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Title: Even Angels cry


Rating: PG-Charter Death

Word count:~435

Author's Notes: It kind of sucks.......whatever.

House walked into the Apartment slowly. He knew something was wrong when he noticed James didn't show up to work, and that he had called in sick. Seeing as he was fine this morning, House needed to investigate. It was quite, all but for the sound of muffled sobs coming from the bed room. A worry came to House as he limped his way to the room at the end of the hallway.

What he found nearly broke his heart. Wilson lay on his front, head buried into a pillow, crying his eyes out. When he set down, the bed shifted slightly, and Wilson looked up at him. A red ring hung around the eyes, and tear stains where on his face. House didn't even ask what was wrong before he gathered his upset lover in his arms and cradled him. Hope to offer some sort of comfort was felt in the air. House knew when he felt better, he would talk about it.

Lucky, he didn't have to wait on hours on end. "Hou-Greg...", he used House's first name so he knew something was more then wrong, "...I.....I got a phone call last night, an-and David had killed....killed our parents. Both of them....ju-just for the money that they didn't want to give to him. Just to feed his addiction."

House held him tighter and began to rock him back and forth. One of his hand began to pet him slowly, and he began to say calming words. An Hour passed before he stopped crying, and they both just set there. Wilson was the first to speak, "Sor-sorry for being so...", House cut him off.

"I swear if you say sorry for crying over losing someone you care about I'll slap you upside the head.", House said giving him a scowl, "It's alright to cry for someone you love. It's a way to show you care."

Wilson nodded and looked at House shirt, "You make a great tissue.", he said trying to smile. A hand ran thought his thick brown hair.

"I'll take that as an 'I love you', and that your all for ordering pizza.", House said reaching for the phone. Before House could dial the number, thought, Wilson had pulled him into a soft kiss. New tears formed in his eyes.

"I don't know what I'd do with out you.", He whispered after they pulled apart.

"You would have killed over 3 acres of trees, and filled Death Vally with tears.", he said smiling, "But your tears would be a crystal reminder that even angels cry."