Memories of a Saint

Chapter 7; Helena's time to shine!

"Fel…iks?" Toris asked wide eyed as the blond Pole ran away with tears streaming down his face. Natalia just watched as her best friend ran off. Toris turned to her, furious.

"WHAT WAS THAT? WHO ARE YOU? …" He then quieted down, tears now going down his face. "Do you have any idea what just happened? What you just did?" He looked at her sadly, and she just looked at him and gave a shrug. Deep down, his words had hurt her. She had done it to save Feliks and even him. Even if she didn't like him she helped him out.

She turned around and started to walk away, her blond hair blowing in the sudden breeze, her hair having the many colors of the fireworks reflecting off her beautiful hair.

"Hey… come back..!" Toris called after her but all she did was turn around slightly.

"Watch out for brother…" was all she said, before walking again.

"Brat? Brat what is wrong?" Helena asked as Feliks rushed into his house, tears still streaming down his face. He turned to his sister.

"L-Like nothing! Its totally nothing!" He tried to reassure himself, but it was not working. Helena, being very mature for a 9 year old looked at him.

"Something is wrong, brat, and I want to know what!" She said, starting to pull on his arm. He gave a sigh and let her pull him into the living room.

"Now tell me!" She said, concerned for her brother.

"T-Toris was… Toris was kissing a… girl. And not just any girl, my best friend Natalia…" She looked at him, thinking for a second. She was very mature for her age. She gave a long sigh, looking at her brother once more.

"Brat… Are you sure it was Toris who was kissing Natalia?" She looked him in the eyes. He thought about what she said for a second.

"A-Actually… I like, really didn't think about that… M-Maybe Natalia, like, kissed Tor?" He said. Helena nodded her head. "But I don't want to go out. I am totally afraid to face Toris again…!" Feliks sobbed. Helena frowned.

"I'll go ask him brat!" She smiled childishly, wanting to help her brother really badly. Feliks looked up at her.

"Really?!" He asked.

"Really!" She grinned. He gave her a hug.

"Dziekuje bardzo!" [Thank you very much!]

"Nie ma problemu, bracie!" [No problem brother!]

Helena was not born when her brother was adopted. But when she was little she always thought she had a big sister and one day, her mother told her that Feliks was actually a boy. Of course, she was a little shocked that she had a brother but she got over the shock and still accepted him for him. And hey she still had someone to talk to about cloths and make-up!

She gave a little puff of agitation. This Toris person was going to get a piece of her mind! How dare he make her brother cry! Even if it wasn't his fault, he still let the other person kiss him. It was his own fault!

She finally arrived at the others house, a huge mansion that seemed to loom over the nine year old child. She took a gulp of fresh air and ringed the door bell, waiting for who ever it was that was home to answer the door. The door seemed to creek open, in an eerie manner and she jumped back a little, quite surprised. What came out of the door was a small 15 year old boy that seemed to shake.

She looked at the Latvian confused for a second before she asked. "Is a guy name Toris living here?" She had to be brave! She was doing this for her Brat after all!

"Y-yes… W-Why do y-you need h-him?" he stuttered at the girl. She stared at him.

"I need to talk to him…" She murmered. She was going to get to the bottom this if it was the last thing she was ever going to do!

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