The only reason Chazz agreed to pair with Jimmy was so he could seduce him. Plain simple. It had been obvious in that cell after their second fight that somewhere along the way his hate for Jimmy MacElroy had turned to lust to need and finally to love. Then that stupid Katie Van Whatever-her-face came along and snatched up his Jimmy. He'd put on a brave face for the cameras and Jimmy but in truth he had been, and still was, damn right miserable because they were together.

It had always been about him and Jimmy in the men's singles. It was all about Chazz and Jimmy in pair skating but never Chazz and Jimmy away from the ice. It never went further than that. It wasn't fair! Katie wasn't even pretty…unless she was wearing hardly any clothes.

Chazz knew Jimmy was different to him in everyway. Jimmy was a child of privilege. A classic skater defined by elegance, precision and the ability to endure great pain – something Chazz could never be. Skating little orphan awesome. Chazz was pretty much the opposite of Jimmy. Sex on ice they called him. A sex addict, an ice-devouring sex tornado. Personal Philosophy: Clothing optional. That didn't matter to Chazz. Did it matter to Jimmy? Chazz wasn't sure. Maybe it was time to find out.

"Hey MacElroy!" he called as Jimmy entered their cabin.

"Hi…" Jimmy greeted miserably, disappearing into the kitchen. Chazz frowned and got up from the hard sofa that took up most of the room and followed Jimmy.

"What's up with you Princess?" he asked.

"I dumped Katie," Jimmy told him, leaning on the kitchen worktops with an unhappy expression etched on his face. Secretly Chazz was jumping for joy but he put on a sympathetic face for his skating partner.

"If it makes you unhappy then why did you do it?"

"It didn't feel right with her, okay?" Jimmy snapped "What do you care anyway?"

"I-I'm your skating partner," he stammered. Jimmy rolled his eyes.

"Right. Good excuse," he muttered harshly before turning away and opening the fridge. Chazz folded his arms.

"It's not just dumping Katie that's got you down is it?" Jimmy slammed the fridge door.

"Can't you just let it go?" he half yelled at Chazz. Chazz took a step back, unnerved. What had happened to Jimmy to get him so wound up? "If you must know! I'm pissed off with you!"

"What have I done?" Chazz whined uncharacteristically. Jimmy balled his hands into fists. Chazz noticed he was shaking.

"You're always there. Even when you're not there! Even when I was with Katie, I was constantly looking over my shoulder for you all the time!" Jimmy shouted. Chazz was shocked. Jimmy never shouted. Least of all at him. Chazz didn't know what to say. "Sometimes I really hate you," Jimmy complained. Chazz couldn't take that lying down.

"No one hates Chazz Michael Michaels," he snarled "Not even you Princess." Before Jimmy could reply Chazz threw himself at Jimmy, pinning the younger skater to the kitchen cupboards and kissing him ferociously. Instead of fighting, as Chazz expected him to, Jimmy kissed him back almost hungrily. Oh yes, Chazz thought as he dragged Jimmy to their shared bedroom, no one could resist The Chazz.