Memories Of a Saint


Small bare feet touched the ground, as a little boy looking of about 5 years of age ran through the streets. His somewhat long brown hair was pulled into a small ponytail. He wore ragged, burnt cloths, and was panting out of breath. Tears stained his pale skin.

"Mama, Papa…" He murmured, letting out a new fresh batch of tears. He turned the corner. He saw someone. Another small child like himself, huddled close to a brick wall, shivering. The child turned to him. He now noticed how this child was a boy, like him. This boy had strait blond hair down to his chin and emerald green eyes.

The little boy looked to him. "Who are you…" The brown haired boy looked to the blond.

"Toris…" The blond looked to Toris and smiled softly.

"I'm Feliks…" He now was smiling brightly. "Toris is, like, a totally cool name." What a strange way of speaking… Toris thought to himself. Toris smiled to him, and Feliks smiled back. Toris held out his hand and he took it. Fate brought them together.

They had now been living in an orphanage for a little over a year. They quickly became great friends, not really befriending all the other children. One day, Feliks asked Toris something that helped seal there fate.

"What was your family like?" Toris looked at him and smiled.

"Mama and Papa were nice, but they usually had to work so I never really saw them. I was usually left with a sitter," He yawned, laying back on his. He usually shared his bed with Feliks, not feeling comfortable by himself. "I was alone in almost everything…"

Feliks looked angry and stared at him. "That's like, not nice. They should of totally stayed with you!" Toris just smiled sadly and sighed.

"But they couldn't be with me more than they could because of there jobs…" Toris picked up his drink from his nightstand and took a sip

"Fine then… we should, like get married!" Toris chocked on his drink and coughed.


"If we get married, you wont ever be alone!" The polish grinned, making the Liet sigh.

"But two boys cant get married…" Toris tried to reason. As much as he wanted to stay with Feliks forever, it was more than likely they wouldn't be able.

"Then I'll, like, become a girl, just to totally stay with you!" Feliks laughed out. Toris sighed, knowing he wasn't going to win this argument.

2 Weeks later, a couple came and wanted to adopt Feliks. Toris cried and wanted him to stay but Feliks couldn't.

"Like, don't worry Toris! I'll come back for you! Remember, we are totally fiancés!" Toris just chuckled a bit.

"Yes, fiancés!"

This was the last time Toris Lorinaitis saw Feliks Łukasiewicz in 10 years.

I don't know where I'm going with this. But what do you think, should I continue? I very much wanted to write a PolandxLithuania fic soooo… Tell me what you think. No flames please! I know my grammar sucks. I'm working on it…