Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns all of the Harry Potter universe.
Title: Just a crush (1/?)
Characters: Remus Lupin/Hermione Granger
Summary: Hermione admits her feelings about him to her Professor. How will he respond?
Category: PWP
Era: AU, Post-war
Warnings: Sex!

"Sir, I need to talk to you," Hermione said as the rest of the other students left the classroom.
"Go ahead, Hermione." Remus said whilst packing up his papers. He looked up expectantly when she never spoke. She was gazing at him intensely. Shocked, he asked, "Is something wrong?"
She shook her head and stepped towards him hesitantly.
"Professor Lupin, I, er.."
She closed her eyes for a second and bit her lip, then opened them, looking more certain. Remus watched her, confused and worried.
"Sir, I find myself in a very unusual position."
he nodded encouragingly, wondering what situation could have stumped the brilliant Miss Granger.
"What kind of situation?"
"I seem to be... in love with you"
Remus stared at her, waiting for her words to turn into a Defense against the dark arts related query.
"What?" He croaked.
"I love you so much. I can't stop thinking about you, I feel dizzy when you're near and my, er, body responds very enthusiastically to the thought of you." Hermione finished listing the reasons she loved her teacher with a slight flush on her cheeks.
Through his shock, he was impressed with how she managed to maintain a business-like manner, even when telling a superior how she was aroused by the thought of him.
What was he supposed to say to her? He was silent, realising she was awaiting an answer but unable to speak. Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her age, loved him? A scruffy werewolf with low self esteem, no confidence and no likeable features to speak of? Ever since he'd come back to Hogwarts after the war had ended, to take up his old post due to an unfortunate number of staff losses, he'd felt more out of place than ever.
Now everyone knew he was a werewolf and though noone seemed bothered by it, Remus knew it was just a matter of time before McGonagall realised how useless, disgraceful and disgusting he was and sent him packing.
But now this beautiful, talented witch was biting her bottom lip, wide eyes searching his face, hands tangled in the front of her robe. She was waiting to see if he would accept her! It was unbelievable. His subconscious mind told him, yes, she loves you! Smile, kiss her!. His werewolf side wanted to bend her over the table right now and take her and claim her as his mate. His conscience, however, knew that she was his student, much younger, and deserved so much better than him. He couldn't do it to her morally.
He cleared his throat, realising he'd not responded for much longer than was polite, and Hermione had a look of dispair on her face. The hope that had lit it up so beautifully was gone.
"Hermione, I am very flattered, but it is very normal for students to form crushes on their teachers. This is only that, a crush. I can recommend some literature on the subject if you would like to research it. But do not feel that it is love, it isn't." Looking into her face, it felt like his heart was breaking.
She now seemed closed off, distant. He felt intensely guilty and evil. She had plucked up the courage to tell him her feelings and he had thrown them back in her face.
He turned back to his papers, picked them up and climbed the stairs to his office, restraining himself from turning back to look at her. When he reached the top, she was gone.
It was just a teenage crush. Of course it was! Remus told himself. She would come to her senses and realise how unsuitable and ugly he was soon enough. Until then he just had to avoid her as much as possible, to save her embarrassment. It was for her own good.
His own feelings played no part in this. It was disgusting of him to desire a student so, and it just showed how evil he was. He didn't deserve any happiness, let alone an angel like her.
That night he dreamt of her. He woke up crying but rock hard. Ignoring it, he showered, trying to think of other, less savoury things. She was his student, he was evil, disgusting, a monster. Taking advantage of her innocent crush was wrong.
But he still throbbed, stiff, sensitive to the streams of water flowing over him. He imagined it was her in the shower, water streaming over her pert young breasts and down her thighs.
She held her hair back, letting water run over her face. Her hair was soaked, for once tamed back.
Her hand slid down her body and between her legs.. as did Remus', and his hand was pumping madly, and he was coming hard, shuddering and weeping. Monster. Monster.