Authors Note: well this is my first story on fan fiction; this is a Naruto/Mokuton with a twist. I don't know the Japanese words for Justus so it will be in English.


It was a sad day in the Village hidden in the leaves. The strongest village out of the great five hidden villages. The fourth hokage Minato Namikaze

gave his life to protect the hidden leaf village from the 9 tailed fox, in the end with little options he used the Dead Demon Consuming seal to seal it

away into his only son Naruto Uzmaki. As Minato lay there dying in the third hokage arms Hiruzen could not stop his tears from flowing."Sensi you

must do me this one last course Minato but you must hang on." He smiled" no old man my time is up but you must look after Naruto and

protect for I fear my request will go unheard." Hiruzen could not explain it but he could see the life littery leave his pupil. Like a candle going out.

"I swear to you Minato I will look after the Naruto." Minato smiled "thank you tell i will always love him no matter what". As Minato eyes started to

close Hiruzen could have sworn he saw Minato smile " I think i can Kushina again." And with does words Minato Namikaze the legendary forth

hokage passed away.


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