...Two years later...

Everyone in Akatsuki were in the kitchen, on the day Bri and Suka came to Akatsuki. Everyone who liked Suka had cookies on their plate, while everyone who liked Bri had banana-cream pie.


"Your arms still hurt, Deidara?" Kakuzu asked.

"Yeah, un. Suka was right, both of those Jinchuriki broke my arms, un."

"But they didn't hurt nearly as much as Suka did, right?"

"Not even close, un."

Then Pein and Konan walked in, and their eyes twitched when they saw the four plates of banana-cream pie. Ever since Bri's ultimate prank, those two hate banana-cream pie. In fact, Bri and Suka are also the reasons why Sasori "upgraded" that puppet he traveled around in, the reason why Hidan got rid of all the extra weapons in the base, and why Sasori hates cookies.

"Is it that time of year again?" Pein asked as he took a step away from Deidara's pie.

"Yeah, un. It's the Girls' Appreciation day again, un."

"And why must you eat that monstrosity you call a pie?"

"It reminds us of the good times we had with Bri," Kisame said as he took another bite of pie.

"Can't you eat the cookies like everyone else?" Konan asked.

"No!" Tobi said. "Because only Suka-chan made Tobi cookies!"

"Remember when I pretended to be Sasori and stole your cookies?"

"Yeah! Tobi was really mad at Sasori-san! Remember when Tobi wrote on Zetsu-san?"

Black-Zetsu's eye twitched. "Remember when I helped Bri pull that prank on Itachi?"

"I love you, un. You love me, un. We're a happy family, un." Itachi glared at the grinning Deidara.

"Remember when I dyed Blondie's hair green?" Almost everyone laughed. "Man, you were so f___ing pissed off!"

"I still am, un." Deidara picked up Kakuzu's piece of pie and smashed it into Hidan's face. (WOOT! Go Sempai!)

"Oh, so you want to play that s___?" Hidan took Zetsu's piece of pie and squished it into Deidara's hair. (Oh no he didn't!)

"Hey! That was my pie!"

Zetsu went to the fridge and took the mountain of pie that was in there.


So almost everyone in the evil organization was trying to hit each other with banana-cream pies. Pein and Konan just stood there. Then...


Pein, once again, was covered in banana-cream pie. And once again, he was scarier than the Sharingan first thing in the morning.

"Who threw the pie?!"

Everyone was pointing at each other. "HE DID IT!!!"

Now it's the end.

Haha. XP

Please note that this is the last thing I write before school starts.

Savor the moment reading this.