Bri Nara Production

This is one sequel to the "What would happen if fangirls were in Naruto" fanfic. Me and my cousin Suka work our comedy gold with the Akatsuki! Brace yourselves, we're going in! I may have switched some facts and times around, but all for the sake of the fangirls.

"Tsunade, what kind of mission is this?" demanded the brown-haired girl.

"Do you have a problem with it?!" asked the Hokage in voice that would have made any other ninja start crying. The black-haired girl hid behind her cousin, who was almost unmoved by Tsunade's yelling.

The girl just shrugged. "Well, it's just that they won't make a move for another two years. It would be stupid to trigger them now."

"Yes, but we don't know what they're planning. And Sandy told me you had information on them, Bri!"

Bri had a finger in her ear, which did not protect her from the full effect of Tsunade's yelling. "So, Sandy ratted us out. Remind me to get her stuck in a stupid mission like this later."

"This is no time for jokes, BRI NARA! I want you out of my office in the next five seconds or you're going to get it!"

Bri put a hand in her pocket and looked like she couldn't care less.


Her cousin, Suka, ran towards the door and flung it open.


Shizune ducked her head behind the little piggy she was holding.


Bri continued to look at Tsunade, with a bored look that remotely said Hit me with you best shot, Grandma.


Tsunade stood up and grabbed the corner of her desk.


Suka grabbed Bri's ponytail and flew out of the room. "Hey! What the-?" Suka closed the door right before the desk hit it.

It was Suka's turn to start yelling. "You can't be doing stupid stuff like that! You could've been killed!"

"You've obviously never seen Shika's mom in the morning, she's way worse than that."

Suka grabbed Bri's ponytail again. "Come on, let's get this mission started."



"This is stupid. This will never work."

"Just wait for them."

Two men wearing black cloaks with red clouds were walking right by Bri and Suka's hiding spot. One of the was short with dark hair. The other one was tall with the yellow hair that would put Naruto's to shame. The blonde one only had one blue eye visible.

"Heh. Got you," Bri whispered. "Shadow Possession Jutsu!"

Bri's thick black shadow strectched out and connected with the two Akatsuki members. "Now, Suka!" Suka jumped out and used the Gentlefist she learned from Neji on the short one. The short Akatsuki broke, revealing a young man with red hair. Suka then, tied them up in a rope.

Bri grinned down at their prisoners. "Look who we caught, cousin. Deidara and Sasori of Akatsuki."

"OH MY GOD! SASORI-KUN!" Suka had hearts in her eyes as she jumped onto the tied up bundle of Akatsuki members. "DEIDARA-KUN! LIKE, I LOVE YOU TWO! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!" She went so far as to kiss the red-head's cheek. His eyes widened.

"How do you know our names, un?" asked the bright blonde, Deidara.

"'Cause we're fangirls!" said the hyper girl in Sasori's lap.

"We know everything!" Bri said in a creepy tone. She pointed at Deidara, "ex-terrorist bomber," then at Sasori, "Chiyo's grandson, and puppetmaster."

"Hm, she seems to know about us, brat," said Sasori to his partner.

"Will you let us join Akatsuki?" Suka begged Deidara with puppy eyes.

"What, un?! Why should we, un?"

"Because I have this." Bri held up a picture of Deidara and Sasori hugging each other. (I got it off the internet, sorry but I had to go to drastic measures.)

The Akatsuki faces turned the brightest shade of pink. "Uh, we didn't really do that, un. Right, danna, un?"

"Let us join Akatsuki, or we show this to the Five Great Nations."

"You wouldn't dare..." said Sasori.

"I would. Let us join or we do that, and you face the wrath of Suka's glomping power!"

"Suka style: Fangirl Glomp Jutsu!" Suka gave Sasori the biggest and most deadly hug in the history of the Naruto world.

"Don't let her in, danna, un!"

Then there was a very loud crack. Sasori's arm had a very big crack by the elbow. "Okay, you're in. Just let go of me!"

"You won't get me that easily, un."

Bri went to the little pouch on Deidara's hip. She dug in there until she pulled out a wad of clay. She made it into a very tiny bird and dropped it in front of Deidara. She made a handsign. "Don't make me do it."

"You don't know how to, un."

"I told you, we know everything." She cleared her throat. "Katsu, un," Bri said in a very good impression of Deidara. The bird Bri made exploded with a small puff of smoke. "And that was just a little bird."

"Ok, un! You're in, just untie us already, un!"