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Chapter 16

Edward POV

The first thing I saw upon waking was Bella's beautiful face. I reached out and traced the outline of her lips carefully with my pinky finger, and stroked her hair. 'Damn,' I thought to myself, pulling my hand back and running it though the mop of hair that sat upon my head. Bella was just so beautiful. I shifted slightly and groaned loudly, closing my eyes as the sung stung them. It was time to get up, and I didn't like getting up. With eyes still closed, I drowsily pushed down the chocolate covers that were bunched up around my chest, and swung my legs over the side of my bed. My toes curled inwards as my feet hit the cold wooden floor, and I shivered slightly, feeling goose bumps spread up my bare arms. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, and opened them, before turning back to the window, and feeling the sun warm my chest.

I stumbled my way around the other side of the bed, and grabbed the latest addition to my nightstand; a dark frame filled with The Star's front page photograph. I held the thing right in front of my eyes as I made my way to the kitchen, examining, for the millionth time, Bella's gorgeous, blushing face, and the way her pink dress wrapped so artfully around her perfect curves. Sighing, I set the frame down on my small kitchen table, and turned to my fridge-freezer. I bent down and grabbed a pot of Ben and Jerry's from the bottom of the freezer, then grabbed a spoon from my cutlery draw. I pushed the draw closed with my ass, before sitting at the table, and pulling the top off my breakfast.

I groaned in annoyance as I attempted to stick my spoon into the ice creamy goodness, and found the whole pot hard as a flavorsome, chocolaty rock. I glared at the offending food, and used both hands to shove my spoon into the centre of the edible boulder. My spoon bent slightly in my efforts, but I was rewarded a few moments later with a mouthful of freezing heaven. I moaned as the stuff melted on my tongue, and licked the spoon quickly before shoving it back into the pot, pouting like a child when I had to use two hands again. I hated having to work for anything, especially chocolate.

The next few bites were just as fabulous as the first, and it wasn't long before I was full. I shoved the pot back into the freezer, and chucked the, now fully warped, spoon into the bin (sixteenth this month). I took one last glance at Bella before I dragged my sorry ass into the bathroom, I'll admit it, I was obsessed already. I yanked the dial round on the shower, and pulled my boxers off, throwing them into the hamper, before stepping into the warming water. Personally, I thought I did pretty well at ignoring the stiffness that had been caused by staring at Bella's photograph since waking up. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, and ran a soapy sponge over myself, before finally giving in and rinsing with ice-cold water that made my teeth chatter.

I got out and slung a towel around my waist a few moments later, cleaning my teeth, and gargling mouth wash, before groaning at my hopelessly messy hair in the mirror above the sink. I stuck my tongue out at myself, then made my way into my bedroom.

Boxers, polo-shirt, jeans, socks, trainers, and I was ready to head to the studio. From there, it was two to three hours of make up and dressing, before I would actually be ready to do my job. Make-up was the worst part of my day, and I always felt as though I were denying my masculinity by letting heavily-made-up women slather product over my skin. I was almost embarrassed to face Bella afterwards, despite the fact that it'd happened to her too.

I grabbed a coat, hat and my sunglasses, before making my way downstairs to the back door of the block. My driver met me there and escorted me to the Silver Volvo I'd be riding in that day. We got in together, and talked on the way to the studio. He was a man I'd met, and been driven around by several times before, on previous visits to the country. He was a single dad with three kids, two were girls I'd signed autographs for the past.

When we arrived at the studio, I made my way straight into one of the make-up rooms, and grinned when I saw Bella sitting there already, watching with eyes narrowed as another woman coated her lips with a peachy-colored gloss. When she spotted me watching, her eyes widened a little and she began to smile, before the woman working on her face snapped at her. She froze immediately, and I laughed at her expression. Bella didn't like make up either. I had the sudden urge to stick my tongue out at her, but I realized that laughing would probably get her into even more trouble with the other woman.

I was suddenly shoved away from the door, and turned to see Alice march into the room, a large grin spread across her whole face.

"Morning, lovebirds," the trilled happily, before ushering me (more like forcing me), into the chair next to Bella's, and starting work on my face.

"Morning," I replied, grinning over at Bella.

"Morning, guys," she replied with a large grin of her own, once her lips were free. She must have been there for a while, because the woman stopped working on her face, and began to brush through her hair instead.

"How are you today, sweetheart?" I asked before I could help myself, one half of me wanted to laugh, and the other part wanted to pump the air in victory, because I could get away with calling her cute names in public. I saw Alice's grin widen in the mirror.

"Just fine, honey," she replied sweetly, sticking her tongue out at me when the woman behind her wasn't looking. I just smirked back at her. "And how are you, Alice?"

"Oh, I'm fine, Bella, you know me!" she winked at Bella, and gave her an even bigger grin, if she smiled any harder, her little face was going to split. "I hear you two had quite the weekend. Two dates in a row, huh? Edward must be on a roll!"

Much to the displeasure of the woman with the hairbrush, Bella threw her head back and laughed.

"It would seem so," she replied, grinning, "though if I spend much more time with him, I'm going to pick up his awful habits."

"What awful habits!" I exclaimed, I didn't have any bad habits…did I? I thought back over the weekend to see what I could possibly have done wrong…"I don't have any awful habits!"

Bella giggled at me, and Alice's grin changed to a smirk.

"Sorry, I mean that if I spend much more time with you, I'll pick up your chocolate fetish…" Alice was the one who giggled this time, bringing her hands up to her mouth, and accidentally dropping a pot of foundation on the floor, which promptly smashed.

"Oops," she managed to squeeze through her giggles, before picking up another one.

"You know," I grinned across at Bella, "I don't think you having a chocolate…fetish…is a bad thing…in fact, I can think of a lot of fun we can have with a chocolate…fetish…"

Bella blushed her pretty little face off, and I grinned my smug lips off. I had a premonition that this relationship was going to be a lot more fun than I'd originally imagined. Bella took to my teasing really well, which was something I was definitely going to enjoy to the fullest. I'd not been able to tease others very much. My family I could joke with, but other people…not so much; I generally didn't trust that they'd take it well, and being 'rude' or 'mean' could lead to repercussions…heavily publicized repercussions.

She mumbled something distinctly uncomplimentary under her breath, and remained quiet for the rest of our time. Just before we both headed off to get changed into our costumes, I slung my arms around her waist and pulled her backwards into my arms, tightening them around her belly, so that her warm back was pressed tightly to my chest. I bent down and pressed a kiss to the top of her head, and whispered that I was sorry in her ear. I let her go, and saw her smile sweetly at me, before rushing off to get changed. I just grinned after her, the sweet scent of her shampoo still lingering in my nostrils.

It didn't take long to pull on my costume, but as soon as I had, there was a knock on the door of my dressing room. I opened it to find a stressed-looking Jasper standing there.

"What's wrong?" I asked, adjusting the coat that I was sporting, and pulling the sleeves out a little.

"There's some problems with the camera equipment or something," he replied, sighing irately, "no filming today."

"Ah…" I mumbled back, pretty annoyed that I'd had to sit through hair and make-up for nothing.

"Most of the crew are heading home", he continued, "but Aro reckons that you and Bella should practice this scene, since it's pretty important. Proposal scene and all that…" he ran his hands through his hair, as though he were worried that I'd say no. But my answer was a great big 'Hell yes', the more time spent kissing Bella, the better…

"Sure," I told him, "where is she?"

He gave me a small smile, before gesturing down the hall.

"The 'Red Room', since it's where you two normally hang out anyway."

"Okay, I'll see you later then, Jazz." I grabbed my script, and wondered down the hall towards the room in question. I was bouncing on the inside. 'Proposal scene, proposal scene, proposal scene!' was dancing around in my mind, and I had to suppress the skipping, as I made my way towards Bella.

I took a deep breath before pushing open the door to the room, as soon as I did; I spotted Bella sitting down on a chair opposite the door, working over her script. The room was cast with light in a red glow, and the red velvet drapery and material that was spread around suddenly felt a little bit more romantic. She looked up as I stepped in, and I gave her a wide grin, she smiled back, and I closed the door, and walked across to her.

"Ready to get started?" I asked when I stood before her.

"Sure," she smiled up at me, looking almost nervous. My brow furrowed in worry, but she quickly stood up, and we walked to the middle of the room, scripts in hand.

"Island is a long way away, sir," Bella started, clutching her shawl. She took a deep breath, and looked to the floor, "from Thornfield, it is a long way away from you sir." Her eyes met mine for a moment, before she stared back down at the floor. I hesitated for a moment, before taking several steps closer to her. Pulling her arm, I led her away to a couple of seats across the room, and we sat down together, dropping our scripts to the floor. We sat in silence for a few moments and I sighed loudly, before speaking my next lines, about our parting. My character spoke on for a few moments, before Bella interrupted me, protesting that she could never forget me. I fought a smile, almost forgetting that we were in character.

I fought against my instincts again as Bella began her impassioned speech, tears spilling from her eyes as she spoke of being treated as an equal. I almost believed that she was poor Jane Eyre, and that I had been the first one to treat her as an equal, like my character, Mr. Rochester. We argued about my relationship with 'Blanch Ingram,' and I thought of Tanya and let my face twist in disgust as we did so.

"And if god had given me some beauty and wealth, I would make it as hard for you to leave me as it is now for me to leave you!" she finished her speech, and I stood and pulled her into my arms, she struggled, crying about being free for a few moments, before relaxing and sobbing into my chest.

"You will decide your own destiny," I began to tell her, as she looked up and into my eyes, "now I offer you my hand, my heart, and all my possessions." She pushed at my chest, but I tightened my hold.

"You laugh at me," she claimed, shoving at me again.

"Jane," I muttered desperately, as she stopped moving once more, "I want you to live with me, to pass through life as my second self…my best earthly companion." I stopped for a moment to look at her. "Jane, have you no faith in me?"

"None whatsoever!" She announced.

"You doubt me?"

"Absolutely," she pushed me away again, but my hold was too strong. She ended up looking into my eyes again.

"Jane, you know I don't love Blanch. I love you." I truly felt Rochester's desperation as I looked down at Bella, how small and sweet she was, tear tracks down her face, and in my arms. I wanted her with me forever too. I begged her to accept me, and she simply looked up at me in shock for a short time. Finally, she did.

"Yes sir," she told me.

"Call me by my name," I demanded gently, looking down into her lovely doe-eyes, and praising Bronte for calling her hero 'Edward', "Call me Edward."

"Then Edward," Bella said with a beautiful smile, "I will marry you." I felt my heart burst with happiness, for only a moment, as I realized that that was exactly what I wanted. I let myself get lost in Rochester's elation. I slipped my hand up her back and pulled her to me, leaning down and placing my lips firmly atop hers, smiling against them. I held us there for a few moments, before pulling away and tucking her under my chin.

"God forgive me," I spoke my lines again. We both finished speaking quickly, and I pulled her close and kissed her again, wishing it wouldn't end as I felt how soft her lips were beneath mine. When I pulled away this time, we rested out foreheads together, before looking up together suddenly, as though we had just heard the thunder above. Then we smiled together, and I took her by the hand and lead her across the room. Then the scene was over. We stood and smiled at each other.

"So," I said with a small grin, breaking the silence, "shall we do another run through?"

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