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'She's so cold…' Naruto thought as he rubbed his fingers on the back of her pale hands.

'Hinata…' Naruto thought sadly as the thoughts of the actions of the day flooded his mind. He gritted his teeth in anger as he remembered the events.


Kai Uzumaki

No one said a word when the name flashed on the screen. The rookie genin's seem to be frozen, not knowing what to say to this revelation. Sasuke was the first to break out of the shock and turn to question Naruto only to see him in shock as well.

Everyone turned to Kai only to see him hiding behind his long red hair. He said nothing as he started to walk towards the door where a red haired lady stood facing the group. Naruto staired back at her with an unreadable expression on his face. He felt that he knew her, like he was seeing someone he lost from a long time ago. He grabbed his chest as a pang of unknown guilt hit him. 'Why do I feel this way? It's like I know her but why do I feel guilty for not remembering?' Naruto thought as Hinata squeezed his hand tighter forcing him to look at Kai that was now beside him. They didn't face each other, they stood side by side, but you could feel a slight tension in the air.

Everything was silent until Kai turned towards Naruto and said "Be sure to make it to the finals…onii-san." Kai said with a little bit of venom leaking into his voice. Naruto stood still like a statue as he gazed at the now known little brother as he walked towards the woman. Kai said the last part so quietly that only he could hear it but it was loud enough for Hinata that was standing right beside him to hear.

"Naruto-kun…" Hinata said as his silver locks covered his eyes. She didn't know what else to say. She could feel the raw emotions flowing off of him. It was almost unbearable. 'Naruto-kun…I don't understand why you have to suffer like this. First the Kyuubi, the villagers, Orochimaru, and now your brothers back and he doesn't seem too happy about it.' She looked towards the red haired woman and could see a lot of similarities from her and Naruto.

'That must be his mother…'Hinata thought as she looked back at Naruto who now had an emotionless face as he staired at the Hokage who did nothing but look sad at the boy. She could feel that his sadness turned to rage as he stared into the eyes of the old kage. She didn't know how to feel about the women. She was angry that she abandoned Naruto but by looking at here, she sees a pain. She didn't even need to use the Byakugan to see how deep it was. She was suffering, that much she knew for sure.

'Sarutobi…there had better be a reason as to why I wasn't told!' Naruto screamed in his mind holding in the rage he felt. It wasn't just anger he felt towards the two. He was so confused at the moment. So this was the family that left him? This was his mother and brother? Why does he hate him? Why does she look so guilty that she left him? Does she really care for him or is it just a trick to kill him? He glared darkly at the ground in frustration. He was so full of questions and not enough answers.

Flashback end


Naruto took a breath to calm his emotions only to find it only help slightly. He was so angry at the old man for not telling him that his family was in town. His only excuse was that he didn't know how he would react. What bullshit! Naruto couldn't believe that old spineless man. He no longer trusted the old man. All of the things he had ever heard from the man was just excuses, nothing but excuses. It's disgraceful that they call him the god of shinobi!

'I can't believe I used to look up to such a coward.' Naruto thought as he felt his anger flare up again but just as soon as it came it went away in an instant as pain surged through his body. He grabbed his chest as he coughed up some blood into his hand. 'Am I still this injured from Orochimaru?'

He looked at his hand that was now covered in blood, he didn't think he was this injured when he retransformed. He thought about resting but through that thought out of his mind. 'I don't have time to rest, I have to train…I'm not going to let him get away with what he did to you Hinata…I promise…'


Naruto looked down at the bottom floor as he watched with unease as Hinata stared off against her cousin. 'I don't have a good feeling about this.' Naruto thought as he staired down at his mate with hidden concern. 'Be careful Hinata.'

"I never thought I'd be facing you Hinata-sama." Neji said with a glare. "Neji-nee-san…"

"I didn't know Hinata had a brother…" Sakura replied as Naruto shook his head. "She doesn't. Neji's her cousin, why she looks up to him as her brother I don't know." Naruto said as Lee and Kakashi went off into a tangent about the Hyuuga clan. Naruto ignored him as he looked down at the battle that was going to happen. 'Hinata…you can do this. You have gotten stronger in our training time. You can beat him…" Naruto thought as he gazed down at the fight below him.

"Hinata-sama, it would be best if you forfeit now." Neji said as he startled Hinata. "You don't make a good shinobi. For all of our sakes and time, forfeit now."

Hinata narrowed her eyes at her cousin but before she could say anything Neji continued his trade, "You are too kind for this life. You wish for harmony and avoid conflict. You agree with others never resisting always following the crowd. You have no confidence in yourself and you feel inferior to everyone you meet. I bet the only reason your even here is because you relied on your teammates. You couldn't turn them down and unwilling entered. Please stop me if I'm wrong." Hinata said nothing as she looked up towards Naruto. No words were spoken between them. No words were needed as Hinata could already see what he was telling her.

'You can do this Hinata. Show them how you grown.'

Hinata smiled confusing Neji. She turned back towards him with a new look in her eyes. Neji almost flinched back as the kindness in her eyes swiftly turned deadly, like a predator stalking her prey. "Your right but I have changed from that girl you used to know." Her hands glowed a faint blue as chakra coated her hands as she got into her stance.

Naruto smirked and nodded while Sakura and Lee looked at Naruto strangely. Kurenai looked at Naruto noticing the glance that her student sent to the white haired boy. 'Hinata…' Kurenai thought in shock as she gazed at her student, she then let out a proud smile. "Thank you Naruto." Kurenai whispered as Naruto nodded almost as if he had heard her.

"So you won't forfeit. Fine, I will not be responsible for what happens." Neji said as he activated his Byakugan and followed Hinata in her stance.

They wasted no time charging at each other as they traded blows, palm strike after palm strike. Naruto watched with a critical eye and noticed that unfortunately Neji was the stronger of the two. He had experience, and overall a better understanding of the Hyuuga fighting style. Not to mention he had the speed that could blow most of the genin's away. 'I see why they named him last year's rookie of the year.' Naruto thought bitterly as he studied Neji's fighting style.

He turned his attention to Hinata and saw even though she didn't have the same power, speed and experience as Neji she made up for it with her natural flexibility and quick thinking. Naruto wasn't a fool to call the match in anyone favor. He could still see Neji holding back, Hinata on the other hand was going all out. 'This could be really good or really bad. It all depends how this plays out. This is anyone's fight.' Naruto thought as Hinata landed a solid hit on Neji's chest.

"I see you've been training while your father abandoned your training." Neji said as he was slightly out of breath. 'How can this loser touch me? How is she even tiring me out?' Neji questioned as he stepped up his game noticing Hinata was now controlling the fight attacking at angles he never thought the human body could bend.

Every strike Neji felt from Hinata was like a red hot lava coursing through his veins. Every poke, every thrust, every strike sent his anger to new heights. To think that this…this…loser is standing toe to toe with him is an insult to his skill. 'No! I will not let this failure beat me! Fate won't allow it!' Neji thought as he poured all of his anger into his strike that hit Hinata in the chest while Hinata attacked at the same time, sending both of them back a few paces.

Silence covered the room, until Hinata coughed up some blood. Her eyes widen as she tried to regain her breath as her chest heaved sporadically.

"Oh no Hinata!" Sakura and lee called out as Naruto narrowed his eyes and said, "It's not over yet…" confusing Sakura and Lee.

"So this is it? This is the extent of the main house's stren-!" That was all Neji could say before he coughed up a ball of blood forcing him to shut off his Byakugan. He gasps and threw up on the ground. He shuttered and looked back at Hinata with his left eye blood red like he popped a blood vessel.

"What happen? Neji got her but why is he injured?" Lee asked as Naruto smirked. "He's hurt because his pride got in the way of this fight. Keep watching Lee and you'll see." Naruto said catching everyone's attention.

"What…what's going on…? There's no way your attack injured me this much…" Neji said as he coughed up more blood.

"I…I could tell from the…beginning…that you were closing my…charka point." Hinata said breathless as she rolled up her sleeves to show the bruises on her arm. "I could see from the start…that you've been toying with me…closing my charka points, but I didn't just let you do that." Hinata said as she grabbed her chest. Naruto's heart skipped a beat causing him pain as he looked towards his mate. 'This feeling…' Naruto thought as he growled at Neji.

"Did you know…that if you sit in a chair for 10 hours your body starts to form blood clots in your legs and when you stand up…those blood clots rush towards your heart and then causing it to explode…?" Hinata said with a smirk.

Neji looked at her in shock, "What…are you trying to say?"

Hinata's smile seemed to get even wider as she looked pleased at her cousin. "Every time I hit you…I've been giving you small little blood clots that act like…bomb in the body and was controlling it with my chakra. I wasn't aiming…for your chakra points, I was…aiming at your blood. That last attack, I sent…an impulse to the clots that I placed inside of you and had the blood rush to your heart. I didn't clog enough to…kill you just enough to hurt you. It's why you feel so…weak; it's why your body feels like it's about to…die." Hinata said with a killer watt smile.

"She did it! Wow! When did Hinata get so strong?" Sakura asked while everyone watched on in shock. Kurenai looked towards Naruto, "She's been training with you hasn't she?" Naruto made no sign that he heard her. All he did was look towards Hinata as she grabbed her chest in pain. He felt his own tighten as worry crept into his heart.

"It…doesn't matter that you surprised me. The difference that divides elite from a loser can never change." Neji said finally regaining his breath from his attack. "You disgrace me. First you alter the Hyuuga fighting style, and then you dare touch me with your loser hands. Forfeit now Hinata-sama!"

"I…won't give up…" Hinata said as she tried to take a step only to cough up globs of blood.

"You don't understand anything do you?" Neji said catching Hinata in her chin forcing her to the ground. Hinata shockingly got to her feet holding her chest. Neji gritted his teeth in frustration. "Why do you stand? If you keep pushing yourself you'll die!" Hinata glared defiantly at her cousin.

"Acting tough is useless. You can barely stand, I can see that. From the time of your birth the responsibility of the Hyuuga main house has been forced upon you. You have always hated yourself for you own weakness. People cannot change, this is reality, this is fate. Give up. You cannot win. My fate won't allow you too." Neji said with full confidence. Naruto looked down at the long haired boy and growled menacingly at him forcing everyone around him to back away. The genin's had a flash back of when Naruto transformed into the beast and everyone shivered at the memory.

"That's not true Neji-nii-san. I can also see it…it's not me at all. The person lost and suffering within the destiny of the main and branch houses…is you." Hinata said with a sympathetic smile enraging Neji.

Neji chose at this time that he didn't care about winning. He didn't care about his own death; he just wanted to wipe that damnable smile off of her face, permanently. He didn't hear when Hayate announced the match in his favor. He didn't hear anything but her mocking words. So with a scream of frustration and anger he charged Hinata ready to end her life. Neji was about to connect with his attack but he was stopped dead in his tracks as Naruto appeared catching his wrist growling at the boy with his golden charka surrounding him. Without a second thought Naruto was about to end the boy's life with a clawed strike to the neck but his attack was caught by every Jonin in the room.


"That's enough gaki!" Anko shouted as she held onto Naruto's claw like hands. She has never seen Naruto this angry before. He's always so reserved, barely showing any emotions to anyone. 'He must really care for this girl…' Anko thought only to realize that Naruto wasn't letting go on the boy, he was putting more pressure on the boys wrist making the Hyuuga cry out in pain.

"Come on Naruto that's enough! Calm down Hinata's fine!" Kakashi tried to reason with the boy as golden charka erupted from the boy nearly blowing every Jonin that surrounded him back. 'What is this chakra? I've never felt anything like this!' All the jonin's thought as they had to resist the feeling of running away in fear. The golden chakra seemed to be so dense that tiles started to tear and float in the air.

"You dare hurt my mate…"Naruto whispered out as his voice took on a more beasty tone sending shivers down the young hyguua's back. He tried to glare at Naruto only for the pressure on his wrist intensified. You could faintly hear his bones creak and pop under his pressure as his chakra ate away at his skin like a savage beast.

"NARUTO!" Hiruzen shouted standing up glaring down at our hero. Naruto turned his now cold blue silted eyes towards the man as they glared at each other defiantly not wanting to give into each other. It seems like an eternity passed before everyone heard a soft voice coming from behind the jonin's.

"N-naruto-k-kun." Naruto's eyes snapped behind him as his flashed step behind the jonin's surprising them with his speed. Even Anko was surprised at his speed. 'Whoa…that's just as fast as me, if not better. There's no way that he improved his Shunpo that much. Gaki what have you been doing in that forest?'

"Hinata-chan…"Naruto whispered as he held his mate as she coughed up more blood and feel into his arms. "Naruto…-kun… gomen." Hinata whispered as tears came out her eyes. Naruto's golden charka disappeared as he wiped her tears with his thumb. "You have no reason to apologized Hinata. You've came a long way, I'm proud of you." Naruto said as she smiled softly. "I…love you Naruto-kun…" With that she closed her eyes as her heart stopped. Naruto watched on as the medics were trying to revive her. His body felt numb and cold as he stared at his mate. He didn't hear Gai scolded Neji, nor did he feel Sakura's or Anko's hands on his shoulders. All he could look at was his mate that was being taken away.

"Hey loser." Neji called out hotly calling what Naruto did a fluke in his mind. "Here's something for you to learn, in the end, a loser like you and Hinata is only a loser. They cannot change." Naruto growled and bared his fangs as his golden chakra sprung into life. He turned towards Neji as the wind in the arena picked up blowing everyone back a few steps. The chakra swirled around him making a protective barrier around him. Everyone took a step back as the chakra took shape high above Naruto giving an illusion of a were beast ready to kill anyone in its way. He slowly walked towards the arrogant boy as he bravely stood his ground but before Naruto could rip the little shit a new asshole, Hiruzen teleported down and held Naruto by his shoulder not at all intimidated by Naruto's chakra.

"Calm down Naruto. If you go through with what I think you're going to do you will be disqualified from the exams." Hiruzen said trying to reason with the boy only to get a glare.

"I care nothing about this exam. All I want is to kill this little bitch that dares harm my mate." Naruto growled out as his voice took an undertone, almost like someone else was speaking through him using a bit of its own voice. The rookie nine shuttered in fear as the images of the beast came rushing back into their minds. The voice sounded entirely too much like the monster they had to fight. Naruto was about to shake the Hokage's hand off but before he could though Hiruzen had a few more things to say, "Do you think this is what Hinata would want. You sacrifice your chances to kill her cousin. I know your protective of Hinata but killing Neji now isn't the answer." Hiruzen reasoned as Naruto said nothing only glaring at the old man.

Everyone was silent waiting on what Naruto would do next. Naruto sighed and released his charka walking away from the genin heading towards the door.

"Naruto wait, where are you going?" Hiruzen said as Naruto made his way towards the door. "Going to check on Hinata-chan." Naruto said as Hiruzen once again grabbed his shoulder. "If you leave before your match you will not be able to participate in the final exam." Naruto growled at him as he had the nerve to say this competition was more important than his mate

"Naruto, Hinata just got carried away and from what I understand it's going to be awhile before would be able to see her. Going now won't change anything." Anko said breaking character by being serous as he growled at her.

He knew she was right, god Damnit he knew! He knows that there was nothing he could do for his mate since he wasn't a healer. He knew that despite all of his chakra, all of his power and jutsu he could do nothing for her. That doesn't mean he wants to accept that though and glared at the two menacingly.

"My match will be next." Naruto said as shocking everyone by his bold statement. "Roll the board."

Hiruzen was confused seeing as the matches were random but nodded anyway. Naruto watched as the flashing board with a critical eye. Everyone watched to see if Naruto's prediction was correct as Naruto raised his hand in a snapping motion, making everyone who knew the technique gasp.

It only took a moment for Naruto's eye's to widen as he snapped his fingers sending a wind burst to the board stunning it making it land on two names.

Kinuta Dosu


Uzumaki Naruto


Naruto didn't even smirk at his aim as he stood motionlessly on the floor as everyone gawked at him. Asuma couldn't help but whistle at the aim Naruto displayed. "Good shot." Asuma stated while everyone around him nodded in awe.

"So that's what he did to send you on your ass. Not bad." Temari said astonished as she looked towards Kankurō gaping angrily at his sister. "He caught me off guard Damnit! Besides that has to be a jutsu from our village. No way that this backwater village can make a jutsu like that, seal less at that!" Kankurō stated angrily, Baki said nothing looking at Naruto with a critical eye. 'As far as I know suna doesn't have a jutsu like that. He must have made it himself. If that's true then that means that he has really high talent in wind elemental training. This one could be a threat with that golden chakra and seal less wind jutsu he just showed off. Not to mention he captured the attention of Gaara.' Baki thought as he glanced at his crazed student.

Gaara could only look at Naruto with excitement. The power he showed was amazing, and he knew that he didn't even show a tenth of his strength. He was shacking with glee at the prospect of his soon to be victim. 'Yes…show me. Show me you're worthy to be fed to mother. Show me your power.'

Dosu looked at our silver haired hero in slight fear as he watched his anger almost reached his peak. 'This could be bad…but his anger will make him sloppy. My melody arm should be able to get the job done.' Dosu said with his arrogance over riding his fear as he walked down the steps to face his opponent.

Anko looked at Naruto and grabbed his shoulder, "Be careful gaki, I don't want to look bad in front of everyone here." Anko said with a slight waiver in her voice. Naruto knew she was concern for him and nodded. "Don't worry, I'll keep in control. I just want to finish this so I can go see Hinata-chan." Anko nodded and mentally wished him luck as she jumped backed to the seated Hokage's side.

"Next match…Uzumaki Naruto vs. Kinuta Dosu" Hayate replied as everyone got in position. Dosu started to chuckle as he gazed at his opponent. Naruto raised a brow at the wrapped up genin, "What's so funny?"

Dosu chuckled even louder as you could see the grin hidden underneath the bandages. "This is great…you don't stand a chance against me." Naruto glared at the boy forcing his face to remain emotionless.

"What's the matter? Don't like that comment? You should know that it's true. Back when I attacked that other genin at the start of the first exam, you fell to your knees at my power." Dosu said recalling as he drew back his long sleeves and showed his weapon. "My melody arm should make this fight very simple. I'll toss you in the hospital with that bitch of a girlfriend you're so protective about." Dosu replied showing pure confidence in his ability but while he was showing confidence Naruto's eyes showed a different story.

"I was going to finish this fight as quickly as possible but..." Naruto said as blue chakra surrounded his body, rolling off him in waves as he snarled at the sound Nin. "For calling my mate a bitch, I'll make sure that you'll leave this arena in pieces." Naruto said with killing intent rolling off of him putting everybody on edge.

Sakura and Ino flinched at Naruto's words, they were so cold yet, devoid of any feelings what's so ever. "He wouldn't really kill the sound nin would he?" Ino asked as both Sakura and Kakashi nodded. "B-but why? I know he bad mouthed Hinata but is that really okay to kill him?" Ino asked not used to Naruto's way of thinking. It was freighting enough to think that Naruto changed this much. Back at the academy he was the dead last with zero skill, granted he never came to class but now, he's like some hot shot genin.

"Ino you have to understand that every team that the jonin's picked was made with a specialty. Team 7 is a Heavy Assault team, Team 8 is a tracking team and team 10 is an information and gathering team. You were all separated based on your families and hidden talents you possess." Asuma said as what was left of the rookie nine listened in and nodded as it made sense.

"Naruto on the other hand is a different case. He honestly could have been placed on any team. He has skills in tracking, information and gathering and he's and all around fighter. But what puts him apart from the rest and what made him a Tokubetsu Genin is how he utilized all of his skills to get the match done as quickly and effectively as possible. While we don't make any of you take a life, Naruto has been made to take dozens. He's with Anko because his two man cell was made to do everything as well as assassinate." Kakashi said as everyone looked at Naruto with a little bit more respect now.

"Do not take your eyes off this fight. You're going to see why Hokage-sama chose Naruto to lead." Kakashi replied as he gazed down at the field.

Dosu glared at our hero, trying his best to ignore the killing intent that was washed over him. He wasn't a fool, he knew how strong Naruto could be. He knows that in any straight up fight he would be dead in seconds. 'But I still have one advantage.' Dosu thought as he gazed at his weapon that rested on his arm. 'If I'm going to fight this guy, then I need to bring out the big guns to win. Orochimaru sent me to my death but I need to prove that I am not a pawn. I'll have to give him everything I've got!' Dosu thought as he focused his attention on Naruto and charged him.

"IT'S OVER!" Dosu thought as he tried a punch to the face while Naruto raised his arm to defend. "NO NARUTO-KUN! IT WON'T WORK!" Lee cried out but it was too late as Dosu's arm made contact with Naruto's arms.

Naruto gasp as his vision seemed to spin and fade. He panted as his hearing nearly failed. "W-what the?" Naruto asked as the colors in his vision swirled around in his eyes until one shade remained, black. Dosu chuckled as he saw the blood pour from his ear as his eyes turned a light purple.

"What's wrong Naruto? Finding it hard to see?" Dosu said while twisting his head to the side. "You should have known not to dodge my attacks." Dosu said as he walked slowly towards Naruto. 'Shit my vision isn't coming back for awhile, whatever he did really fucked me up.' Naruto thought as he swayed back to his feet, trying to gain some balance.

"Sound is a very interesting thing. Sound is made up of many vibrations that can be picked up by the ear drum from the air. The ear drum then transformed those waves into electrical impulses that the brain can understand. What I just did in a since, was hardwire you brain." Dosu said as Naruto gritted his teeth.

"I then sent those impulses sent a response to your optic nerves to send the wrong signals or basically no signals at all. This is my best technique. You've lost this round." Dosu said as he takes out a kunai and runs towards Naruto and stabs his chest.

"NARUTO!" Sakura cries out as she watched Naruto gets stabbed through by Dosu. Naruto falls to the ground and starts to cough up blood. "I told you, you couldn't beat me." Dosu said with no remorse. Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at the sound Nin. "You fool, I told you." Naruto muttered out as blood leaked from his chin. "You would…only leave here in pieces." And with that Naruto puffed into smoke shocking everyone.

"WHAT! If that was a clone then..." Dosu never got the chance to finish as a two crimson arks cut right through his shoulders. All he could do was watch his arms fall lifelessly to the floor. Dosu turned behind him as Naruto stood in the shadows as blood dripped from our silver haired warrior. "Shiton: Kurimuzon tsume." (Primal style: Crimson claws)

"My…my arms…" Dosu whispered as he stared at his main attacking weapon lay on the ground. "No…NO! AHHHHH!" Dosu screamed in pain of his arms being ripped off of him increased tenfold.

Dosu turned towards Naruto and growled at him like a caged animal. "How…how did you escape my jutsu? No one is faster than sound!"

Naruto stared at the crippled sound Nin with a blank look in his eyes. "You attack did hit me. I'm still quite blind, well if only slightly." Naruto admitted as everyone except Anko looked at him in shock. "I would have to be some kind of idiot to allow you to try and block your attacks. All I had to do was switch myself with a clone before your attack hit. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to dodge the sound wave your weapon sent off with your hit." Naruto said walking to the melody arm that was attached to his disembodied arms. "Did you know that there are some animals that are blind? That can only see through sound waves and vibrations from the ground. Because of my bloodline my senses are super charged giving me enhanced sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Even though you attack two of my senses I had two more ready to pick up the slack making them more sensitive then they already are. Even though I couldn't see you I could feel every step you took by the vibrations in the ground. I could also smell you by the polish of your little weapon that's now lying on the ground." Naruto said as he stomped on the weapon shattering it to pieces. "You should have known better then to just come into a fight with only one way of attacking. It's quite simple to kill someone when they no longer have their main weapon." Naruto said as he dipped his claws into his bleeding ears.

"I told you at the start of the battle that you will be in pieces for what you said to my mate and I don't like being made a liar." Naruto said as Dosu dropped to his knees unknowingly giving Naruto his position.

"Please…I…I'm sorry. Don't kill me. Have mercy!" Dosu said as his heart thumped with fear. Naruto shook his head in pity for the nin. Begging for your life is so disgraceful but tells a lot about a person.

"I'm sorry; I don't even have to have my sight to know that you had a horrible life. May you find happiness in the next life?" Naruto said as he swung his claws at the nin sending three deadly crimson arks at Dosu.

Dosu looked on in fear as his life flashed in his eyes. "No! This can't be the end! No! NOOO!" Dosu screamed out as he was sliced into chunks from Naruto's attack.

Hayate looked at the carnage and grimaced. "You didn't have to kill him." Naruto said nothing and walked towards the door. "Call the match, I'm done here." Naruto said heading out the door to see his mate. Before he left though he turned his eyes towards Neji, sending a blast of killing intent at the genin. Naruto couldn't see it but Neji shivered at the blood lust Naruto sent his way. Naruto continued his way out of the tower and all he could hear in the background was, "Shōsha Uzumaki Naruto."

The genin's could only look on in amazement at how fast Naruto took down the sound nin such a brutal fashion. "That was so fast…" Choji stated as Ino looked a little green with all the blood. Sakura grabbed her shoulder gently, comforting her. "Sempai can be a little brutal but that's only if you make him mad." Sakura said as she glances towards Neji as he flinched in fear.

"Wow he's gotten faster. I almost didn't see him switch with a Kage Bunshin." Kakashi said as he drew out his book. Gai nodded surprisingly very quite as he watched Naruto leave not missing the look he sent to his student. 'Oh Neji, my beautiful student. I fear that because of your unyouthful ways, you've made yourself an enemy you can't not hope to defeat.'

Flashback End


Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts as the door opened to show Shino, Anko, Kurenai, and Haku walk into the room. Anko walked over first and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "How are you holding up gaki?" Anko asked letting her concern enter her voice. Naruto sighed as he tried to let his anger away, "I'm fine Anko-sensei. I'm just worried about Hinata." Naruto said as Haku hummed as he smiled at Naruto.

"She'll be fine Naruto. She'll be in here for a little bit and as long as she's careful her injuries should heal up nicely." Haku said with a gentle smile. Naruto nodded and sighed in relieve but as soon as his smile was up it was down as he turned towards his sensei with a serious look on his face. "Who am I facing in the finals?" Naruto asked as Anko looked him square in the eye.

"You'll be in the last slot Naruto-san." Shino asked as he walked over and sat down next to Hinata's bed side. "Shino will face Kankurō, Shikamaru will then face Temari, Sasuke will face Gaara, and finally you will face Neji and whoever wins that faces Kai right afterwards." Kurenai said as she rubbed her fallen student's forehead.

"I see…Anko-sensei I'm guessing you know what happen in the forest of death right?" Naruto asked as Anko snarled. "Orochimaru…" Anko hissed as Kurenai tried to calm down her friend. "During that time it seems that you and I have a lot in common then we originally thought." Naruto said lowering his shirt to show the seal on his chest. "Is that a…"

"No, it's a different type of seal and until I can break it he'll always have some hold on me." Naruto said as Anko grabbed her seal and looked knowingly to her student.

Naruto turned his gazed to his silent friend and asked, "Shino when I transformed into that…monster…how did Kai fight me? All I remember was pain and waking up blasting the snake bastard with my new jutsu. Kai was there with you guys, how did he hold me off to gain my bearings."

Shino was silent for a moment before he turned towards Naruto with a blank gaze, trying to read his emotions. "Kai…means something to you does he?" Shino asks as Naruto closed his eyes and sighed. "I understand. From what I can tell, he has some very powerful fire jutsu. In terms of jutsu straight you two are tied seeing how he battled one of your primal jutsus in a head on fight and tied." Shino said shocking Naruto. The amount of chakra that must have taken must have been massive. 'Or his chakra is just as dense as my primal chakra which really doesn't make me feel any better.'

"He also went toe to toe with you, with only a sword which points out he knows a little kenjutsu. The sword he used seemed to be able to handle any kind of impact as he made it explode and not a scratch was on the blade" Shino replied as Naruto sighed making him think that he's going to have to revile a surprise he's been saving.

"Damn gaki. You're going to need some serous training if you want to go against that." Anko said as she looked at her student trying to map out a training program in her head.

"Haku get Zabuza at the forest of death for me. Anko-sensei and I will meet you there. Shino can you look after Hinata for me." Shino nodded and gave him a look. He knew whatever training he's about to do must be pretty important if he's willing to leave Hinata. Naruto kissed Hinata on the head and walked out already knowing what he must do.

At training ground 8

'Can't believe I have to start using this thing.' Naruto thought as he gazed down at the scroll in his hand. 'Well after months of work I suppose it's time to use it, but against Kai…' Naruto thought as he stopped and stared at the person in front of him.

"You…" Naruto said in a non emotional tone of voice. The person smiled at him with tears in her eyes. "You've grown so much Naruto-kun. It's great to see you are well even if you do look a little different from the last time we met." The women replied showing great joy in seeing him which shook him up.

How can these women be happy to see him? She's the reason he's like this, why he was so alone. How can she sit there and smile at him in that stupid pity like smile! "What are you doing here…Kaa-san?" The smile on her face transformed into a bitter smile, her eyes no longer twinkling in joy now those pools only show a deep sadness, lonely, regret and pain, lots and lots of pain. A pain that was mirrored in his own and yet surpass his at the same time.

"I wanted to see you. I wanted to see my little baby boy" Kushina said lovingly shocking Naruto to the core. He would have never thought he would feel this kind on love from anyone. It was different from Hinata's love. This one felt…different. He couldn't explain it. It was a love that he never wanted to lose. He took a step forward but as soon as he did she took a step back, shocking and angering him.

'Of course this would be a trick. Why would she want a demon for a son?' Naruto thought bitterly as Kushina smiled sadly at her son. "It's not what you think Naruto-kun."

"And how the hell would you know how I think. Last I recall you weren't there for the last 13 years of my life. You can't even take a step towards me without feeling disgust!" Naruto screamed out losing his composure at the women who would dare toy with his feelings.

"For 13 years, I've been on my own. No one helped me but the old man and I can barely trust him now a days to even be honest with me, let alone help me. I've been doing fine before you showed up. I don't need your so called love so give to Kai it's not like he doesn't deserve it! Why would you want a demon for a son anyway…?" Naruto finished quietly as he turned his back on the women to hide his pain.

"Now why would I hate my son just because he holds the Kyuubi inside of him? It would be real stupid if I did considering you're the third person to hold the fox." Shocking Naruto as he turned back towards the women.

"T-the third?" Naruto asked as she smiled sadly as tears started to form in her eyes. "Hai…I'm the second container for the Kyuubi." She said as Naruto felt his eyes widen.

"Then why…why did you leave me?" Naruto asked softly as her tears increased. She took a deep breath and took a step forward shuddering with each step. Naruto snapped awake as he could feel the raw power leaking out of her and into himself. The closer she got the more powerful he felt. 'What is this? It feels like the fox's chakra but…how does she…' Naruto thought as he watched his mother wither in pain it didn't take too long for her to suddenly dropped to her knees and held her sides in pain. "Okaa-san!" Naruto screamed as he started to run towards her making her glow red in Kyuubi's chakra sending her in a world of pain.

"!" Kushina screamed in a painful wail making Naruto jump back a few paces as the chakra receded inside of herself once more. She laid of her hands and knees panting in pain. Naruto looked on confused, not knowing what to do. He wants to help her but the closer he got the more the chakra started to attack her.

"T-that's why Naruto-kun." Kushina's pain filled voice cut through to his very soul as he saw the women stand shakingly on her two feet. That was when Naruto got a good long look at her. Her eyes while shining with love for him had a deep sense of pain around them. The bags around her eye told him that she hardly got any sleep. She was pale, paler then someone should be. He wanted to asker on it but she started to talk again, "Only…and Uzumaki can handle the chakra of the Kyuubi. Our chakra is very dense, almost on par with the beast itself. When I held it I was just a little girl, my chakra was a lot different than others it was denser then the Kyuubi. When I became its vessel it started mixing my own chakra with its own making my body start to make my own unique brand of chakra. As long as Kyuubi's chakra was inside my body, the unique chakra would keep me alive. But since it's out the chakra wants to go back to its original master and so it eats away at my chakra network poisoning me." Kushina stated making Naruto relieved that if she stayed with him, then she wouldn't have lived for very long.

"I didn't want to leave you Naruto-kun. I tried to get in touch with just about everyone but the only one who could do it was the Hokage. I knew that if I stayed with you, I wouldn't have lived to take care of you, leaving you and Kai orphans. All I could do was leave you with the Hokage with all the money I had from past missions and take Kai away to raised him. It was the hardest choice I ever had to make." Her tears increased as she hugged her body tighter as the thought of not holding him pains her. She couldn't even look at him without feeling shame.

Naruto…didn't know what to say really. He was blown away by what he heard but through it all he couldn't blame her. As much as he wanted too, he couldn't. 'If she stayed with me then she would have died and left Kai with me to care for and if the people of this village were violent with me they would have been violent with him as well.' Naruto rationalized. As much as he didn't want to admit it…she made the right decision.

"I…I didn't want you to hate me but I understand if you do. I…just wanted you to know that Naruto-kun." Kushina said as she looked towards Naruto's back. "Why does Kai hate me?" Naruto asked as he tried to stop the swell of emotions waiting to pour out of him. "I don't know Naruto-kun. I really wish I knew."

Naruto said nothing, wishing that he could find the words he wanted to say, but right now too many emotions were swirling around his head preventing him. He needed time to think, so without looking back, "I have to go train now for the finals. I'll…I'll see you later." Naruto said as both of them missing the tears streaming down both of their face, one for seeking for forgiveness and the other knowing that he will never have a relationship with his mother thanks to the Kyuubi.

At the forest of Death

"Why are we here again Haku? The brat isn't even here yet." Zabuza complained as Anko slugged him in the back of the head making Haku giggle at his master's punishment. "He'll get here, when he gets here. Complaining about it won't bring him any faster." Anko grunted out having just about enough of the man's complaining. Zabuza huffed in annoyance as he staired into the forest.

He didn't have to wait long as a puffy eyed Naruto walked into the clearing putting everyone on guard. "What happen to you gaki? You look like shit!" Zabuza said in his oh so considerate tone making Anko glare at him.

"I'm fine don't worry about me." Naruto said dismissing there worries. Anko not looking to sure, "You sure? We don't have to start training right now if you're not up for it."

Naruto shook his head in a negative fashion as he turned towards Zabuza and Haku. "I need you guy's help." Naruto said as Zabuza stood up and grabbed his sword. "There's no way I'm teaching you any jutsus kid."

"I wasn't going to ask you to do that." Naruto said gaining Zabuza's attention. "I'm going to ask you to help me train but not by teaching me jutsu. I will never learn like that not with how my bloodline is." Naruto said catching Haku's attention. "Bloodline?"

"Yeah, the Shishi kurosu (Beast Cross). It allows me to take all forms of Animal DNA and use their traits for battle. But my bloodline has another useful power to it which I plan to fully master this month. The power of Tekiō." (Adaptation)

"Tekiō?" Anko asked as this was the first time she had heard this. Naruto looked towards her and smiled softly. "It's not a surprise that I got as strong as I am under you sensei, you put me in life and death situations all the time. Tekiō has an interesting ability to allow me to adapt to any situation under extreme distress." Haku hummed in approval at this new development.

"So basically you're the full definition of 'what doesn't kill you...'"

"Makes you stronger." Zabuza said grinning evilly from ear to ear. "I think you now know my plan. I don't want you to train me; I want you to come after me for an entire month in the forest of death to kill me. The feeling of being watched and never ending paranoia will force my body to think of the fly making me able to survive." Naruto said as Anko and Zabuza laughed loudly while Haku looked a little worried.

"Are you sure you want two jonins and a chunin coming after you Naruto-kun. It could be dangerous." Haku said not really wanting to hurt his new friend. Naruto nodded towards him as Haku sighed seeing that there was nothing he could do to change his mind.

"I knew there was a reason I liked you kid. We'll give you a ten second head start. Try and stay alive."

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