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Jasper's POV

I finally finished unloading all the shopping bags from our three day long shopping trip to Paris from Alice's canary yellow porshe. I didn't think it was possible for vampires to get exausted, but I guess there is a first time for everthing. In Paris we went in about 500 different stores, and ended up with over 1,000 bags. Who knew that such a small car could hold so many shopping bags!

"Come on Jasper let's go downstairs!" Alice said as she dragged me towards the stairs while skipping and twirling at the same time.

Alice and I walked over and sat down on the couch with Edward and Bella. I looked at everyone in the room, Bella was sitting on top of Edward's lap, Rosalie was looking in a mirror, Emmett was whispering something to Rosalie, and Jake and Nessie was staring into each other eyes. Then I looked over to my darling Alice to see she had a huge smile on her face, and she was practically jumping out of her seat. All of the excitement coming off of her was making me excited, and I didn't know what for. The only thing I knew was that whatever she had planned, was not going to turn out good.

"This is so boring!" Emmett screamed "This is summer, and I'm not going to spend it doing nothing!"

"Uncle Emmy's right" Nessie agreed.

"Don't call me Emmy!" Emmett whined.

"Fine, don't be such a baby!" Nessie stated


"Nessie, please don't call your Uncle Emmett a baby, you know how emotional he can be at times." Esme stated as she walked in the living room from the kitchen.

"Ok were all packed." Carlisle said as he came down the stairs with suitcases.

"Where are you guys going?" Emmett asked

"We are going to Isle Esme for the week" Carlisle replied

"And when we come back I expect nothing to be broken, and nobody be in jail." Esme added

"That was one time!" Emmett stated

"Yes. You're right Emmett, it was only one time but may I remind you of what happ-" Esme started but was interupted by Emmett.

"NEVER MIND!" Emmett interupted

"What happened?" Nessie and Jake and confusedly

"Emmett got strip searched by a cop who thought he was in possesion of marajuanna." Edward simply stated

"You promised never to bring that up again!" Emmett whined

"Ok children we will be back soon, if you need anything don't hesitate to call, bye." Esme said as she walked into the garage

"Please be good while were gone." Carlisle stated as he went to the garage with Esme.

I heard the pur of Carlisle's black Mercedes S55 AMG cruise down the driveway and out to the main road. Once their car was out of hearing range Alice jumped out of her seat sqealing with excitement.

"OMJ! I thought of something we can do it is going to be so fun!" Alice sqealed in her soprano voice.

"Oh no" Edward groaned

"What is it Edward?" Bella asked worriedly

"If you tell her Edward I swear I will take you on a month long shopping spree with me." Alice demanded

"Edward please tell me." Bella said in her baby voice and gave him the puppy dog pout.

"I really wish I could Love, but you know how horrendous Alice's shopping trips are. Especially for a whole month!" Edward exclaimed

"Yeah, I know." Bella agreed as she stuck her tounge out at Alice.

"So Alice what's your idea?" Nessie asked

"Truth or Dare!" Alice shrieked with delight

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Bella screamed in horror

"Everything will be fine Love, I promise." Edward replied

"So who wants to play?" Alice said mischievously

"Jasper?" Alice asked

"Sure, whatever makes you happy." I replied honostly


"Sounds like fun." Rosalie stated


"Hell yeah!" Emmett said

"Nessie? Jake?"

"AWESOME!" Jake stated

"Yep, sounds cool" Nessie agreed


"Sure, why not" Edward said after a moment of thinking.

"So Bella, are you up for a game of truth or dare?" Alice challenged.

"Fine" Bella sighed, knowing she wouldn't get out of it anyway

"YAH! I am going first since it is my game!" Alice stated

"Bella, truth or dare?" Alice asked in a evil voice

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