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BPOV - Two years after the wedding

"Emmett? Where is the beach bag?" I asked from the open window of our pop-up camper. Alice and Rose were going to take Nathan and Sydney down to go swimming at the lake, while I stayed and made dinner at the campsite.

"I don't know." He called.

"Thanks." I whispered, not loud enough for anyone to hear.

I watched Emmett pick up Nate, then pick up Sydney and sit them on his lap.

"Now, kids." He started off.

"EMMETT!" Rosalie shouted before he could say anything else. "Don't you be telling my daughter any of your stories!" She yelled and threw a half blown up float his way. He threw it back at her and laughed.

"Ah hah. Found it." I said to myself. I packed the bag with a couple of towels and juice boxes for the kids, then went outside and handed it to Emmett.

"Thanks." He said and I nodded. Victoria, who was sitting at the table playing with her and Edward's newly adopted baby, gave me a questioning glance, asking what was going on. I just shook my head and walked back inside.

"Bye Mommy!" I heard a little voice say. I looked at the door and saw Nathan waving goodbye. I smiled and waved.

I watched as they drove away in Alice's Porsche, and then got back to work. I was interrupted not ten minutes later by Victoria coming in with Nick, asleep in his carrier.

"I still can't get over how much that baby sleeps." I said with a smile.

"Yeah, lucky us right?" She laughed. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes, and then she started in.

"Bella?" She asked.

"Hmm." I replied, not really paying attention as I put sauce on the steaks.

"What is going on with you and Em?" she asked. I stopped for a fraction of a second, but then got back to work, hoping that she didn't notice.

"Nothing." I said.

"Bella, are you seriously going to sit there and lie right to my face?" She asked angrily. "I haven't seen you guys touch or kiss or anything in over a month!"

"It's nothing." I said again.

"Bella!" She yelled.

"Shh, you'll wake Nick up." I said and she sunk into the chair.

"I'm sorry. It's just the reason all of us came here was to try to give you guys some time to yourself. We thought you both were working too much and that you needed a break. We are all worried about you." She said sadly.

"You guys don't need to worry about us." I said quietly.

"Bella, we are your best friends." She said. "Of course we are going to worry."

"Edward was like freaking out the other night, he was convinced that Emmett had hit you or something and that is why you wouldn't touch him anymore." She laughed slightly, hoping that it wasn't true.

"OH! No! Emmett would never hit me." I said. She sighed in relief. She looked at me and I could feel the lump in the back of my throat growing bigger.

"Then what is it Bella?" She asked. "I'm not trying to get into your business or anything, but…"

"Then don't say anything else about it!" I snapped at her. I walked out the door and handed Jasper, Jacob, and Edward the steaks to start grilling, then I turned and started walking towards the road.

"Bella?" Victoria called as she ran after me.

"What?" I said as I turned around.

"I'm sorry." She said softly. "It was not my place to go and start asking you about your life." She smiled sadly.

"I think he is cheating on me." I sighed, giving up on her interrogation.

"WHAT?!" she yelled.

"Shh." I hissed. I turned back around and walked back into our camper, we couldn't leave the baby alone. Victoria followed, of coarse.

"Why do you say that?" She asked, once we were back inside.

"We haven't had sex in a month." I said.

"Holy hell. I'm sorry." She whispered.

"Yeah, and the last three times we did try, he didn't… well… you know." I said softy and she giggled.

"This isn't funny!" I cried.

"I know Bella, I'm sorry. It's not funny. It just the thought of Emmett not being able to…" She laughed and then threw her hand over her month, apologizing with her eyes for laughing again.

"I know." I sighed.

"But still, have you even talked to him about it?" She said, trying to contain her laughter.

"I tried, once." I said.

"And." She gestured for me to go on.

"He like lashed out on me. I've never seen him so mad in my life." I sobbed. "I never tried to talk about it after that, I never want to see him like that again."

"Awe, honey. I'm sorry." she said and put her hand on my arm. "It's gonna be ok."


"Damn those things smell good." I said as I walked back up from taking a piss in the woods.

"There almost done." Edward said.

"Listen, man. We gotta talk." Jasper said.

"Yeah." Jacob said.

"Are you cheating on Bella?" Edward asked, straight out.

"NO!" I cried surprised.

"Well she thinks you are." Jacob said. "We heard her and Victoria talking."

"Fuck." I whispered. "What else did you hear?"

"That you can't finish what you start." Jacob laughed.

"You son of a bitch! That is between me and my wife!" I yelled.

"Hey, hey. Children. Just calm down." Jasper said as he took the steaks off the grill.

"What's the matter?" Victoria asked as she stepped out of the camper with Nick. Bella following behind her.

"Nothing." I growled. I got up, passed by the girls and slammed the door of the camper.

"Fuck." I muttered again.


"What's going on?" I asked as I watch the camper door slam.

"Nothing." Jacob laughed. "Go help your husband for once." he chuckled and walked off towards his campsite.

"Jake, stop being such an ass." Victoria yelled at him and handed the baby off to Edward.

"Seriously." Edward said.

"Here you go Bella, I'm going to go to the beach and tell everyone dinner is ready." Jasper said and handed me the cooked food. We all three watched him get on the four wheeler and drive off.

"Well… where going to go put this little guy down in his bed. We'll be back in a few." Vic said and practically dragged Edward to their RV across the street.

I chuckled to myself. They obviously were trying to give Emmett and I some alone time to talk. I walked over to the table and set the food down, then stepped into the camper silently.

I saw Emmett leaned over, his back towards me, both hands on the counter. I closed the small space between and took a big risk. I wrapped my arms around his waste, one of my hands grabbing his crotch.

I watched his hands as they gripped the counter tightly and heard a low, deep groan escape from within him.

"I'm not cheating on you." He whispered as I felt him hardening.

"Why didn't you. . ." I strayed off.

"I don't know Bella. I just wasn't feeling right at all that week. I know it sounds weird, but I just didn't want sex at all." he sighed and turned to looked at me. "Remember, the next week was when I had the flu. I think I was getting sick and my body just wasn't up for it."

"Oh." I said surprised. I never thought I would here him say that he didn't want sex.

"I'm sorry, for yelling at you. And for everything else." He wiped a stray hair away from my face and put it behind my ear.

"I just thought you were mad at me for not…yeah." He chuckled. "And then when you didn't talk to me, or touch me at all, it kinda pissed me off, that's why I got so mad when you asked me about it."

"I guess the last month I just drowned myself in work so I didn't have to deal with it." He said softly.

"So are we just supposed to go back to the way we were two months ago?" I asked sadly.

"Great make up sex?" He offered and I giggled. Then I hugged him, it felt good.

"True. But what about our nosy ass friends?" I asked. "What are we going to tell them?"

"Let them believe what ever they want?" He said and kissed me. I still had a hold of his crotch, so I started rubbing him through his shorts.

"We can't do this hear?" He said and pulled away.

"Why?" I demanded. He jumped once and the whole camper shook furiously.

"So." I said with a smirk.

"Damn baby." He said and attacked me. "I have missed you so much." He growled and pulled aside my bikini top.

"Wait. Wait. Wait." I said, out of breath. "Is this your first time since…" I asked and he understood what I meant.

He shook his head and smiled. "Didn't you recognize that the showers I took got a whole lot longer?" He laughed.

I giggled. "I love you." I smiled and started kissing him again. I started unzipping his pants and he quickly pulled my bathing suit bottom down. There was no way this was going to be gentle.

"Mommy! Daddy!" I heard. We both froze.

"Fuck." I whispered.

"Go away." He growled and I slapped his shoulder, telling him to be quiet.

We heard Alice and Rose getting out of the car. Then Jasper laughing. I started to pull my bathing suit up and Emmett stopped me.

"What are you doing?" I whispered. He held his hand up for me to wait.

"Jasper!" He called. I looked at him shocked. "Why don't you take the kids over to see Edward and Victoria for a little while?" He said through the camper.

"Why, the food is already here. And they are hungry." Jasper protested.

Emmett growled angrily again and we watched as the door knob started turning. "JASPER! Get the damn kids out of here! Now!" He yelled. I heard Nathan whimper as we listened to him run away from the door.

"Oh." He said as he slowly started to understand. Alice and Rose laughed.

"Frustrated?" I giggled after they left. He looked down at me and started laughing.

"Very" he admitted.

"Well, you know your going to have to apologize to the kids." I said.

"I know." He sighed and started kissing me again.

"Fuck me." I moaned as I jumped into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waste.

"God I've missed hearing that." He said.

So, I know it doesn't really sound like Emmett to yell at his own kid like that, but he will apologize. I promise.

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