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A lone mist ninja ran through the dense woods. He headed for the border out of fire country. His mission had gone awry and he needed to retreat. He was the last member of his team as far as he knew. The other two members had been swallowed by fierce jaws in the dark.

The mist-nin took to the trees in an effort to avoid the disorienting forest below. He leapt from branch to branch. A howl came from behind. He sped up. To night had already claimed his team, he would not be next. Another howl filled his ears, this one from off to the right. He continued, pushing hard for the safety of his own country.

The mission of the mist-nins had been to capture a young woman with a dangerous bloodline trait. Her clan had been wiped out with the other bloodline clans, but she was hidden and had escaped. The team tracked her closer and closer to fire country and once they had the all-clear to enter enemy territory they chased her down. Things went wrong when they came face to face with two Konoha kunoichi. The wolf women were little match for the trained mist killers, but something else was in the woods that night.

The remaining mist-nin missed his jump and landed again on the forest floor. The howling was everywhere now. The trees hid a menace he could not see. He spun to locate the danger. The howl filled the dark. A snapping, gnashing sound drew close behind as the scared shinobi wheeled. He drew a kunai and readied. There was nothing but dark. The gnashing of teeth was inches from the back of his neck. He spun again to find nothing. He smelled meat and blood so strong it stung his nostrils. The howl sounded again as something brushed the back of his leg. The mist-nin leapt forward and turned to attack. Where he stood he found the corpse of one of his teammates. The lifeless for was little more than mangled meat. Great tooth marks riddled the body and bones were visible snapped and crushed.

The seasoned killer took again to the trees. His knuckles were white in gripping his blade. He tore across the forest with chakra enhanced bounds. He came to a clearing and never thought twice to leap down and run for the other side. Once in the open he felt the jaws of his pursuer snapping at his back. He didn't turn when it caught his vest and tore the armored garment like tissue. He ran feverishly for the tree line on the other side. He gained distance on the howls behind him. One final dash and he was to the trees.

The adrenaline pumped through his system giving him the energy for a leap to the upper branches away from the best at his back. He flexed his legs and aimed to leave the ground, but as he did an arm shot around a nearby tree and wrapped up his neck. The other hand of his assailant dug a razor sharp kunai into his throat and twisted until the gurgle of blood stopped.

"Good job Akamaru. He came right to me." Kiba praised the hound. "Let's go check on mom and Hana."

A short oneshot. thought i would try something a little different. I hope you like it. let me know if its too vague or hard to understand. more soon.