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Previously: "And I pick-" Nessie said

Alice's POV

I was practically bouncing. I couldn't see the future with the dog here! It was hard enough when it was just Nessie, but he has to be here to?!? I hate being blind.

"Come on Nessie the suspense is killing me!" I whined.

"Calm down Alice, I'm getting to that part." Nessie replied.

"Do you know what she is going to pick?" I asked Edward.

"Yes," Edward stated.

"Well...." I said, trailing off, hinting for him to tell me.

"You'll find out." Edward said.

"TELL ME KNOW!" I screamed as I tackled him, knocking him backwards.

"Alice calm down!" Jasper pleaded.

"Ok, ok, ok." I mumbled as I got up and went back over to where I was seated. I closed my eyes for a few moments trying to calm down.

I opened my eyes a few moments later to see everyone staring at me.

"What?" I asked confusedly, "You know how I can be at times."

I heard a bunch of 'yeah' and 'true' all around me,

"Anyway, Nessie what is your answer?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, I" Nessie stated.

"WHAT?!?" I shrieked. "YOU CAN PICK NO!"

"I just did Alice." Nessie said.

"Wait, that makes five to five. Now what?" Jake stated.

"It means, we flip a coin!" Emmett replied.

"Seriously? Flip a coin?" Bella questioned.

"Yep!" Emmett replied proudly.

"I'll go get the coin." Rose sighed.

Rose left, and was back in a matter of seconds.

"Here," Rose said as she tossed me the coin.

"Call it Emmett!" I said.

"Heads!" Emmett replied.

I flipped the coin and watched it as it flipped in mid air. I caught it and put it on the back of my hand, covering it so no one could see.

"Ready?" I asked.

I got a bunch of nods, I lifted my hand to see that the side of the coin facing up, was tails.

I heard a bunch of 'yes' and 'aw'. I just happened to be one of the 'aw'.

Slowly, everyone began to leave. Finally, leaving only me and Jasper in the living room.

"Come on Alice," Jasper said trying to direct me towards the stairs. But I turned and headed towards the garage, knowing Jasper would follow me.

"What are you doing Alice?" Jasper asked.

"We are going to go shopping in Paris again!" I squealed in excitement.

"Ok," Jasper sighed.

I hopped in the driver's seat of my black Porsche with hot pink zebra stripes, and Jasper hopped in the passenger side seat. We pulled out of the garage and headed towards the airport.

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