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Some quick and simple Sokai fluff... :D

My ever-widening eyes narrowed on her violently; switching between her still figure and the Keyblade. My Keyblade, resting in her tightening grip. I shook my head in dismal as her beautiful eyes sunk deeper to look at the soaked ground. It had been raining for quite a while, but we were silly enough to stand outside in it; even dressed the way we were. I no longer seemed to care what befell me. All I could do was stare contently at the petite girl in front of me and wait for the wielded weapon to return to it's true wielder. It wouldn't budge. I looked at my right hand in disbelief, and back at her. She seemed to move rigidly as her radiant red hair swept swiftly from side to side, and even though she was not looking at me to see my thrown off expression, her grip on the key only got tighter.

This had gone on long enough.

I tried to speak her name, but all in vane as I desperately gasped. It was as if her name was not able to find an exit out of my mind. I tried, and tried, and tried once more. Her name remained unspoken. Grimacing in frustration, I peered back at her. She was no longer staring at the cold cobblestone beneath us, but was instead looking at my hand. The hand where that weapon should be. She had a kind look in her eyes, but I was also able to make out confusion. She was clearly thinking.



She spoke so fast, stopping my last and successful attempt to address her. I scowled my eyes away from her quickly. I knew full well what she was actually asking.

''Why do you really wield this weapon?'' She persisted, slightly lifting the over-sized key. I gritted my teeth roughly and refused to look at her.

''You fight with it. You kill heartless and free their hearts but,'' She looked at me with a somber expression which burned holes through my skull, ''What do you get out of it?''

I twisted around slowly, facing her square in her soft azure eyes at last and moved my view to her hand, seeing the Keyblade now practically dripping away from her wet fingers. I smiled at her sheepishly.

''Tell me, Sora! Why do you make me wait?!'' She shot her voice like a bullet, startling me as I began pacing in her direction.

''Why do you get yourself hurt?'' I didn't look at her, but I could tell she was weeping hard.

''Why?! Why, why, WHY-''

I stopped her abruptly as my hand slid over hers, pulling the blade back into place between our cold, yet overwhelming contact. I looked at her sadly as she had drooped her head again. Slowly, I pushed my body against hers, feeling the chill of her wet clothes brush against my skin. I moved my head into place over her shoulder as she continually whispered the word 'why' into my jacket.

''Kairi, why do you have to ask?'' I questioned, and felt her stiffen. Sighing loudly, I squeezed her hand tightly and the Keyblade disappeared from our side, leaving her fingers to subconsciously intertwine.

''Why...'' She asked quietly once last time. This time I would have to answer.

''Because nothing pleases me more in the world,'' We looked into each others eyes, and for a moment she frowned, obviously thinking I meant something else, ''Then being able to protect the person I love.''

And with that, her arms locked tightly around my body, sending a shock through my veins as she slowly shook her words.

''This is real...''

Boredom really does kill, doesn't it?