A.N.: Yay, more poems! And more Kirk/Spock. This was spawned by the fact that Sarek originally claimed to have married Amanda because it was "logical," and thus good for diplomatic relations. And then I thought about our boys, and this came into being.

Rated for implications.

This is dedicated to the lovely Lanaea, who writes the awesome fic Home, as well as Brain Matter and several other glorious one shots. This one's for you, chica.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek. If I did, Kirk and Spock would have hooked up by now.

Cultural Studies

History lessons traced

On bare skin

Backs of hands, limbs recording the flow of time

With spindly, unpronounceable letters.

Philosophy lectures given

In heated whispers

Explaining needs

Detailing feelings to willing ears

Choral practice

Harmonies woven from

Promises and gasps

With descants of names interspersed.

Psychology tutoring

The shortest lesson of all

Two consciousnesses, one and together.


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