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The sound Nin released a fire jutsu as he backed down the alley. The man before him took the brunt of it in the chest, fraying his flak vest and destroying the sleeves of his garment. The man reached up and ripped the tattered armor from his body. The sound Nin continued to back up as the man took another slow step forward.

The man undid the bandages covering his arms and continued his slow pace toward the enemy ninja. His chest and arms were covered in scars, far too many to count. "You know how I got these scars?" the man questioned the sound Nin.

The sound Nin smirked and threw a kick into the exposed stomach of the oncoming man. "Who cares?" He replied as the kick hit muscle so hard it was like steel.

"I promised myself and my teacher that I would train day and night until I was a splendid ninja. My body has been through training that would kill most people. I made it, but my skin holds the reminders of mistakes I made." The man enunciated every word. "I am Rock Lee of the Hidden Leaf Village, and I will remind you of the mistake you made in attacking my friends."

Lee continued to advance, one slow step at a time. The sound Nin launched another attack, punching Lee square in the nose. The bridge of his nose split with the impact and blood ran down his face. The sound Nin produced a kunai and struck with deadly intent. Lee moved to the side ever so slightly, turning a deadly blow into a stab in the muscle of his shoulder.

"These scars remind me that I must stay diligent and train and have a purpose for my fighting. They show me that doing what is hard is worth it and that you can protect your friends if you try hard enough. I would give anything in the world to help my people and protect my friends, including my skin. Would you?" Lee stared the man dead in the eye.

The sound Nin unleashed a barrage of blows. Lee moved in subtle ways to avoid death, but did not avoid any strike. The sound Nin had been out of chakra since the fire technique and Lee knew it. Lee would never die as long as this man breathed and the man knew it. Lee was savaged in a way that would kill any other man, but he continued. This juggernaut would never stop.

"I have given my measure of skin." Lee stared down the exhausted sound Nin. "Now it's your turn." He said as he raised a kunai and began the bloody work.

Happy Halloween. i hope you like the darker side of Lee i have here. More soon.