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Content: Angst, Horror

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Chapter One

Nightmares... right?



So much sweet, crimson, wonderful blood…




So many enticing screams of pain…


Like music in his ears, horror filled voices…


A deep, hoarse laugh echoing around him…


Long, sharp claws digging into newly killed flesh, still warm… trickles of stream swirling up from the battered corpses in the chilly night breeze…


Raw pleasure running through his body, sending shivers of satisfaction down his spine and settling in his groin as he licks the crimson, metallic liquid from his claws and fingers…


A chuckle full of madness and glee erupting from his throat and he opens his red eyes, the tongue sliding out and licking the sweet, sweet addictive blood from his lips, the fangs bared to the full moon…


'Finally… it begins…' a deep, menacing voice chuckles…


The chuckle develops into laughter, brimming with a crazy desire to destroy… to…









A scream escaped Naruto as he snapped out of the dream with a lump of bile gathered in his throat, and he scrambled into his bathroom, violently throwing up.

Shakily he crawled from the toilet and hauled himself up by grabbing the sink and splashed cold water in his face. Reluctantly he raised his head and met his eyes in the mirror, almost as he dreaded the sight of his own face. He gave a sigh of relief when he stared back at his own eyes, blue not red and slowly walked back into the bedroom. He couldn't almost remember how many weeks now that he had the same dream every night and he couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right about it.

It wasn't like his usual nightmares it was almost – and he hated to even think about it – like memories. But he knew that it couldn't be for he hadn't done such a thing, so that brought him back to square one. What were those… horrible flashes he kept seeing? The first time he didn't think about it in a closer way; he was used to have nightmares but when the same dream kept repeating itself he couldn't blind himself for the fact that it maybe wasn't a dream… but what was it then?

He was quite sure he would remember going ballistic and slaughter a little village… or would he? Naruto sat down on the bed with these thoughts swimming around in his head but knew that he would go insane if he kept pondering on it. One thing wouldn't leave him alone though and it was that nagging feeling he had been feeling for some time now; that feeling that emerged on every mission the council sent him on… the blood lust. Frankly it scared the hell out of him; how the unsatisfied need that surged through his body ever since his first mission six months ago. The same mission when he… No! Don't think about it. He violently shook his head in order to clear it of the unwanted images that kept haunting his memory. He didn't want to remember, he didn't want to think about it!

He had talked a little with Ino about what he could do about all the nightmares, only revealing a little to her but she couldn't help him. Neither could any other of his friends because they couldn't even begin to comprehend the missions the council kept assigning him to. They were to say at least… not for the weak-minded and he wasn't, he knew he wasn't but it didn't stop his brain to repeat it over and over whether he was awake or not. It was slowly but surely driving him insane but he kept pushing them down into his subconscious, trying his best not to think, not to feel at all. With a heavy sigh he lay down on the bed and decided to once more try to get some sleep only to have the flashes of whatever they were repeating in his mind… over and over again.

The light shining in through his window, stroking his delicate face with ethereal fingers woke him up. Naruto peered at the sharp light and moaned as a throbbing headache pounded in his head, making him feel wearier than he had felt when he fell asleep. He knew that it was due to the frequent nightmares but he couldn't come up with another way to stop them besides just plainly try to ignore them and don't think about it. That didn't help. He rose on tired legs and dragged himself to take a shower, the warm rays of water slowly washing away the fatigue in his mind and body and he emerged from the small bathroom, feeling almost like himself, though the headache still remained.

He ate breakfast in his little kitchen, leaning against the counter with only a towel wrapped around his slender waist. He slowly ate a bowl of cornflakes and milk and remembered that he had promised to spar with Sasuke is morning. Not really feeling up for it he sighed and washed the now empty bowl and silently cursed his own serious nature as it never would occur to him to stand somebody up if he had promised. Reluctantly he dressed in parts of his ANBU uniform but instead of the vest and armless shirt, he put on a tight, long-sleeved, black shirt that covered the tattoo on his left upper arm.

Almost able to forget the nightly horrors he whistled between his teeth when he walked out of his apartment and locked the door but a nagging feeling in the back of his head wouldn't leave him alone. Suddenly he heard a silent chuckle, deep, dark and… evil and he quickly turned around with a kunai in his right hand only to find himself staring at… nothing but an empty street save from one little cat rummaging in a trashcan. The blond ANBU frowned as he heard the chuckle anew and realized that it was coming from… inside of his head. Fear trickled rapidly down his spine as the chuckle grew wider and the Kyuubi seemed more and more amused at his confusion. Naruto didn't understand why the demon was displaying such an unusual sign of evil enjoyment but didn't bother to ask. He had never understood the fox anyway and didn't intend to do it either and he decided to ignore it for now and ask later, when he had more spare time.

The jinchüriki slowly walked the almost deserted streets of Konoha in the early morning light in the direction of training-ground 4 and as he approached he could see the teme waiting for him, casually leaning against a tree and looked almost rudely fresh and alert. Naruto was green with envy and wondered how the hell the Uchiha managed to do that when he always felt like a ton of bricks had been dropped on his head every morning. Suddenly the blond felt a slight tug in his abdominal and he stopped to surprised look down on said body-part. 'What the hell?'

When nothing else happened he shrugged it off and finally walked up to Sasuke.

"Morning teme", Naruto mumbled and slowly rubbed his stomach as it had begun to ache a little. 'Must be something I ate' he figured and met Sasuke's gaze.

"Hn… dobe, I thought that we agreed to meet at 6 am sharp", the raven said as he straightened and Naruto couldn't suppress an amused smirk.

"Come on Sasuke you can't be mad at me just because I'm ten minutes late? Besides it's a beautiful morning and it's far too early to be a sourpuss."

"Tsk whatever. Let's get the training started, I have a mission later", Sasuke responded bluntly, not caring about Naruto's attempt to tick him off.

"Yeah if you're awake enough to take me on", Naruto bragged and tried not to show his best friend that he just rather wanted to be in his bed in order to get some much longed for sleep.

They readied themselves and Naruto was barely able to dodge when Sasuke attacked, a little to weary to be his usual, energetic self. The Sharingan wielder lunged at the blond fiercely and Naruto was only able to block and dodge, feeling strange all of a sudden. Due to the headache he had been suffering from since this morning and the ache in his stomach became more painful he didn't see Sasuke's next move and took a direct hit from the ravens kick aimed at his head as said Uchiha did a back flip. Naruto took the full power with his jaw, sending him flying into the other side of the field and straight into a tree.

As his back slammed hard into the solid trunk the air was knocked out of him and he coughed in an attempt to suck air into his strained lungs through his burning throat. He looked up and met Sasuke's surprised eyes, a haze of pain and something that he recognized as… rage clouding his mind. Apparently the Uchiha had expected Naruto to dodge like he always did and the raven furrowed his brows in confusion. Naruto meanwhile had regained his breath but the rage wouldn't go away no matter how hard he tried to suppress it.

He was confused because he wasn't really mad at his friend, it was after all his own fault for getting hit and couldn't understand when a wave of blood lust washed over him and a feral smirk curved his lips. His stomach felt like it was on fire by now but he could only feel the sweet, sweet crave for screams, for pain flowing inside of him. His canines changed into fangs and his nails grew into claws but Naruto didn't stop to think of why this happened. He only knew that he wanted the ravens' blood. Now. He couldn't resist the urge, the pure lust he felt for the crimson liquid pumping through the man before him, he longed for it to paint his hands with it, to be able to taste it.

Sasuke frowned when Naruto didn't say anything but his eyes widened when he saw Naruto change, the clear blue eyes flickered and became crimson. He activated his Sharingan not a second too late as the blond attacked and Sasuke immediately knew that something was horrible wrong. Naruto's eyes were filled with an insane light and the raven hadn't been able to get away from the attacks unscratched, if not for his Sharingan. Sasuke silently thanked Kami for granting him his eyes as he continued to dodge Naruto, making the blond growl with frustration as his prey kept slipping out of his grasp.

After a couple of minutes playing a deadly game of tag Naruto's sharp claws dug into Sasuke's right upper arm - as the raven was worn out first from the spar and now the fight for his life - and the blood gushed out, painting the ground beneath them red. Naruto purred with satisfaction and raised the blood-stained hand to his mouth and slowly licked the metallic fluid of his claws. Sasuke was shocked into his core as he witnessed this and clutched his arm tightly in order to stop the flow of blood.

"Naruto!" he yelled. "What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to kill me?"

Naruto froze and looked at Sasuke, his eyes slowly fading from red to blue, as a look of absolute horror displayed across his face; pale as all color drained from it. The blond choked on his breath when he looked down and saw his own hand covered with blood. Then he felt the distinct taste of copper in his mouth, and his stomach churned, the power of the nausea forcing him down on his knees as he violently threw up. Sasuke slowly approached the blond very cautiously, but relaxed when he saw that his friend wasn't in any state to attack him again.

As Naruto's stomach calmed down he looked up and met Sasuke's gaze, the sheer amount of anguish and pain shimmering in blue orbs shocking the raven.

"Sasuke", Naruto whispered "What's happening to me?"


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