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Summary: The beast that attacks in a flash of an eye. The beast that prays on the weak. The beast that has the howl that can put even the bravest of people on edge. Unleash the Animal with in!

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Naruto's P.O.V

Twelve years ago, was the day my childhood ended. That was the day the 9 tailed fox, Kyuubi was sealed inside of me by the Yondaime Hokage at birth. I guess he really didn't have any choice, but that doesn't mean if I ever see him I wouldn't punch him straight in the gut for the hell he put me though. For twelve years, I put up with nothing but grief and pain. I've been stabbed, stoned, beaten half to death, burned to a stake, chased by dogs, those fuckers even tried to rape me. This was nothing but an empty hell waiting for me. Luckily for me my life all but changed thanks to an experiment when I was six years old.

That day would mark the end of my journey being human, well part human. You see, I'm no longer human any more, just part. I'm half human and half animal. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself; let's go back to where it all began.


End P.O.V

"Ugh? Where am I?" Naruto asked getting up off the ground. "What happAHHH!" Naruto shouted in pain as he clutched his head.



"Please leave me alone! I didn't do anything to you!" Naruto yelled as blood gushed from his body. He was battered and bruised in places he had no idea he had. His blood stained the ground as he tried to crawl away from the crowd of villagers. The mob of villagers sneered at him as they raised their weapons high in the air. A man stepped up, obviously the leader of the group and yelled at the boy. "Begging isn't going to help you now Kyuubi! Nothing will save you! We've been planning this for months! While the Hokage is busy with his lies on how you were supposedly killed we can take get our revenge on you and finally make what he preach into reality! Get ready to die Kyuubi, you fucking Animal!"

Naruto looked at the man like he lost his mind. He had no idea what was going on. This small mob broke into his newly bought apartment and kidnapped him. They tore up everything in his apartment. Nothing was left, not even his precious ramen. "I...I didn't do anything to you...and I'm not the Kyuubi...what are you talking about...I want to go home." Naruto begged as the wounds and bruises started to ache ungodly.

The crowd laughed at him, as a random person with a sword yelled to the jailer, "You are the Kyuubi! Nobody can kill a demon with your power. So the Yondaime decided to do the next best thing and seal you in a human child! But your will was to strong and you took over the poor child! You are the Kyuubi there's no question! NOW DIE!" With that final scream Naruto's world went black as the sword pierced his chest.


End Flashback

Naruto leaned against a tree as the visions came to an end. "I...I'm the Kyuubi? That...that can't be true..." Naruto said to himself but no matter how bad he wants to deny what he has been told, he knows he can't. The beatings, the glares, the anger, the hate...it must be true. "I guess that means I'm dead then but...I don't feel dead. I wonder howAHHHH!" Naruto screamed into the air as another memory hit his brain.



Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in a tube full of cool green liquid. 'I'm tired...can't move' Naruto thought as he glanced around the room. He was in what looked like an underground laboratory of something. "Hello Naruto-kun. My name is Orochimaru, your master." A voice said in the dark. "I have given you a new body and a bloodline to work with. You are my greatest work. I can't wait to see how you do later in the village. For now I'll send you off. You need to grow and reach your full potential. But we'll meet again Naruto-kun. Grow strong my pet." A pale man said as Naruto looked though a glass wall. The man was tall and very pale. He was wearing robes that looked like they were for a woman only. Naruto would have been more observant if he wasn't so deathly tired. 'What's...going on?' Naruto thought before the darkness over took him once again. Not noticing a seal on his chest glow a dull purple.


Flashback end

Naruto's head snapped up as he caught his breath from the vision that seemed to be sending his body into shock. His breathing was labored as he tried to regain his balance. "What? What's happening to me?" Naruto said as he began his long walk to the village. "New body...what was he talking about?" Naruto said only to collapses in the middle of the road. A villager took the boy to the hospital not knowing who he is mainly because Naruto...didn't look like the Naruto we all know and love.


In Naruto's mind

Naruto moaned as he started to stand, only to slip on the water under his feet. "What the hell? Where am I now?" Naruto said but an animalistic growl ruined his train of thought. Naruto walked down the halls to where he heard the growl only to find a large cage. "Whoa...what the hell is that?" Naruto said as a warning went off in the back of Naruto's head. Naruto took heed of that warning and rolled to the side and just in time too, as a claw almost impaled him "Damn...I missed. It seems your becoming used to your new body faster than I thought you would." A voice said behind the bars.

Naruto glared heatedly at the demon, "Hey! What was that for?" Naruto yelled to the voice. His anger faded away as the huge claw retracted into the cage. Naruto stared at the cage as two huge dark red eyes with a slit in the middle of it. A horrid feeling came over Naruto as he jumped back in fear. "Who...who are you?" The thing inside the cage chuckled menacingly as the light became better for Naruto to see.

Naruto watched nine tails flicker almost unseen to anybody else. "Human, I have many names, but you may call me the Kyuubi no Kitsune."


Outside of the boy's mindscape

"Kakashi have you found Naruto yet? It's been nearly a 3 months and I've heard no word of him." A very old man in a red and white robe asked the man wearing a white dog mask on his face. "Well to be honest lord Hokage-sama, we have no idea." Kakashi said to the old man. The old man narrowed a brow at that response. "Explain."

Kakashi nodded swiftly deciding not to press his luck. "A few hours ago a boy was carried into the general hospital. We did some blood test and DNA scans and things came out...weird." The third Hokage gave him a look that clearly said goes on.

"The blood test came back saying that the boy was indeed Naruto Uzumaki but his DNA said that he wasn't even human." The third glared at his subordinate not liking where this is going. "I don't understand what you mean? Why don't you give me more information?" Kakashi nodded his head and took a deep breath. "The DNA came back saying that he was Naruto but it also seems that his DNA has a few new features. It's nothing demonic, so don't go jumping to conclusions, but he now has different kinds and types of Animal DNA lodged into his own." The third's eyes widen as he jumped out of his seat and raced for the door. "Kakashi take me to him!"


Back in Mindscape

"But...how...I don't understand any of this! How can you be the Kyuubi? The people out their said I was the Kyuubi! So how is it that your there and I'm here! This doesn't make any sense to me!" Naruto said yelling at the fox.

"You Stupid monkey! You could never attain the power that I have. Your just a pathetic little earth worm who got a case of bad luck. You and I are too separate beings, you're you, and I'm me. Got it?" The Kyuubi growled out causing Naruto to fall on his butt. Naruto looked at the water as it circled him. "Where are we?" Naruto said in a dull tone.

"We are in your soul if you will, since I am bound here by that blond rodent you used to call a Hokage. If it wasn't for this seal I would have killed you at a seconds notice. Your leader didn't have a chance of defeating me so he sealed me away into you. This must be another punishment for me, to be stuck in somebody like you." Naruto glared at the fox with the up most hate. "Because of the seal I am bound to your soul, so I demand you let me out at once!" Naruto could only scoff at the fox. "You insult me and you want me to do you a favor, Never!"

The Kyuubi rushed the gate hitting it with all he got but only made the beast bounce back. Naruto didn't flinch one second feeling confident that the gate would hold strong. "You piece of street trash! Let me out of this cage at once!" Kyuubi roared but seeing the look in the boy's eye he decided a new tactic is in order. "If you let me out I'll give you power to take down your foes. Anything you wish I'll bestow upon you." Kyuubi bribed as Naruto shook his head 'in a negative fashion at the offer. "I don't need anything you wish to give. Besides you would betray me like all the others." Naruto said clenching his teeth in anger as visions from the past filled his head. "Anyway I like you behind the cage it's fitting for you." The Kyuubi roared as he slammed the gate once again.

"Tell me Kyuubi why am I here? I know you didn't bring me down here just to yell at me." The Kyuubi was silent for a few seconds but gave a sigh. "For your information, I did not summon you here. You did it on your own accord. Because you were feeling weak, both mentally and physically and you were looking for answers, your mind sent you here. I suppose you want your answers correct?" Naruto nodded and said, "Who is Orochimaru and what did he do to me? That's the first thing I would like to know."

"When you were left for dead by that mob, that snake In the grass took you away from the village into an underground lab. Once there, he tore your body apart breaking down your DNA and RNA. From there on he put different types of Animal DNA and RNA inside of you making you part human and part, what you human call animal. A normal human could never survive something like that but it's because of me your alive." Kyuubi said looking at the blond.

"So he basically made me into an animal?" Naruto said looking confused. "To me your species were already animals. You have the basic instincts of animals and if put you in the wild alone you would go back to your more natural instinct. To me your kind...really irks me." The Kyuubi said sneering at Naruto. "Your kind says that they're not animals but in truth its nothing but a lie. Your people say that about every living thing on this planet. If it's not a human it's automatically labeled an animal or a demon. That is a misconception. There is an animal in everyone it's just how you embrace it." Kyuubi said with a smirk as Naruto nodded.

"Kid you are about to wake up. So do me a favor and train yourself so something like this doesn't happen again. I'll be watching." Naruto could only nod wordlessly about all this.


End Mindscape

"Uh..." Naruto moaned as he started to feel himself wake up. "So he's really Naruto huh? He looks so different from before?" A voice came into Naruto's ears. Naruto opened his eyes as he glanced around the room to see...nobody. The room was totally empty. There was nobody. "Yes he does look different. He looks nothing like he did before. Thankfully his DNA is somewhat the same for when it's time to learn of his parents." Naruto gasped as he the thought of parents came into his mind. 'So the people that are talking know who my parents are. One of them sound like Hokage-jiji. So he knows my parent...he said I would learn in time so...I'll wait for now. It seems like he's talking out the room, but how can I hear him? Wait, did he just say I don't look the same!' Naruto thought to himself as he raced to the bathroom across the room. "No way..."

In his reflection was a somewhat pale boy who stood 5ft exactly. He had long flat pure silver hair that stopped at his shoulders. (Like Sesshoumaru's but shorter) His whiskers were a little defined but not much to stand out to much. His hands were now something like claws. He apparently has gotten more muscle tone, as before he was scrawny and malnourished now he was lean. His canines were longer. They poked a little out of his mouth. The biggest thing that was new to him was his eyes. His once pure blue eyes that can calm the hearts of souls were now a tranquil purple that made it look very mysterious and dangerous.

"Is that...me?" Naruto thought but a chuckle interrupted his thought."Got it in one kid, I forgot to tell you about that." Kyuubi said making Naruto jump. "Kyuubi?"

"Shut up kid! Think in your mind. We don't need everybody on your back about me" Kyuubi roared in his mind causing Naruto to get a small headache. 'Okay fine, how's this?' Naruto could almost sense Kyuubi nodding he head in approval. "I set up a small link for us to talk just encase you need advice. Not only that I get bored down here." Kyuubi said in a dull tone making Naruto sweat drop.

'So what's going on why is it that I look like this.' Naruto asked while looking at his appearance again. The Kyuubi gave a low growl of annoyance at the white haired gaki. "Listen, since your DNA and RNA is changed many of your codons that made up your DNA and RNA had to be rebuilt. Because they were rebuild and theirs was a very low percent chance your codons will link up the same way it was; Your DNA is all random but along with your now animal like nature it only made things harder. Normally any human wouldn't even be alive through the things that snake did but it's all because of me that you're still alive." Kyuubi said as Naruto sat on the sink in the bathroom.

'I see...You told me to get stronger but why would you care if I got stronger or not?' Naruto asked as he walked back into the room. "I am the mightiest of all my kind. I can't nor will I ever have a week container. Since I live inside of you, my life hangs in your balance and I would very much like staying alive."

"I see, so what's the first thing I should do?"


Back to Naruto P.O.V

That's pretty much how it all started. I didn't tell the third about me knowing about the Kyuubi. I did tell him I remember a pale man that looked like a snake though. That apparently got his attention for some reason. I didn't care though; I had other things to worry about like my powers for one thing. Of course I did have a little trouble learning how to control them.


End P.O.V and back in flashback

"I think that's enough reading for one day." Naruto said as he set the scroll down. Surprisingly Naruto took up reading as a hobby. It was one of the things Naruto actually enjoyed. Naruto has already started learning from the Kyuubi on how to bring out his charka. After every practice session he would only get better. "Hey Akamaru want to catch the Frisbee!" Naruto's ear twitched as he heard as a bark from a small dog, but what really caught his eyes was the blue Frisbee.

Naruto just couldn't take his eyes off of it. It was almost like he was hypnotized. "Okay boy! Go get it!" The boy yelled excitedly as he threw the Frisbee off into the distance. Akamaru wasted no time going after the Frisbee. Once Akamaru was right under it, he gave a powerful leap off the ground and snatched the Frisbee right out of the sky...well he was going to, until Naruto grabbed it first...in his mouth. Naruto ran back to the boy setting the Frisbee down and panting much like a dog would. "Do it again! Do it again!" Naruto said sitting on four legs.

Kiba looked at the boy in confusion until a smirk ran across his face. "Sweet, here catch this!" Kiba said throwing it high and very far. Naruto wasted no time going after the flying disk and jumped up much like a frog and caught it in his mouth again. Akamaru latched on to the Frisbee not willing to be shown up.

"Let go of the Frisbee biscuit." Naruto said growling at the pup.

"No way, you let go!" Akamaru yipped at the blond as they tugged on the Frisbee.

"NARUTO! Snap out of it!" The Kyuubi yelled as it broke Naruto out of his trance. He let go of the Frisbee causing Akamaru to fall on the ground and tumble. His eyes widen in embarrassment. Naruto blushed and grabbed his book and headed straight home ignoring the howls of laughter from the boy.

"Kyuubi why didn't you tell me sooner!" Naruto yelled to the beast out loud not caring if anybody heard him. The Kyuubi could only chuckle, "It was fun seeing you making a fool of yourself in public."

With that response Naruto found a new hate in his life and his name is Kyuubi no Kitsune.


End Flashback and back to P.O.V

Ah good times. Ever since then I guess you can say I locked myself in the library for about 2 years. All I did in there was Animal research. I researched everything I could on any animal trying to learn all I can. I did this because I was hoping to find out what I could do to control myself again. I also learned that I had other ability's available to me.

One of the things I can do is see in the dark. Because of my eyes I'm able to see long distances. Up to about 50 feet then everything gets blurry. I can also run at extreme speeds when pushed. I can swim as fast as a fish. I can jump really far much like a deer.

One of the things I find really interesting is my ability to see without my eyes. If I were to lose the use of my eyes I could always see by using sound vibrations in the air. It was weird and to this day, I don't have complete control of it, but never the less it's a very interesting ability. One of the things I also enjoy is the ability to speak to other animals.

Over those two years I entered the Academy and started to learn about the ways of a ninja...well tried to. Since most of my teachers either ignored me or sent me out the class, not a lot of work could be done for me. Thankfully the library helped filled any gaps I missed. That's when I decided to just forget about paying attention in class or should I say look like I was. Whenever a teacher was talking I would lay my head down on the desk and pretend to go to sleep. I made sure that I got the worse marks on a test but still stayed in the range of passing. So to put it bluntly because I had no choice I became the dobe of the class. When we started to learn jutsus I found them quite easy for some reason.

It was weird, it was like every time I did a jutsu, I was adapting to the amount of charka to put in the jutsu. When asked the Kyuubi he said, "You are and animal remember. And as animals we adapt to fit our needs." That theory only got Naruto giddy about the uses of that ability. One jutsu however, refused to work for him, no matter how hard he tried. The Bunshin no Jutsu. (Clone Technique) I have been told that that I'm putting too much charka into it and that causes the clone to overload. Every time I tried to place a very small amount of charka into the technique it would fail. No matter how little charka I put in the jutsu. I just have too much charka to make the jutsu work.

My social standings in class, is a total let down. You see I'm the class clown. I figured it would cause people to underestimate me and it does much to my amusement. I decided to let it down when I graduate seeing no reason to let it down during class. My main goal is to gain knowledge. I wish to be strong so there's no reason to slack off. Of course a little payback never hurt anybody. Like when I dyed the all of the Hyuuga's clothes bright pink one day. Ha! That made my day.

One of the jutsu I learned over the years will be one of my favorite and that's Kuchiyose no Jutsu. (Summoning Technique) I don't really know how I got the scroll; it was just sitting on my bed one day when I came home from school. Kyuubi once commented that the dragons chose their masters. Thanks to the Kyuubi's help I was able to summon the one of the five bosses of the dragons, Beyoku. A fire dragon with amazing power and believe it or not he was my partner. There are four dragons that are bosses. Fire is Beyoku, Mizutara is Water, Kazeamaru of the wind, Raiten of lightning and finally Daiyo of the earth. All have their own personalities and own powers.

Beyoku told me to do something that all dragons must do to gain power, and that is to gain wisdom. That only inspired me to get back to the books and learn all I can.

Over the next few years of me playing the fool, I learned to take everything in the form of training. The beatings I get are one thing. I had to make everything I do into a lesson. Pranks help build trap making and stealth, thinking ahead and thinking on your feet and keeping a cool head when you're caught. I made the beatings I get into speed excises and basic instinct stretching not only that just pain tolerance. Of course that didn't mean I had to like it.


Since the academy never taught me much of anything for three years, I had the dragons and Kyuubi teach me things. The dragons help me make my Taijutsu which I named after the dragons after seeing how they move. I named it the Soaring Dragon.

It's basically me using charka to 'ski' across the ground to make it look like I'm floating. I have good use of balance and strength, which helps a lot. The Kyuubi taught me more practicable things. Just like any Kitsune, Kyuubi has a human like form. During his past endeavors whenever he was going to kill someone he would change into that form. Kyuubi taught me how to cook and how to be more polite around important people but I never really paid attention to the last one. I guess you can say over the years me and Kyuubi kind of grew on each other.

When the final exams came I planned on passing only to find that my test was under a genjutsu. I couldn't release it seeing how I had no control of my charka and I would probably make it look like I was cheating so I just took the test knowing I'd fail this part.

When it came to the Taijutsu test I decided to just use the academy style and because of that Mizuki nearly killed me. I could see the cold rage hidden in his eyes. He wanted to kill me. I knew I had no way of passing since the jutsu that they were asking for, is impossible for me. I failed in the end. My new sensei, Iruka that came into the school year to late to help me, gave me the news of my failings.

To me, I felt like quitting seeing that I had no chance if everybody's just going to hold me back. Well...that was until Mizuki-sensei came up and offered me a chance to pass. So he thinks I'm stupid huh? Well then I'll just let him think so then corner him. Besides, there must be some good jutsus in that Forbidden scroll. That pretty much explains what's been going on so far. Right now I'm in the Forest reading the scroll, seeing as I got a few hours to learn from it.

"Hmm, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)?" I said to myself as I read the description on what the jutsu could do. I couldn't help but chuckle as ideas started to swirl around in my head. "Oh yeah! Where are going to have so much fun with this jutsu eh, Kyuubi?"

The Kyuubi could only give a low chuckle and smiled his fox smile. "Ah, let's show our primal nature when the chunin gets here." Naruto only gave a deep laugh as a wicket smile came across the 12 year olds face. Naruto hair now reached about to his mid back and his canines had grown

"Why not! I am an animal!"

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