Author's Note: Yeah. . . so about that whole not leaving this un-updated for months again, my bad. I had a virus eat every document file on my computer. Combining that with graduation and working two jobs, I've been a little busy to say the least. But, I did what I promised. Here's the last chapter. It's a longer than my other chapter's but I wanted to get this wrapped up for you guys.

Unable to support Elphie against her small frame, Glinda dropped to her knees on the stage floor. She had yet to realize that there was something severely wrong and had assumed that Elphie had passed out from shock due to the events that had recently occurred. Glinda gently tried shaking Elphie awake until she noticed that the back of Elphie's frock was becoming wet. Fearing that water had somehow been thrown onto Elphie's back, Glinda looked over Elphie's shoulder and down her back, immediately paling at what she saw.

"Get a doctor here now!", Glinda frantically cried.

Upon hearing Glinda cry out, Fiyero looked up from his position atop of Shell. He knew that Elphie loved Glinda dearly, but yet he was still shocked to see that Elphie had sacrificed herself to save her best friend.

Using his status as a Winkie prince, Fiyero demanded guards report to the stage to arrest Shell.

The guards came and took Shell away to the prison where he would await his trial. Despite his obvious crime, Glinda was obligated to follow the law and give him the opportunity for a trial, whether she thought he deserved one or not. She watched as Shell was taken away and was horrified at the victorious expression he wore the entire time.

The crowd, meanwhile, had remained deathly silent. They couldn't believe that the Wicked Witch of the West had sacrificed herself to save Glinda the Good. The only answer they could come up with was that Glinda was telling the truth, for it would be impossible for someone so wicked to do something so good.

Finally, a doctor arrived. He faltered when he saw that the person he was called to attend to was the Wicked Witch of the West. But even through her tears, Glinda was able to level a stern glare at him. Not wanting to get on her bad side, the doctor knelt down to examine Elphie's limp form. He took one quick look at her back and realized that this was a severe wound, one that she may not survive if he didn't act quickly.

"Oh my. This is more serious than I had been expecting. She needs to go into surgery now."

"What! Is she going to be alright?"

Seeing the fear in Glinda's eyes, the doctor paused for a moment to figure out how best to tell her that the green woman may not survive.

"Miss Glinda, in all honesty I cannot say for sure. Surgery will tell me much more about the extent of her injury than I can see now."

"Then for Oz's sake do it," an even more upset Glinda yelled at the doctor.

Startled by Glinda's outburst, the doctor nodded and took Elphie's unconscious body into his arms, hurrying off to the hospital. Glinda watched the doctor leave before bursting into tears. Seeing how upset Glinda was, Fiyero knelt beside her and pulled her into his arms.

"She'll be alright Glinda. I'm sure of it," he whispered into her ear and Glinda sobbed onto his shoulder.

Several hours later…

Glinda and Fiyero sat at the hospital waiting for the results of Elphie's surgery.

"She's been in there for so long Fiyero. What if something's wrong?"

"Glinda, please don't worry so much. Elphaba is the strongest person you and I both know. She'll pull through this."

As if right on cue, the doctor appeared from around the corner bring the much-anticipated result of Elphie's surgery. Not wanting to startle either one of them, the doctor softly cleared his throat to catch their attention.

"Well, is she alright?" Glinda searched the doctor's face for any sort of clue from his expression, but found none.

"We discovered a few complications after removing the dagger from Miss Thropp's back and –"

"Complications! What kind of complications!"

"Glinda let the doctor finish and then you can ask him all the questions you wish."

Glinda looked at Fiyero out the corner of her eye before huffing, "fine."

"As I was saying, the complications are what caused the surgery to go longer than expected. Luckily, we were able to assess the damage and repair everything as best we could. She is still unconscious, but we expect that she will awaken soon.

"So you're saying she's going to be alright?"

"Yes Miss Glinda, we expect Miss Thropp to make a full recovery."

"I want to see her."

"Of course Miss Glinda. Let me take you to her room."

The doctor led Fiyero and Glinda to Elphie's room. Upon entering the room, Glinda immediately took the chair that was sitting next to Elphie's bed.

"I'll leave you three alone for now."

Fiyero watched quietly from beside the door as Glinda began to cry quietly and took one of Elphie's hands into her own.

"Please wake up soon Elphie. Fiyero and I have been so worried. . ." she quietly whispered to Elphie's sleeping form.

Fiyero walked up behind Glinda and gently put a hand on her shoulder.

"You can't rush things like this Glinda. You know that."

Glinda nodded slightly, but continued to cry softly, never taking her eyes off of Elphie.

Over the next few days, Glinda refused to leave Elphie's side. In fact, if it weren't for Fiyero practically forcing her, she wouldn't have eaten either. Glinda wanted nothing more than to be there when Elphie finally woke up.

The lack of sleep finally got to Glinda and she fell asleep against Elphie's bed. She was gently awoken when she felt a hand gently shaking her shoulder.

". . . Fiyero? … What is it…", Glinda groggily muttered.

"Guess again Glinda", a soft voice replied.

Glinda shot up at the sound of the clearly not-male voice that had responded to her muttering and was overcome with joy when she saw a pair of dark brown eyes meeting her own.


"Glinda, where am I? What happened?"

"You mean you don't remember? Elphie… you were stabbed… by Shell. You saved my life…"

"So that wasn't a dream then?"

Glinda shook her head and flung her arms around Elphie, pulling her into a gentle hug, a hug which Elphie returned as best she could.

"I'm just so happy that you're alright. Fiyero and I have been so worried."

"Glinda, the café was out of tea so I brought you some coffee inste-"

At the sound of Fiyero's voice, both Glinda and Elphie looked towards the door, where a surprised Fiyero stood, barely able to hold onto the tray of food he had brought back for Glinda. Glinda pulled away from Elphie as Fiyero set the tray down before silently walking towards the bed.

"Fiyero…" Elphie started, but cut off by Fiyero gently pressing his lips to hers.

"Thank Oz, you're finally awake Elphaba," Fiyero whispered as he pulled Elphie into a hug.

As if right on cue, the doctor entered to check on Elphie's progress. He was mildly surprised to see Elphie awake and sitting up so soon.

"Excuse me, now that Miss Thropp is awake, I need to do a final examination before you can leave."

"I can leave the hospital today?"

"If everything looks good, yes Miss Thropp."

The doctor ushered Glinda and Fiyero out of the room so he could examine Elphie's back. Upon seeing that she was healing well, he decided that she was in good enough condition to be released from the hospital.

In the weeks after Elphie had left the hospital, Glinda had kept her well-hidden within the palace. Eventually, Elphie got sick of it and confronted Glinda bout it.

"Glinda, you still haven't told me what happened after I passed out. How did the Ozians react to everything they told you about me? Why are you keeping me hidden in the palace?"

"They, uh, reacted in a way that I wasn't expecting…"

"Wasn't expecting? Glinda you aren't making any sense."

"Just come with me. You'll understand what I mean soon."

Glinda grabbed Elphie's hand and let her to an end of the palace that Elphie had never been to before. Glinda stopped once they had reached a curtain, and upon hearing the sounds of a crowd nearby, realized that where they were.

"Wait here for just a moment."

Glinda stepped through the curtain as was met with cheering from the crowd. A moment later, she beckoned that the crowd quiet down.

"My fellow Ozians, you are all well aware of the events that happened several weeks ago. The man responsible for the commotion is in prison for what he has done and is going to be there for quite some time. But that is not why we are gathered here today."

At this, the curtains pulled back, and Glinda gestured for Elphie to join her. Tentatively, Elphie stepped out into the light and the crowd immediately silenced. Fearing that something was wrong, Elphie tried to leave, but Glinda grabbed her arm and wouldn't let her go.

"It's alright. Just wait a moment," Glinda whispered into Elphie's ear.

The silence was nearly unbearable for Elphie. Luckily, the silence was soon broken as cheering once again broke out from within the crowd. Stunned, Elphie had no idea what was going on.

"Don't you see, Elphie. They're cheering for you. They no longer think you're wicked. This celebration is all about you," a beaming Glinda explained.

And finally, Elphie's vision had come true. There was a celebration throughout Oz that was all to do with her.

The End.

Author's note: It's finally finished. For those of you who like my work, I have general ideas for a couple of one-shots that I'll write eventually. I'm also loosely working on the plot for a long fic, but I have no idea when I'll get around to starting that.