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Chapter 1 - A bat is stalking me!

Hey. I'm Yuni Berth. I'm just your average, normal teenage girl. Well, except from the fact that I'm a famous actress. So, you can make me different? I don't know. But, moving on. I'm currently in my last year of school, and will soon be going onto college. Neat, huh? I mostly hang around with Emi, and Rage since they're my best friends, but Emi is my bestest friend. We'd pretty much do nearly everything together. But, then again, she and I has things to do, so I guess not all the time? Okay, never mind...

But let me tell you the most funny thing that happened to me the other day! It got me worried, and now because of this event, I keep thinking that I'm being watched, or stalked. But, I never knew that I actually WAS...

I was walking home from Alice's after dropping off her cardigan that she let at my house when she came over for a visit earlier this afternoon, and everything was silent and dark. I was taking a different route home. I wanted to go through the park way because I felt that I wanted to be surrounded by the nature as I was going home. I was just quietly humming to myself, and was taking a gentle walk through the dark park. But when I walked past a big, old tree, something came out from behind and flew right down in front of me. I screamed in shock, and widened my eyes fully. What on earth was THIS thing? Was it a vampire? I don't know because it was dark, but all I know that it was a bat like thing. I could see it's red eyes soften for some reason, like it was sad, and in reply, I gulped and took a few steps back. I was scared of this creature, so I had no idea what to di! The bat was walking closer to me slowly, and before I knew it, I started running off home. I could hear the bat creature now flying behind me to catch up with me. I was running as fast as I could to get away from it.

"Yuni, come back! I need to tell you something!"

How did it know my name? I didn't stop for the bat, I only went on running. It was calling my name and asking me to stop, but I didn't. I soon found my home, and I ran like no tomorrow to lose the bat. I heard a sigh from the bat as it came after me faster. I rushed to the door, and tried banging and screaming to let someone open the door for me. I turned to see it standing in my front garden, now walking towards me with a soft, expression. I could only watch before my bodyguard flew the door open and started shooting at the bat with his gun because he thought that I was being attacked. The bat immediately stopped, gasped loudly and flew away quickly before he could fire another bullet at it. I panted heavily before slowly getting inside the house. Akira, my bodyguard helped me into the big, living room. I walked over to the sofa, and collapsed onto it. I was frightened like anything after that bat chased me.

Weird, huh? But, I thought that was it. It wasn't... It followed me when I was going in school for the last day of term...

Alice and I were in the same class, and we always sat with each other because we were such good friends. We were walking around the town since it was only about 15 minutes left until school started. We was happy to walk around and see if we wanted some sweets or something before school. But, when we was passing a shop, I suddenly saw something looking at me in the dark, closed off alley next to the shop. I blinked with curiosity before trying to move closer to see it better. I gasped when I realised what it was - the bat that tried to get me last night. It gave that same sad expression at me. And my eyes softened, I could see that it looked sad. I felt that it was trying to tell me something. It then pressed it's hands against the bars, and for some odd reason, a tear fell from my eye. It's eyes became more sadder. Alice turned to me and blinked, calling my name in confusion. I shook my head madly and wiped the tear that fell, not wanting her to see this and turned to Alice. When I look at the alley again to see if it was still there, it was gone. Again, I blinked.

"Yuni? You okay? You look pale... Do you feel sick?"

"No, it's fine."

I wondered what on earth was going on. Not only did it follow me, but now it was stalking me. I was beginning to panic about this bat thing. It looked really sad, and I wondered why it was sad. Maybe it wanted a friend, or was it the last of it's kind? But, I can tell you now, that wasn't the ONLY worry I had. I heard another shocking thing, and this one made me cry...

It was after school. I got home without that bat stalking me, and when I walked into the house, I saw Akira's shocked face. I blinked and wondered what was going on. I thought that something had happened to him. I closed the door behind me and went to Akira.

"Urm, Akira... Why do you have that face for?"

"...Yuni... I'm so sorry..."

"...Huh? For what?"

He swallowed the lump in his throat and gave me a sad expression. This made me worry more than before. More worried, that I was about to cry over his expression because it looked so upsetting.


"Your... P-parents... Yuni... They're... They're..."


"...Dead... I'm so sorry..."

I looked at him with a blank expression. I blinked a few times before allowing the tears to fall from my eyes.


"I'm sorry..."

And that point, I ran up to my room, slammed the door and broke down on my bed. I was having the worst time of my life right now. Little did I know that the bat was watching me from my window. It was sat in the tree outside my garden, and watched me cry my heart out over my loss.

"Yuni... I wanted to tell you about your parents... I'm sorry..."

The bat remained watching me, but I had no idea that this bat was sent to become my friend because... It was a friend of my mother...

Again, sorry if it made you cry or sad. Even when I read it myself I felt sad. But, do tell me what you thought of it. Comments apperciated by the way! Thank you for reading! =)