Sleepless in Seattle

After the movie


Disclaimer: Sleepless in Seattle is distributed by TriStar Pictures, produced by Gary Foster and Directed byNora Ephron. Starring: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Bill Pullman and Rosie O'Donnell.

Not mine! I'm just extending the story line.


Annie Reed and Sam Baldwin along with his son Jonah have just met at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentines day.

They stared at one another for a moment until Sam said: "It's you!"

"It's me," she answered.

"I saw you… at the airport in Seattle and at the Marina."

"Are you Annie?" Jonah asked hopefully.

She nodded, smiling at them, Jonah's tote bag hanging loosely in her arms.

"I'm Jonah, this is Sam.

"Hi Sam."

"You're Annie?" Sam goggled, his jaw dropping.

"And who's this?" Annie asked, showing the stuffed bear to Jonah.

"That's Howard," Jonah answered.

"Hello Howard," Annie replied, handing Jonah the bear.

An awkward moment passed as Sam and Annie continued to look at each other. Jonah grinned. He knew he'd found his new mother.

Finally Sam said, "We should go." And looking at Annie, took her hand and continued, "Shall we?"

Annie smiled and took Sam's hand and Jonah took her other one. Slowly they walked to the waiting elevator, looking deeply into each other's eyes. As they descended in the elevator, little did they know the problems that lay ahead.

Annie was sure she had made the right decision in breaking off her engagement to Walter. Sam just felt right.

Sam was wondering how Jonah had known Annie would be the right one. Annie was even more beautiful in person than he remembered from their distant encounter at the marina, where she had almost been run down… twice! What would his friends say? How would he explain her to Victoria?

Jonah was entranced. Annie was even more perfect than he could have imagined. His dad had a look that Jonah had only seen for his mother.

As they exited the elevator, the Information Booth man, smiled. It seems that the anxious young lady had indeed met the man she had hoped to see. He knew his wife would be thrilled to hear this story. The couple and the child seemed lost in each other. He would have loved to hear their story. More importantly, so would his wife. She was hooked on the movie "An Affair To Remember" and this looked to have a much better resolution.

Once out on the street, Sam turned to Annie and Jonah. "Have you eaten yet, Annie?"

"Well I started to, but never… um…" She was not about to tell Sam about breaking up with Walter just to be with him and his son. That could be quite awkward.

"Well, I haven't eaten since lunch and I think Jonah hasn't either. What say we find a nice place. I hear New York has some fine restaurants."

"That sounds great Sam. I ran the last block when my taxi was stuck in traffic, hoping I would be there to meet you in time. I'm starved."

"I waited all afternoon for you to show up, Annie," Jonah stated. "I'm hungry too."

Walking a few blocks, they came across the Restaurant Charlotte. "This looks like a nice place," Sam observed. "Shall we try it?"

"It looks good, Sam. I'm game."

After they were seated and their orders taken, Sam wanted to know more about Annie and what made her write.

She told him that she worked for the Baltimore Sun and had listened as Jonah had phoned the talk show while she was travelling. She felt an immediate empathy with Jonah and Sam, finally spurring her to write the letter. Her friend and editor had actually mailed the letter after she had initially thrown it away. She did a bit of research and decided to finally try and meet Sam. That didn't go as planned and although she saw them, she got cold feet at the last moment. Then Jonah sent the invitation to meet on Valentines Day and at the last moment decided to risk everything and meet them.

Sam told her about the thousands of letters he received from the radio show and how Jonah had picked hers based on God only knows what. "He just wouldn't let it alone," Sam told her. "He phoned me twice in the middle of a date to urge me to reply. Finally, he booked a flight here with the help of his friend Jessica. I was frantic when he left without telling me."

Jonah grinned sheepishly at this. He knew his dad was angry at what he'd done, but knew it was worth it. In any case, Jonah could see that Annie and Sam had a connection and he would encourage it all he could.

They talked for almost two hours, getting to know each other. Both steered away from previous relationships, knowing they would eventually talk about them when they felt more comfortable with each other.

Sam couldn't believe his luck in finding such a warm and sensitive woman. Perhaps Maggie would have approved; Jonah certainly seemed to.

Annie, for her part, felt sure that Sam was finally the right man for her. They had more in common than she had suspected. Besides both liking baseball and Brooks Robinson, they both had a love of music and the arts.

After dinner, they had a problem. It was now late and returning home at this hour was out of the question. "We should stay the night," Sam offered. "We can sort this out in the morning. Do you mind?"

"No, that sounds like a good idea. I'm not due back at work for a couple of days," Annie replied. "There's a hotel near here I think; The Radisson, I believe. They should have a couple of rooms."

A short walk later, they had booked separate but adjoining rooms and retired for the evening.

Jonah was excited and practically bounced around the room. "I knew she'd come Dad. She's even more beautiful than I imagined. What do you think?"

"Jonah, remember what I told you about trying others to see if they're the right one? Well Annie might be the one, but we'll have to see. She's certainly pretty, and we got along great at dinner."

Meanwhile, Annie was thinking similar thoughts. "What just happened? One minute I'm engaged to Walter and the next I'm rushing headlong into what; a relationship with Sam? Get a grip Annie… he could be 'Mr. Right', but that's what I thought about Walter. Ooh, I've got to phone Becky! Sam seemed so right at dinner, and Jonah; well, he's such a sweet kid.