Assuming his usual role of leader, Cloud got to his feet and cleared his throat. The members of his little group, now turned into a circus troupe for all the odd people they had join them, glanced up at him. Striking a pose, Cloud pumped his fist.

"Team, it's time we made a move on. Sephiroth could be anywhere, lurking and waiting. Now-" he glanced at Aeris sympathetically, which came off condescendingly- "we all make mistakes, but we move on from these. I'm not big on strangers, but you weirdo's can come with us."

Cloud beckoned toward the group, but none of them budge. Confused, Cloud gestured again.

"C'mon guys, let's get a move on," he encouraged. Aeris slowly pushed herself to her feet, not looking at Cloud until she had finished brushing non-existent dust from her dress. When she did finally look up, her eyes were filled with murderous rage.

"Mistake?" She repeated calmly. Cloud nodded cautiously, eyeing off the flower girl apprehensively. A smile curling the corners of her lips, Aeris clasped her hands behind her back, her hair swinging as she leaned sideways at Cloud. This was the look that sent guys berserk with longing, and Cloud was falling for it. Even the other guys felt a tug in their chest as the ever cute and sweet Aeris made her way toward Cloud.

She stopped directly in front of him, her hands still behind her back and the smile upon her face, but straightened her posture. Cloud leaned toward her, a goofy grin across her face, until-


"Mistake! I don't make mistakes! I'm a Cetra! I think I know what I'm doing! Maybe you should have listened to what Nanaki was going to say, you egotistical JERK!" Each word was punctuated with a smack across Cloud's head, and her voice rose as she ranted at him.

Taking a deep breath, Aeris shot Cloud one final glare before turning to the rest of the party.

"Nanaki, can you finish the story?" Aeris asked tentatively, she chest heaving slightly from emotions. Opening one eye, Nanaki propped himself up and yawned, his nap clearly over. Once again they all turned toward him, this time in complete and meek silence.

Stretching, Nanaki settled onto his hindquarters, his gaze sweeping across the others as he spoke.

"The prophecy stated that even after the greatest threat known to man was resolved, greater danger was yet to come. No, I do not mean the return of Sephiroth, though that is still to be feared. No, a greater evil will be upon us. The Planet will be threatened with destruction by the Magical One."

The group looked at o ne another warily.

"We can all pretty much use magic, sir," Amelia piped up rolling a light spell around in her hands. Everyone but Madison and Goury murmured in agreement. Nanaki scowled at them.

"I never said it was one of you, though it is a possibility. Bugenhagen will know more" Nanaki sighed. Aeris climbed to her feet, and began pulling people up into a standing position with her.

"Well," she smiled at everyone, clasping her hands together. " I guess we should head to Cosmo Canyon!"

"I'll help you get somewhere- like punch you into the cosmos," Lina growled as they made their way out of the forgotten city.

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