While Awaiting Sunday

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Chapter 21, S4

Forgetting all I'm lacking
Completely incomplete
I'll take your invitation
You take all of me now...

I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held onto
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you
I'm living for the only thing I know
I'm running and not quite sure where to go
And I don't know what I'm diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you

Hanging By a Moment, Lighthouse

King Bill stood over the kneeling Eric, "As King of this territory, I condemn you to the True Death. As a vampire with no memory, you are a danger to yourself and our kind and are to be destroyed immediately."

Bill's minions held swords at points over each of Eric's broad shoulders while Bill held another directly in front of him. Eric was shirtless, his carved chest glowing in the moonlight. He was confused and a little afraid. Even if he had memory of his life, he knew very well what it meant to face the True Death.

Sookie walked slowly out of the trees of the graveyard between her house and Bill's watching the scene before her.


"What are you doing here, Sookie?" Bill demanded without looking away from Eric.

"Why are you holding swords to Eric's neck, Bill?" She continued to walk towards the scene, having a pretty good idea what was going on here.

"Eric has been condemned to the True Death. Do not get in the way, Sookie," Eric threatened.

"What has he done?"

"He…" Bill hesitated, "he has no memory. He cannot be left alive. It is too dangerous."

"Too dangerous." Sookie was very close to the small circle of men now. "Too dangerous for whom?"

"This is vampire business, Sookie. You need to leave. Now," Bill turned to look at her, shifting his sword slightly away from Eric towards her.

She quickly inserted herself between the tip of his sword and Eric's kneeling body. Even on his knees, his head came almost to her shoulders, but it was still enough to shield him from Bill's sword. She couldn't do anything about the weapons on the side, but at least this one, the one least likely to kill her, she could stop.

"Sookie!" Eric and Bill shouted at the same time.

Eric tried to stand, and the two men at his side held him down by placing their swords tightly at his neck drawing dots of blood. He could no longer move. If Bill brought his sword closer, he would kill Sookie. It was a stand off.

"This isn't right Bill, King or not. You may not like Eric. You may even hate him. But to kill him because he is weakened right now and can't fight back, that is a mark of a coward. Not the act of a King."

Bill's grip tightened on his sword, his jaw clenching in anger. "He would do the same to me."

"Bill, you're the one who tried to kill him so he couldn't tell me your dirty little secret. You're still trying to kill him. For what this time?" Her tone was angry and sarcastic. "He doesn't remember who you are, he doesn't even remember who I am. He's no threat to you anymore."

"This is not because he's a threat to me." Bill spoke quietly.

Sookie snorted. "Sure. Pam was right," she said as she shook her head. "You planned this whole thing. You couldn't kill him outright. He's too powerful. He has too many friends, you couldn't touch him, King or not. So you sent him into that coven, hoping this would happen."

Bill pushed the sword tip into Sookie's Merlotte's t-shirt, and a small bead of blood appeared against the white material. She gasped at the sharp pain, but never took her eyes from his. The scent of her blood filled the air, but fortunately Bill and Eric were the only vampires there and the humans couldn't smell it.

"You can kill Eric, Bill," Sookie said quietly. "But, you'll have to kill me too. Are you a King or a coward? Which is it?"

Bill stood there, pushing to sword further into her, just another millimeter and more blood trickled down her shirt leaving a red stain that would be impossible to remove. He was being spiteful, remembering the hurtful words, his constant ache for her, how he could never have her back. He knew she would never willingly move from where she stood, and if he forced her, and then carried out the order, it would be yet one more thing she wouldn't forgive him for. She would forever think him the coward he knew he was, instead the King he pretended to be.

With a quick flick, leaving a long slice along the length of her breastbone and a tear in her t-shirt, he dropped his sword to his side and motioned his cronies to do so as well.

Without taking his eyes from Sookie, he spoke again in his Kingly voice, "Eric Northman, as King of Louisiana I rescind the order of the True Death for you. Until such a time as you recover your memory and resume your position in our vampire society, you will receive protection and all the resources at our disposal to reverse this spell and restore you to your former self. You may rise."

Eric stood slowly, standing quietly behind Sookie, looking down at her while she still looked suspiciously at Bill. She wasn't sure if she believed him or not, but she was sure of one thing. There were going to be some immediate changes and she was going to protect Eric in her own way, right now.

Eric and Sookie walked in silence through the graveyard to her house, where she locked all the doors and picked up the phone. Eric helped himself to a True Blood and sat at the table while he listened to her rapid phone calls.

"Pam? I need you to find a lawyer, a real estate lawyer and a notary now. Bring them here immediately. And Pam? He needs some clothes."

"Just do it, Pam. It's important. I'll explain when you get here. If you don't, Eric might be dead by morning. He would have been dead already."

Eric heard the line go dead, and assumed Pam was already on it before Sookie had even said goodbye.

Her next call was to Sam Merlotte. He didn't remember Sam, but thought he probably knew him.

"Sam, Sookie. "I need to you to come over here. About an hour. And Sam? Wait on the porch until I let you in, ok? Yeah. Thanks."

She replaced the phone on the wall and leaned against it, exhaustion etched on her face.

Eric finally spoke up. "You're bleeding."

Sookie looked down at her ruined t-shirt and snorted, pulling the stuck on material away from the broken skin, which opened the wound again slightly, bringing a few drops of blood to the surface.

"Of course, after everything tonight, that would be the first thing you say. 'You're bleeding.'"

"I can heal that for you." His voice, his face, was completely innocent, so unlike the often leering, suggestive Eric she had come to know, and well, while not love, at least be fond of. This Eric, well, he just confused her.

"I know. But so can some Neosporin and a band-aid," she touched his shoulder as she walked past him and his hand came up and touched hers.

"Why did you do that for me?" His bright blue eyes looked into her, baffled. He couldn't remember if anyone had ever tried to save him before, a human standing between him and another vampire holding a sword. He thought surely he would remember such a thing.

Sookie took his hand in hers and turned towards him, putting her other at the back of his neck, tilting it up towards hers. It must be terrible to have lost one's memory, a thousand years of memories, and not know who you are.

"Because it was the right thing to do. Because you've done it for me so many times I've lost track. Because," she paused, smiling slightly, "while not exactly a 'good' vampire, you've been a good man to me."

She tugged on his hand, dragging him with her. "C'mon. You're not safe yet. Until we get some stuff taken care of, you stay with me. I've got to shower, so you just hang in my room while I do that real quick ok? If anyone but Pam or Sam come, they aren't friends."

Understanding, Eric nodded as they walked down the hallway. Eric sat on the side of her bed watching as she pulled a pair of worn jeans and blouse from her closet and a bra and panty set from drawers. When she turned and caught him watching, he blushed and looked away. She laughed slightly and shook her head.

"Oh, Eric. This is just all so cute."

"Cute? Is that bad?"

"Not bad, no… Just very different from the usual you."

"What would the usual me be doing right now?" Eric asked, his voice full of innocent curiosity.

"Well, when you saw my underwear, blushing wouldn't have been your response."

"So I want you."


"That is why Bill wants to kill me."

"Despite all the bullshit he was spouting, yeah. That's about it."

"Do you want me?"

Sookie turned suddenly, and headed towards the bathroom, "I'll be out in a jiffy. Don't go anywhere. You aren't safe. Ok?"

Without waiting for his response, she closed and locked the bathroom door. Sookie was shaking as she peeled off the bloody t-shirt and threw it in the trash, along with the ruined bra. The cut wasn't deep, but deep enough to need stitches and it was going to scar. Unless of course, she let Eric heal it. It was about 3 inches long, right along the breast bone. Bill had just been malicious making a mark like that. He knew it would scar, but not really damage anything more than that. Bastard.

She climbed into the hot water and washed the miserable day away, sorting out the plan they needed to pull off immediately to protect Eric. Right now, he was left dangerously exposed, and Sookie didn't believe for a moment Bill's promise of 'resources and protection'… that was bullshit.

She got out of the shower and dressed, putting some butterfly bandages over the wound, not sure if they would do any good. Even if she could use stitches, she wasn't going to the hospital, so this was going to have to do.

Eric was lying comfortably on her bed reading one of her Tess Gerritsen books, books that had nothing to do with vampires, werewolves, or supernatural creatures of any kind and just nice normal, if there is such a thing, murder and mayhem. Probably the most normal thing in her life these days were these books, and they were real page turners too! Apparently Eric thought so too. He looked pretty absorbed.

"Pretty good, huh?"

"Yeah, but she finds some really terrible ways for people to die," he said while sitting up and putting the book aside, his attention once more on Sookie.

She laughed as she walked towards him. "This from a vampire who has a torture and bondage sex chamber in his basement…."

"I have what?" He asked incredulous.

Sookie just raised her eyebrows, smirked and turned to walk out the door. Eric rose to follow, still wanting to know more about this basement.

"What goes on in this basement?"

"Well, torture and sex, Eric. Pretty much what I said."

"And you've seen this?"

Sookie sighed, "Unfortunately, yes, I have seen both. You have even kept me down there once, thinking to protect me."

Eric stopped and his eyes got big, "I didn't…"

"No, you didn't, Eric," her hand brushed his arm to comfort him, "but you did with others… not that they seemed to mind…the sex part I mean."

"That bothers you," Eric picked something up in her tone that he couldn't place but was pretty sure it wasn't disgust.

"What? That you torture and have sex so rough you have a 'special' place for it. Yeah, that bothers me," she walked away. "Pam's already here. Let's go."

Once Sam had joined them, Sookie explained to Pam, Eric, and Sam privately what needed to be done. The lawyer and notary waited in the kitchen drinking coffee and chatting. They didn't seem surprised to be awakened in the middle of the night and brought here for something as yet to be determined.

Sookie described what happened earlier with Eric and Bill, Bill's ultimate revocation of the True Death order for Eric and his offer of support and protection which she didn't believe. She didn't mention her injury because that would just upset Sam and complicate matters. Eric followed her lead without needing to be told.

"Pam, Eric, isn't it true if Eric owns my house, it makes it possible for any vampire to enter the house, not just him?"

Pam paused and looked at Eric. "Yes," she answered slowly.

"I understand all the reasons why he bought my house, and under other circumstances we could argue that until I eventually won, but now, it's too dangerous. He cannot own my house. You have to sell it back to me, Eric. Right now. I cannot protect you if any vampire can enter my home. I can't protect myself if anyone can enter."

Eric looked at her and nodded his head. "She's right. Pam, make that happen. Give her whatever we paid for it, plus 20% for the trouble we've caused her. And Pam, when I get my memory back, the numbers better add up."

Pam and Sookie both smiled. There was a glimmer of the old Eric.

"That's all well and good Eric, and very generous, but we don't have time to transfer all the money tonight. The deal has to close tonight. Do you have a dollar?"

He patted his pocket, and didn't come up with any money. "Pam, give him a dollar."

Pam rolled her eyes and squirmed around until she found a $100 bill tucked in her bra. "Will this do?"

"Whatever Pam." Of course Pam wouldn't have anything less than $100. "Give it to Eric, free and clear, no strings attached. Your money is now his. Sam you are witnessing this."

Pam handed Eric the money. "Like my money isn't already his," she shrugged annoyed.


"I saw Pam hand over the money free and clear. Now what?"

"Let's get the lawyers in here. Eric, you are about to sell me your house. Right now."

Thirty minutes later, in the quickest , briefest home closing on record Eric Northman sold his home to Sookie Stackhouse for an initial $100, with a balloon payment in one month of an amount to be calculated upon specific figures to be determined. Sookie Stackhouse now owned her old house again. The deal was witnessed by Sam Merlotte and signed by the notary. It would be delivered to the courthouse on Monday morning, but was official as soon as the signatures were on the papers. The keys were officially passed to Sookie at 1:32AM and everyone but Eric was gone by 2:00.

After closing and locking the door behind the last guest, she turned off the lights and returned into the living room where Eric sat on the sofa with his eyes closed, his head against the back of the couch. She leaned against the doorframe and just watched him, knowing he wasn't asleep but wondering what he was thinking.

There was one more thing she had to do before the whole plan came together for the night. "Eric Northman," she whispered.

His eyes opened to hers, but his head and body didn't move. "I invite you into my home."

He smiled one of those sweet guileless smiles that took her by surprise every time, she was still not used to this new Eric. She reached the sofa and sat beside the innocent resting there, who trusted her so completely to take care of him, who she had never trusted to take care of her.

She leaned her head on his shoulder and his arm circled around her shoulder as if it had always belonged there. He pulled her closer to him, wrapping her in his comforting arms, feeling her warmth and her exhaustion, wanting to protect and care for her as she had for him.

Sookie woke up in her bed what seemed like moments later by was more like an hour. Eric was standing pressed against the wall, fangs extended, staring at her, frightened.

"Eric? What is it?" Sookie sat up, looking around for what had frightened him.

When she didn't find anything, or anyone, she looked back to Eric and followed his eyes back to her chest where she realized she had started to bleed again. Her blouse was still buttoned, so whatever had happened, Eric wasn't to blame. She partly unbuttoned her blouse and exposed the now loosened bandages. The skin had separated again, and the cut was once again oozing blood.

Sookie looked up at Eric and sighed. "Please, Eric. It's ok, don't be afraid."

"I didn't do that. I brought you up here and put you to bed and fell asleep too. I woke up when I smelled your blood. I got up and have been here ever since. I didn't do it Sookie. I didn't…" he shook his head in disgust, "fang-rape you again."

"I know that Eric. You know how I know?" Eric shook head, still pressing himself against the wall, a look of shame and fear on his face.

"There aren't any puncture wounds. My blouse isn't torn. And the bandages are still mostly intact. Some just popped off. Besides Eric, I would have felt you. We…" her voice trailed off.

"We what?"

"We um…" she stuttered trying to get the words out, "we've shared blood before. It's not enough for a blood bond, but there's a connection. I think I would have just known. It's the same way I knew something was going on at the graveyard tonight. The bond is there with you and Bill. When I can feel something between the two of you, I know it can't be good."

"Is that why I want you Sookie? I want your blood?"

Sookie laughed. "Actually to hear you tell it," she moved to the side of the bed intending to get up to go to the bathroom to clean up the cut again, "you want me forever and always. Not just my blood. Not just my body. But my love and my soul too. I can believe the first two. The last two stretch the bounds of credibility though Eric," she smirked.

He thought about that a moment, and put it aside for now. "You know that will not heal without stitches. You will have to see a doctor."

"I'm not going to a doctor. What will I say? By golly Doc, got between a couple of vampires and their sword tonight and well, look at this…. Sure, then everyone gets in trouble."

"I can heal you." He said it plainly, expecting her to reject him, but knowing it was true. It was an option. The only one left to her if she wouldn't see a doctor.

She sat on the bed while he stood against the wall. He was no longer afraid or vamped out. He was just a man again. The other Eric would make the same offer but there would be all sorts of sexual overtones to it, leering over her, and she would probably still let him do it. And here was the really genuinely nice Eric and she was giving pause.

"Can I trust you? Will you be able to stop?"

"Yes. And yes."

"How do you know? You know my blood is different."

"Because I know I would never hurt you. When I, when I drank from you before, did I take too much?" He wondered.

She thought back to that terrible night. "No, you've never taken too much. And you kept someone else from taking too much. You were only taking against my will because you were trying to kill a very bad guy by tricking him. It was all messed up."

"Did it work?"

"No. Almost but you almost died yourself. I had to drag your sorry ass out of the son, which meant he had to come back too. Other than that one time, you have never taken anything from me. You have always wanted me to come to you of my own free will. Like it didn't count if I didn't."

"Than do it that way now. Let me heal you. Trust I can heal you. I won't take too much. I won't give you too much. I won't form a bond with you against your will," his voice dropped to a whisper, "Trust me Sookie."

He'd said that to her once before, and he'd saved her life then, along with Jason's, willing to sacrifice his own. Asking her to trust him this time seemed a minor request.

She began to complete the unbuttoning of her blouse and Eric reached out to stop her.

His voice low and uneven, his eyes captured hers, "Sookie, don't. Not like that. Go take it off, and uh, you'll need to take your, uh…" he motioned to her bra. "But come back with a towel or something covering you. Don't make this any harder than it's going to be. Please." He was begging.

Nodding, Sookie closed her blouse and went into the bathroom. When she came out again, she had a towel around her neck, covering her breasts, but leaving her bloody breast bone exposed. The pupils of Eric's eyes grew darker and his fangs extended. Sookie took a deep breath and pulled the towel closer as she moved towards the bed. She had told him she trusted him, and she did, but it didn't mean she didn't realize just how dangerous this was.

"Alright Eric, how do you want to do this?" she asked as she carefully sat on the bed in front of him.

He knelt in front of her, almost afraid to touch her. Clearing his throat anxiously, he moved towards her, he eyes on the blood seeping from her otherwise unmarred tanned skin.

Sookie lifted his face so she could look him in the eyes. "Eric, I trust you."

Eric's eyes locked on hers and after a moment, nodded and leaned slowly leaned forward. He inhaled deeply, taking in the honeyed sweet smell of her. "You smell like flowers and…sunshine. I'd almost forgotten what sunshine smelled like."

She smiled softly and reached down, running a hand through his soft blonde hair. He was in such awe. She'd seen all sorts on emotions from Eric before regarding her, but awe had not been one of them. "Go on Eric, taste."

Eric didn't have to be asked twice, continuing to lower his head as she kept one hand resting on the back of his head and lying back on the bed with her other arm supporting her upper body. Eric moved between her legs as his lips touched her skin. His tongue licked the fresh blood and gasped, pulling back from her and looking up in surprise.

"What are you?"

Sookie sighed, "I get so tired of vampires asking me that! I'm different, especially different and desirable to vampires. I just strange to humans. Does that freak you out? Are you going to be able to do this now that you know?"

Eric swallowed hard and nodded silently, moving back to her blood covered chest. She felt his tongue begin to lick the large cut, cleaning the fresh blood first from the lower end to the top, moving in slow, delicate strokes. She could feel his fangs occasionally brush against her skin, but never once did they puncture or scratch against her. He was being very careful.

As he washed the dried blood away, it took more effort and more time. His tongue swabbed at the crusted blood, dipping into the wound slightly, causing Sookie to squirm. Eric bathing her skin this way, touching her so intimately, caring for her so carefully was erotic. The reason it was necessary wasn't, but the way he was going about it… the delicate touch, the coarseness and stroke of his tongue. She felt her breathing grow shallow and her heart speed up. She grew wet, and with his vampire senses, he could not miss her excitement. Given this Eric, she wasn't sure what, if anything he would do about it.

The wound was clean but Eric was unwilling to part from touching Sookie's body so he kept working at the cut. He smelled her desire, her fragrance filled the room within minutes. Knowing that he had caused her pleasure, her need, pleased him. As soon as she had walked out the bathroom door, he felt his body began to move, to heat. When he knelt in front of her, it wasn't just to make cleaning the wound easier but to hide how aroused he had become. He would not frighten her. He did not want her to think him the same as 'the other Eric,' someone even he wasn't sure he liked very much.

When he finally lifted his head, and looked into at her he saw eyes filled with passion staring back at him. Her face was flushed when she licked her lips. The towel had fallen away and exposed the curve of her breast to the air, to him. His eyes moved from hers to her exposed breasts and back to her, causing him to move slowly away, back to the wall. His fangs extended, his arousal pressing and upright against Jason's old sports shorts, but he wasn't moving towards her. He had made her a promise and he would not break it.

Sookie stood from the bed, adjusting the towel and moved slowly towards Eric. She stood directly in front of him, reaching her hand up towards his face, touching his smooth skin, tracing the strong jaw line, her thumb running across his lower lip firmly, causing it to drag slightly behind her movement.

She whispered, "You haven't finished healing me Eric. I'll continue to bleed." She looked down and it was already seeping again.

His finger touched the new droplets of blood wiping them away, tasting them. "I don't think this is a good idea. I thought I could do this. That it would be simple. Just let you drink from me. But I…the blood, you, how I'm feeling…this is anything but simple." Eric stuttered.

Sookie smiled slightly as his discomfort. The old Eric would have been all over her by now and she'd be pushing him away. This time she was the one wanting to seduce him. This was definitely a crazy relationship. "Yeah, we are anything but simple. But you are a different Eric, and I'm not with Bill anymore. Everything is different. Eric…" she sighed as her fingers ran through his hair. "I didn't plan this, but you can't deny you don't want this."

"I don't know Sookie," Eric hesitated.

Sookie stood on her tip toes and kissed him. Her lips just brushed his, and then again tasting her blood on his lips. Eric sighed as he gave in and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. She felt so good, so soft and warm against his cold body. He lifted her slightly off the floor and carried her back towards her bed, sitting her on the edge where she had been before. He leaned over her, forcing her onto her back, lying under him, his arms holding his body above hers.

"You are sure about this? I don't think I can stop if we start, Sookie. And I don't want to hurt you. I don't want you mad at me tomorrow. Or ever."

"There is no place I'd rather be, Eric." Lifting her head slightly, she pulled the towel from around her neck and dropped it off to the side. Eric moaned as he took in her perfect breast, the dusky pink nipples, hard and erect, ready for him to take them in his mouth.

"Sookie," he croaked, unable to finish his sentence.

Taking his head in her hands she brought his mouth to hers, tasting him, challenging him, dueling with him. He responded in kind, sucking her mouth, her tongue, mapping her mouth as he would map her body soon, finding every crease and fold, marking his territory. At that moment, he learned that he, as well as the old Eric was possessive. He knew he would kill for Sookie. Kill anyone who would harm her. He knew the old Eric had done the same.

Eric was breathing hard even though he really didn't need to breathe. But with her, it seemed so natural. He wanted her so badly. His mouth moved away and down her jaw and across her ear, running his tongue around and down her beautiful long neck. He lingered on the artery there and could feel by the touch of this tongue the scars from where he had drank from her, when he had fang-raped her, and was glad he had no memory of that.

He moved away from that spot and down her collar bone, kissing and licking, his extended fangs scratching, drawing slight amounts of blood as he went. Sookie moaned, her hand buried in his hair while the other tore at his back, her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling his heat into hers.

He took one breast into his mouth and pulled on the nipple carefully. "More, harder…" she cried out.

Eric obliged and was rewarded with a scream of pleasure as a ripple of desire passed through her tiny body. He moved between her breasts, sucking first on one, then on the other, hard and then gently, driving Sookie mad. She never knew what she would get. When he was teasingly gentle, she would push against him, trying to force more into his mouth, but he was firm. He wanted to drive her crazy, to want him, to need his touch, to never know what he would do, and this he gave her.

He spent what seemed like hours toying with Sookie's breasts, making her cum and cum again until she starting thrusting against him. His head began to travel down her naked chest, leaving his hands behind to continue the exquisite torture he was giving her swollen mounds.

His teeth pulled at the button of her jeans, tearing it off and yanking the zipper down impatiently. Sookie lifted her hips anxiously helping Eric to remove her jeans, not caring that they were now destroyed. With a flick of his finger her panties flew across the room. He groaned as he looked down at her completely naked body, at the perfection of her breasts, the curve of her waist, her flat stomach, the small blond thatch of hair that glistened with her juices. Her thighs were tight and firm and he slid his body between them.

Raising herself up on her bent arms she looked at Eric on his knees in front of her. Her legs were spread slightly and Eric had his hands rested on her inner thighs. "Sookie, I want… I mean…May I?" Eric asked, not wanting to presume, needing her permission.

"At this point, if you don't I think I'll have to hurt you, Eric Northman," she teased.

He gave her a leer like she might have seen from the old Eric and slipped between his face between her legs. His tongue lapped against her lower lips sucking her honeyed juices from where they had spilled over from her earlier orgasms. Sookie thrust against his mouth, desperate for more, moans vibrating against his lips.

His tongue entered her, sucking that tiny knot of nerves and then pushing into her hot channel, only to pull back again, sucking and biting her clit again and pushing into her, every touch of his tongue or fang against those nerves brought a gasp or moan while ever tongue-fuck made her cry out for more.

"Eric, please, don't make me beg," Sookie whimpered, breathless, her hands reaching between her legs trying to find his cock, to bring him to her, to get him inside her.

Eric, still marauding her wet pussy, stripped his shorts off finally raising his cock to her swollen entrance. His mouth tangled with hers, feeding her the juices he had collected, while he began to push his way into her. He was huge and Sookie circled her legs around his waist, opening herself all the way so she could embrace as much of him as possible.

Eric went slowly, his cock was massive and she was all but a virgin, but her continued thrusts against him made it harder and harder to go slowly. She did not want slow, she wanted fast, hard and fast. Once he was buried to the hilt, pushing against her cervix, making her gasp with every plunge through her channel, he began to speed up, to meet her desire for speed.

"Oh god Eric, it's too much," Eric stopped immediately, holding absolutely still.

Breathlessly he asked, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No! Don't you dare!"

Sookie propelled herself against him and flipped him over so she was suddenly on top. She was in control, she set the pace and the pace was grueling. Hard, fast and deep. She'd never had this sort of sex before. Bill wasn't endowed like Eric. She had never had oral sex with Bill. And she certainly had never felt so full before with Bill. This was what she had been missing all this time.

She screamed as her orgasm passed through her, flooding her channel and pouring over Eric's swollen, almost exploding cock. He thrust again, and again, hitting her cervix and her clit at the same time, causing another orgasm to erupt. She screamed again, this time silently before she actually let noise leave her throat. She had never felt so powerful, so overwhelmed, so intense before.

"Sookie, I…" Eric breathed through his momentum.

"Yes, now Eric, now…" Even in the throes of his final moments of his passion he had the presence of mind to give Sookie his blood. With his nail he tore a gash across his throat and blood began to pulse down his neck.

He placed his neck near her mouth and she began to suck, drawing his healing blood into her as he slammed into her one, two, three more times and then loudly groaned as his body released into hers. He thrust several more times, weakening each time, until he was empty. Sookie slid to the side of Eric but didn't allow him to pull out.

"Eric…" Sookie sighed, pulling away from his neck wound, lazily watching it close.




"Is it always like that with you?"

"I have no memory, but I'd have to say no, Sookie, it's not like that. Only with you."

A/N: Did I actually put the words King Bill together in context? Shudder. So, some Mea Culpa's. Yeah, I fudged a lot on the whole healing thing. It was just sexier to have him heal her by taking her blood, as in licking her and then her taking his blood than having it just a one way exchange. Also, I couldn't remember if he'd ever taken her blood against her will except for the end of last season so for the sake of my little make believe fantasy here, I went with it. I just couldn't leave the 'Trust me Sookie' line out because of all the lines in the show there have been, I still revere that one, and it was back when the show was still great (S2).

At almost 6500 words,this turned into a book that could have been three chapters. But, it's WAS, and those are sort of one-night -stand sorts of stories, quickie one-offs, and as I tell my kids, we get what we get, and we don't have a fit, right?

Be kind, drop a dime. You know how happy reviews make me, and when I'm happy my muse rolls over like the slut she is. If she purrs enough, maybe she'll get busy on Claiming again. I have the feeling there are some that would like that story to move along.