Title Crashing Into You
Chapter 1/? What The Hell Happened
Author Devylish
Pairing DiVe, Dick/Veronica
Rating PG
Warnings language
Words 1675
Spoilers None
Disclaimer All publicly recognizable characters, settings, plot, etc. are the property of the creators of the TV show Veronica Mars. Any original characters, settings and plots are the property of devylish. devylish is in no way associated with the TV show Veronica Mars and no copyright infringement is intended. This work is an amateur fan effort and no profit is being made.
AN unbeta'd AN This has been rolling around in my head for like a year. And sitting on my computer for about six months. That being said, I only reallllly have this part written and I'm posting what I have for 2 reasons. 1) Madi_lover just created a new DIVE site on LJ, AND, 2)I'm hoping that posting this will serve as a kick in the tush for me and force me to write more!

Veronica coughed and spat out what seemed like half of her own body weight before she gasped and gathered a solid lungful of air.

Her body, seemingly confused by the sudden presence of oxygen, revolted against the breath she'd taken in, and forced her to cough that out as well, followed by more pockets of salty water.

As she wretched up the other half of her body, she vaguely began to make out what was going on around her. A hand was on her side, turning and holding her body at an angle so that she wasn't drowning in her own sickness…. And somewhere just above her head she could vaguely hear a voice talking to her.

"Good fucking girl! Way to go Ronnie! Dude I knew you could do it! Good girl!"

The fuzziness that was her brain slowly began to clear and Veronica realized that the voice – and the hand at her back – belonged to the same person… Dick Casablancas. She also slowly became aware of the fact that she was lying on something soft, and her clothes were soaking wet.

"Are you okay? Don't move too much; just take a few more breaths. Slow, shallow breaths. You're doing great!"

What was with the pep talk? She thought through a haze. "I'm okay Dick." She coughed again as she rolled onto her back, pushing against his hand, and his frame. She felt his body fall away from her as he collapsed onto his back with an audible sigh.

"Dude! Fuck me! That CPR shit actually works!"

'CPR'? Her eyes fluttered open and she jerked her head to the side to look at Dick. "CPR?"

"Yeah! You weren't breathing when I dragged you on shore so I –"

"Dragged me on shore?!" Lifting her head up as much as she could, which was tantamount to two inches, she looked around and verified that she was indeed on a beach, covered in wet clothes and wet sand.

Dropping her head down unceremoniously, she took the recommended shallow breath and for the first time realized that there was a tender spot on the middle of her chest – the kind you'd expect to feel after someone spent a minute or two trying to force your heart to start beating again. She lifted her hand to her chest, gently touching her sternum, and then she lifted her hand to her forehead, pulling it away to find a smear of red on her fingertips. Maybe she was having problems prying memories out of her normally computer-like brain because of the gash on her head.

"Hey! Don't touch that…. I'll find something to clean it with in a second."


"The cut… on your head…. Don't touch it…. You'll get sand and shit in it." Dick had lifted himself on to an elbow and was looking down at her with apprehension.

"Is it bad?"

He lifted his eyes to her hairline. "No. I just wouldn't… it would fucking suck to have worked that hard to keep you from drowning, just to have you die of a fucking infection."

"Nice to see you care Dick," Veronica responded with a weak snarl.

"If I didn't care I wouldn't have dragged your ass…" he paused and glanced at her eyes. "Never mind."

Veronica closed her eyes against the sun… and the unidentifiable something that had passed over Dick's face. Ignore Dick. Pain in the ass, though he's always been, you've become quite adept at ignoring him…. So do it now. Think about the amazingly unbelievable situation you find yourself in.


Easier said than done.

Veronica's brain wasn't moving at its usual speed or power. With a half smile she thought this must be what Dick's brain ALWAYS feels like!

'Okay Mars. Think. Where are you?'

'On a beach.'

She sighed to herself. Yeah… okay… fine… really smart Mars…. What else do you know?

'Dick performed CPR on me because I was drowning.'

She lifted her fingertips to her chest again. Then slid them up to her lips. 'That would mean he's basically gotten to second base with me.' She giggled inwardly.

'Okay, clearly the salt water has damaged my mind. Focus!' Veronica dug through her memory.

The past 24 hours came back to her in fragments. She recalled sitting curled up on the couch at home and the doorbell ringing. She recalled opening it to find Dick standing there leaning against the doorframe. A tall, blonde drink of stupid…..


"Ronnie." He stood looking down at her for a second. "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

She tilted her head to the side in thought, "DOES one invite the devil in to their home?"

He lifted his hands to his chest grabbing his heart in mock pain… "I'm hurt Ronica… really, really hurt. I come here, in peace… because you're a friend… and you call me 'the devil'?"

With a sigh she stepped aside and waved him into the apartment. "Fine, come in. But be aware, I bear holy water, I just ate garlic pizza, AND I know that you want something."

Closing the door with her back, she watched Dick meander his way through the small kitchen area and back around to the living room. "So this is Chez Mars, huh?"

"This is our Thursday home. We have a totally different home for the other days of the week. What do you want Dick?"

"A beer?"

She quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Uh, yeah, right… okay. I have a proposition for you."

"I've told you before Dick… I'm not putting on a maids' outfit and using a feather duster on you."

She said the words half jokingly… He HAD asked her to do that… once. She smirked as she curled up on the couch… if she recalled correctly, she'd tasered him in response to that request.

"Dude! Stop smiling. That wasn't even funny! And that's not what I want to proposition you about this time."

Her grin broadened as she looked up at him, apparently, he was recalling the same incident. "Okay, so spill Blondie… what's the what?"

Dick paced back and forth in front of the breakfast bar a few times before he headed over to sit on the couch next to her. "So, yeah, uh, I want to buy your services."

Her eyebrow lifted again.

"Not those kind of services! I do have thoughts that aren't focused on sex you know!"

The eyebrow. He wondered if the damn thing had a mind of its own. "Okay… sex makes up 85 percent of my thinking… but the other 15 percent is being used now."

As Veronica remained silent, Dick continued. "So yeah, I have this business that I started up a year ago, and umm, these people in Hawaii that I've been working with –"

"Wait, wait, wait, did you just say that you own a business?"

"Yeah, and there are these guys who I want to bring on board –"

"You?! You own a business?"


"I'm sorry, but umm, you as a business man, not my idea of realistic."

"Yeah well get the fuck over it, it's real."

"And you're here because you want a favor from me? That language isn't quite getting you there Dickie."

He took a deep breath and continued. "These dudes I want to bring on board, they seem to be legit when it comes to the shit" He glanced up at her, "erh, the 'crap' they can offer me… stores and local advertising, but… uhm I don't know… It's just been me and Demon running the business up until now, and I don't know I can trust these guys… and…" he rubbed his hand along the back of his neck, "I thought maybe you –"

"You thought maybe I could do what I do and checkc these guys out for you?"


"Why me? I mean, there's the better business bureau, there are plenty of PI's around. Heck, even Mac would look up the background info. On these guys for you."

"I don't trust them. I trust you. Well, I mean, I trust Mac, but I don't just want the computer shit on these guys, I want to know if they're… well, dude, this is MY business. Demon and I have put a lot of time and energy into it, and I don't want some fuckers, who look good on paper, messing my fucking shit up… especially," he winked in what he probably thought was a complimentary manner at Veronica, "especially when I have a power PI like you who can like, fucking sense when people are screwing with her."

"Compliments will get you everywhere." She pulled at a piece of lint on her shorts.

"So, uh, will you do it?"

"Basically, you want me to research these guys AND you want me to meet them and feel them out?"

"Yeah. Do that voodoo that you do so well. That Mars 'bullshit' radar shit."

She sighed and looked over at Dick. HE was peering at her intently, a look of hopefulness in his eyes. Crap. He's serious about this. With another long drawn out sigh, she nodded her head. "Fine Dick. I'll do it. But you're paying double my normal rate."


"I have to deal with you…. So yeah… double."

"Fine. Fine, whatever." He hopped up and began pacing, "I'll get a plane ready, and we can head out in a couple of days."

"A plane!? Head out? What haven't you told me Dick?"

"Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, a plane…. Did I forget to mention that Arbor and Smith, the guys who want to get involved in my business are located in Hawaii?"

She stared up at him. Well really, it was less a stare and more a glare. "Yeah. You kinda forgot to mention that." She briefly considered changing her mind, and then she realized: Hawaii. Hawaii, making double her regular rate. Not a bad situation… if she could get past the fact that she'd be forced to spend time with Dick. Oh well, every case has its down side.