hwoarang was indeed stunned but not surprised he honestly thought Jin would have tried since Lee isn't so innocent. "You must be joking. Don't tell me your a virgin-drinker as well?" He playfully joked hoping not to hurt his pal.

This is why I didn't want to come Jin felt so out of place. This is why he wanted to stay away from the atmosphere and everyone in it. He just couldn't fit in and didn't even bother to try. He sighed, sadly placing his head down.

Sorry Jin didn't mean to upset you Hwoarang gave Jin a pat on his back who returned a confused facial expression. "Hey your not the only one." He assured his pal.

Moments later Julia and Ling came in their bikinis. Jin was staring at Julia but didn't realize until she came closer. Julia wore a red set with a silky see through white skirt on her tiny waist. As soon as his dark eyes met Julia's bare flesh it made him sweat with an odd sensational feeling. He tried to look else where however Julia and Ling were there, right in front of him. He actually found it hard to even breathe. "What's happening to me?" He gently hissed to himself.

"Hey Jin." Ling said with such delight she honestly thought that Jin wouldn't come but he proved her wrong.

Jin waved back hello. "Hey Ling." He said then came eye to eye with Julia.

"Hey glad you could make it." Julia happily chanted she was really glad to see him again. She thought this would be a good chance to know him a little better.

Shes glad? Yet she has no idea what shes doing to me Jin cleared his throat. "Thank you for inviting me." He replied trying to control his some what temptation, Julia Chang. God it's like hot really hot He needed space and perhaps water, plenty of it. Although he didn't admit or show it but Julia was really turning him on to a boiling point but couldn't figure why. I gotta get the hell out! He suddenly sighed miserably. "Guys I'm gonna go to the mens rest room. If you excuse me." He lied he just needed an escape route. He quickly got up then that feeling struck his knees again. The hell? Fuck it! He hid his expressions. He left leaving the gang stunned.

Why is he so intense? Maybe hes not use to crowds Julia saw his expressions.

"Hey Hwoarang is Jin alright? He looked as if the heat was getting to him." Ling asked worriedly since Jin did act a bit strange, too strange.

Lee was right he is hard to read Hwoarang was worried, after all Jin never went anywhere according to his uncle.

Jin was alone at the dip in pool. Thank god no ones here He removed his shirt along with his long pants. He was wearing his red flame board shorts. He went into the water he badly needed this to cool off what ever Julia shot him with. Just right The sight of Julia suddenly made his body go on fire. He never felt like this before. What's with her? Why can't I just forget her? After all shes just another woman He then remembered what his mother said. "Theres a foot for every shoe." He just sat there thinking as the words echoed within him. Have I......nah Shes Hwoarangs girl I should be proud of him finding someone who'll take care of him He then closed his eyes trying to forget the beautiful brunette.

The next thing he felt was the water moved violently as if a tidal wave just hit. The Fuck! Jin opened his eyes in real shock, his heart racing a thousand per second. It was Hwoarang, who bombed into the cool off pool. He quickly placed his hand on his chest breathing heavily. Hwoarang started to laugh. "For fucks sake Hwoarang! You could've been more quieter!" He almost shouted pointing his index finger shaking in the process.

Got ya virgin! Hwoarang just continued laughing."Sorry buddy you know me gotta make a scene." He flattered then calmed he cocked his eyebrow suddenly he flicked water at Jin.

Jin flinched then flicked water back. He laughed afterwards. "Tell me about it." He answered sarcastically.

Ling and Julia came with their drinks. This time Julia's skirt was gone. Not again Jin started to feel the heat rise once again and something else was rising. He tried to get comfortable if he were to rise his pals will see virgin junior. He decided to stay put allowing the unusual, incredible feeling rush through his body. This is something that's wrong yet feels right Julia and Ling finally sat in the pool. Ling gave Jin his drink. "Thanks Ling." He thanked his girl pal.

"No worries." Ling answered back with a wink.

Well let's see if Jinny can handle it Hwoarang mischievously glared at Jin."Well Jin I hope you still like coke because that's what I got you." He said with a sly mischief smile on his face.

I know that smile Hwoarang what did you do? Jin wasn't stupid he knew Hwoarang was up to something plus the smile he use to do it all the time during primary and high school. He carefully looked at the glass he studied it for a while. Looks like coke but still this guy He slowly took a sip of his drink and froze, his face dropping as the taste of rum and coke went down his throat, burning in the process.

Anything to say Hwoarang was waiting for the reply. "Well?" He just had to ask.

Poor Jin I told Mr Hot head rum is too strong especially for first timers Ling tried her best not to laugh.

Jin managed to swallow the whole content considering it burnt his throat. "Thanks Hwoarang. I didn't know coke had a new flavor." He said sarcastically while rubbing his throat.

They all laughed.

Hwoarang flicked his eyebrows. "I like to call it Rum and Coke." He flattered then took a sip of his own drink.

We should do this more often Ling had never seen Jin happy in her life since high school.

Jin suddenly felt warm and fuzzy after the rum finally cooled off. "Good name." He sarcastically answered back as his eyes were resting on her again, Julia Chang.

The gang decided to finish off the day.

Hwoarang dropped Julia and Ling first.

Jin carefully got of Hwoarang's car then fell onto the lawn, his lawn. His body felt like jelly after all he had a few drinks, maybe too much. He got up then staggered badly to the front door. "Fffuucck!" He slurred.

Hwoarang was laughing loud. "Hey" He said drunkly. Jin had no idea what he just said but turned around and waved his pal goodbye. He sped off almost hitting the street light in the process which made Jin laugh.

Jin then thought of Julia in her bikinis as he stood in front of the door. The thought of her made him drool a bit. He rested his head on the door licking his dry lips while he thought of her, seductively. "Man she was hot! How on earth did Hwoarang get her?" He couldn't believe what he just said. Man I'm fucked now He tried to open the door with his keys however for some reason the door wouldn't open, wouldn't budge. "The fuck?" He trembled then drunkenly looked at his keys carefully. "Oh god! Hwoarang dropped me off at the wrong house." He panicked but started to laugh loudly shaking his head. "Hwoarang you ding bat." He slurred very loud then looked at his keys again. Kazuya, who was half asleep, unexpectedly, opened the door. He jumped and squealed like a girl at the sight of him. He also dropped his keys Kazuya just stared at him. He quickly picked up the keys. "Come in daddy." He said stupidly while extending his arm to the outside.

Daddy? Kazuya totally freaked where he stood. The fuck is wrong here? He smelt him his nose twitched but he knew the smell too well, his favorite, rum. Alcohol? Since when this pretty boy started to drink? He cocked an eyebrow along with screwing his face as Jin looked back at him stupidly. "How bout you come in?" He kindly suggested since Jun was asleep, disturbing her would be world war III. Jin suddenly fearfully looked at him. What now? He was now totally confused. Why is this bastard scared? Then again if I was him I'll be scared too He sighed as he waited for the drunk to talk.

Jin made a dopey face Kazuya felt like rearranging it with his bare hands."This is not my house. What are you doing here anyways?" He slurred curiously since he strongly believes hes at some else's house.

Oh my god this dumb fucker! Kazuya was just about to knock the living out of his son but since Jin won't remember this, he decided to spare his sons early grave."Never mind now get the fuck in or someone will get hurt." He growled then, without hesitation, dragged Jin into the mansion.

"Are you insane dad? We're in someone else's house." Jin complained as he wildly flung his arms to his back.

I've fucking had it! Kazuya tilted his head hes had enough he was ready to punch some sense into his son. "Jin." He growled as his fist tightened.

"What is going on? Do you two know what time it is?" Jun deeply growled with her hands on her hips she was angry.

Jin saw his mother then started to giggle like a child.

Kazuya and Jun just looked at him, dumbfounded.

Hes had enough Kazuya stared hard at what he and Jun created. That is no son of mine He studied his son who was suppose to be a man.

Jin stopped to look at his mother again. "Wow mummy your here too? Who's house is this?" He questioned while trying to stand.

What do you mean I'm here? I live here Then Jun smelt the air, alcohol, she froze were she stood eyes now wide open. Oh god the act of alcohol She remembered when Kazuya first had the taste of alcohol boy was he stupid but luckily he didn't hurt anyone except himself and of course Lee, who was the one who gave him the alcohol. The next day Kazuya didn't remember a thing and the next thing she was pregnant. Now Jin will experience it like father, like son. Lucky there are no females.

Fuck this shit Kazuya ignored his family and went straight to the kitchen he grabbed his bottle out of the cupboard, poured some rum into the glass. I need this more than pretty boy I can assure you He sculled the rum then poured another.

Jun grabbed Jin's arm gently. He didn't know what to do at first but he felt like a child again, who got in trouble. He giggled again then looked at his mother. "Oooo Am I gonna get a spanking now?" He flattered mischievously even with a smile.

Thank god hes not like his father who bounces after rum Jun ignored her son and took him to his bedroom. "Time for bed Jin." She assured him.

Jin staggered into his bed room however his knees were still weak from the sight of Julia's incredible figure. He ended missing the bed completely and fell asleep on the cold floor.

All well he did one act under Kazuya, miss the bed Jun giggled as she got Jin's blanket. She covered her son and gently kissed his forehead. "Good night."