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The night seemed calm and collected, and the city was asleep. Not a sound could be herd in the middle of the midnight. The sky was dark black and there was no clouds out, just simply the moon shining brightly in the sky. It was a full moon.

Only a few lights were on in the middle of the night, and one of those lights was the Berth mansion.

Yuni had just woken up with a loud yawn, along with Akira who was just starting to wake up.

It was only her and him and it had felt this way for a long while since... Forever.

It hadn't made them uncomfortable at all, but simply made their bond grow more and more. In a good way, they were closer than ever.

But after the secret had been let out by Evil, Yuni swore for revenge because she felt that she was the only one now who could avenge her parents.

She sighed as she would be thinking about that time when she was told about this and could feel great sorrow in her heart. A tear fell down her eye as she sighed and went into the kitchen to make herself some food.

Akira had grown worried about her since she was acting a little bit strange. But he knew why she was acting so low in self-esteem and very unhappy deep down. He heard someone entering the kitchen and turning on the microwave, but he knew that it only could've been Yuni, since she wasn't next to him in bed.

Yuni was making herself some microwaved pancakes and would be sat on the sofa, now sat there in complete silence since she didn't want to wake Akira up.

But that wasn't the case; Akira was already getting up and he had already entered the room by the time she was going to get up to check her pancakes.

"Hey, Yune." Says Akira with a soft tone at the distraught girl. She turned to him with a soft smile, giving him a soft reply in return.

"Hey Akira. Did I wake you?"

"No, you didn't. But why are you up at like, three in the morning? You should be resting, ya know..."

Yune's head lowered and turned away from him, not wanting to tell him about the dream that she had that morning. Akira could notice that the girl was trying to avoid the subject and he knew far too well that she would be trying to make ant excuse to make him think that she was okay.

He knew that she weren't, however.

"I know, but I wasn't tired. I guess I had too much sleep through the day?"

"Yune, don't lie. You slept little yesterday."

Damn! She sighed as she realised that now he had known her for too long, that he knew what she was really like. She still did her best to avoid the touching subject.

"...I don't wanna-"

"Talk to me. I'm here to protect you, and now to mess you around. Why don't you trust me?"

Yuni felt hurt when he said this, and spoke in her frown that suddenly appeared.

"I DO! It's just people are always asking if I'm alright and I don't need their damn pity! Why can't everyone just stop asking how the hell I am?"

Akira felt that the girl was feeling the frustration of the news was getting to her a lot and that she was just trying to get over it instead of being reminded of it. Yuni sighed sadly and hugged him close.

"Sorry," she says lowly. "I wasn't thinking..."

"I know, I'm sorry too. It's just I don't like seeing you hurt that's all..."

The two hugged for sometime through that quiet and clear night. They even forgot about the pancakes and were busy comforting each other by the words of their's.

However, after a while of hugging in the night, Akira and Yuni suddenly locked eyes on each other, both of them blushing madly as they couldn't stop staring at each other in such a soft and caring way. Yuni was the first one to try and pull away, but Akira held her closer and kept looking into her sapphire blue eyes.

"Akira, w-what are you doing?"

"Relax... I just want to comfort you... But first, let me show you my love... Princess."

And with that, he slowly moved his lips towards hers. However to his and her surprise, she didn't pull away and would kiss him in return! They had locked lips together in the moment of secret love!

But what was this meaning on the evil ones? ...To the one who was watching them from a window!

"I see..." says the dark figure all in black, who smirked and soon found a way to get back at the Berth family. It was none other than Pluto himself!

"I'll find a way to get back at you, and I think... He'll be the perfect bait for you, Princess!"