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Chapter 1: Hook it Up

Bella POV

I could not believe it.

I did it. It it, as in the 'big deed' it.

Currently, I was lying in the arms of the most gorgeous person to walk this planet. Edward Cullen. He has bronze hair, sparkling green eyes, a killer smile, a hot body, muscles like no other (not too much and not too little), he's tall, has the face of an angel, he is pale-but it looks good on him, he is blemish free, he has the most amazing laugh, and the most amazing teeth (weird I know, but stick with me, he's AMAZING).

I know what you're thinking now: I'm a slut, whore, etc. But I'm not, really. I met Edward at this party….


Ugh! I cannot believe Jessica is making me do this. You see, Jessica Stanley is my best friend in the whole wide world; we have known each other since pre-school. Sure she is kind of a slut but she is really, really nice. She has brown hair like me but her hair is so much better because it actually listens to her and it is always in perfect curls! Jess isn't exactly pale but she is a little tan and she has a bikini body! In a way, Jess is the girl I want to be.

It's graduation so Jessica decided to have a party, I should have known better. It was one of those wild, out of control teenage parties. But who in their right mind cared right now? We all have graduated and we're done with school, high school that is. All anybody wanted to do now was party and let loose, possibly have sex; I don't know.

Anyways, back to the main point. I, Isabella Marie Swan-Bella for short-has been dressed up to look like a hooker by Jessica, my so-called best friend. She put me into a jean mini skirt with a tight—very tight—tube top. My pale skin apparently contrasted nicely with the dark blue tube top. She curled my dull, brown hair into perfect petite little curls and put dark mascara, eyeliner--the whole enchilada onto my boring, chocolate brown eyes.

The party started at around 8 at night and Jessica only let me out of her room at 9, telling me that I needed to be fashionably late to get the boys all worked up. Worked up about what, I have no idea. I came downstairs and all the guys stared at me. Okay, let's just say I wasn't very well covered in the chest area by this tube top…it left very little to the imagination. As soon as I got downstairs Mike Newton—the blond hair, blue eyed jock-- was all over me. He even tried grinding with me, EW! I pushed him away, rolled my eyes, and went to find Jessica; I was going to kill her for doing this to me. There is a definite limit when it comes to what you will do for a friend, best friend or not.

I went around downstairs and sauntered into the kitchen where Jessica just so happened to be…making out with a random guy. Pulling her off—hey! It was my only option--; I asked her why she was doing this to me. Her only reply was that I "needed to let loose a little and go have some fun". She immediately pushed a beer into my hands and told me to go live my life like a teenager. I know it's wrong to fall for peer pressure, but I have worked hard my entire life it is time I finally let loose and just go with the flow.

Okay, okay I know you're glaring at me right now thinking "she's only 18 how could she be drinking, it's extremely dangerous!" But like I said before, you don't understand. My entire life I have lived up to the expectations of others. Ever since I was little the idea was planted into my head that I will be going to Harvard Medical School for both undergraduate and graduate. Normally when you're born your parents get you a balloon or stuffed animal or something along those lines, but when I was born, my parents (Charlie and Renee) got me a Harvard campus tour book and a mini Harvard flag. I guess they were upset that they didn't get to go to a nice college (they both went to state colleges) and so they were going to make sure I was the best. By the time I was a year old I was reading baby books all by my self. When I turned five I was given a high-tech. laptop instead of the normal Barbie something or the other you would normally get a five-year old. I was a kid genius. My entire childhood was based off of the fact that I was going to go to Harvard; even though my family lived in a small town as Forks, Washington, my parents were determined to make sure that I make it big.

I never got to play outside like all the other little kids got to do. The only time I would really get a chance to socialize was when I was in school, like that was any good! I was socially awkward, not only because I knew everything that the teacher was going to teach us—heck, I was probably smarter than the teacher—but also because I never learned the basic skills of child play. If you look at it from a technical standpoint, I never had a childhood; I was born an adult and I grew-up as an adult. The Board of Education realized my abilities immediately when I was in kindergarten, but they were too afraid of my ability to learn so quickly to let me skip a grade. That I am very thankful for, because I at least got to grow-up with people the same age as me. This is probably why I befriended Jessica when I got the chance, she was a loud, silly little girl—who, mind you, was not the smartest apple in the bunch—and she knew how to have fun. I wanted fun.

I wanted to be a normal child. As we grew-up Jessica became more and more wild. She became known as the slut of our school and was "easy" to all the guys; nobody understood why I was friends with her. Lucky for me, my parents let me have my freedom in that department, but I was still as studious as ever.

As you can probably guess, I did get into Harvard Medical school and that is where I will be going in the fall. That is also why this party is so important to me. Not only am I a socially awkward, clumsy beyond life plain-Jane, but I will be going to one of the most prestigious of colleges in the fall and I will have no more freedom other than what I have this summer. That could also explain the fifth can of beer in my hand. I was a little tipsy and losing control of my body; the only place I was sane was in my mind.

I was trying to use what semblance of a logical, practical mind I had and tried to find Jessica so she could help me but instead, I bumped into the most beautiful guy in this entire world. He looked at me with his lust-filled green eyes and I couldn't take it anymore. I jumped him. I know, extreme but I really wanted him from the moment I saw him and by the look in his eyes I saw that he wanted me too. One thing led to another and…

End Flashback

Which leads me to where I am right now. In the arms of Edward Cullen. When I first jumped him he just kissed me back and led me to a room; he was drunk too. We mumbled pleasantries and well, we kinda just got the point of why were in a bedroom together. I think after the first time we did it, I cried. It was my first time doing it and it was just a very emotional thing for me to go through, he said it was his first time too, but by the way he was moving it definitely did not feel like his first time.

As you probably guessed, we did it multiple times. I lost count after four. Following Edward's example after we were done, I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't. All of this stuff was running through my head. I just can't believe I broke a rule my parents set for me. I was a goody-two shoes my entire life and I just broke the biggest rule of all.

The sun started creeping up and I just realized that I had to get out of here! I could not let Edward find me here with him. If he liked anything at all we did last night, then most likely he wants a relationship but I cannot give him that. Never in my life have I had a boyfriend and I don't think I can start now, what with college coming up and everything it just won't work. But I also could not stand the rejection if he found me here. I know that I am not the prettiest girl in the world but I also know that I kinda, sorta like Edward even if all I have ever experienced from him is sex. But I just have a crazy feeling for him and maybe, just maybe he can accept me for who I am; I don't think I want to find out now though.

Getting up was harder than I thought it was, as soon as my head left the comfort of Edward's chest, it started hurting like crazy! What was happening to me? I quickly grabbed my clothes, threw them on and ran it out of there. Downstairs was a mess, but I had to find some medication for my ear-splitting headache I cannot go home like this! Ugh! If I found Jessica, maybe she'd be able to help me. People were lying around the entire place and Jessica was nowhere to be seen. All of the cars were still parked outside and I don't think Jessica's parents ever made it home from their night at a hotel; if they were back then Jess would be in so much trouble and my parents would be on my case for the rest of my life! OH NO! My PARENTS! They are going to freak! Not only did they let me go to a party in a hooker's outfit but they wanted me home at midnight!!! I'm just about 8 hours off curfew! Have I mentioned my parents are strict beyond belief with rules?!

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! YOU BETTER HAVE A DAMN GOOD EXPLANATION YOUND LADY! COLLEGE STARTS IN THREE MONTHS, THREE MONTHS!!! YOU CANNOT BE GOOFING AROUND LIKE THIS!" My father Charlie yelled as soon as I pulled up in the driveway. The yelling did not help my headache at all. What am I supposed to tell him? I'm not a good liar and my parents don't take too kindly to Jessica, again they let me have freedom with my friends, but only just. How can I explain to my parents what I did last night without telling them the truth? I can't just go up to my dad and say "yea dad, about curfew…you see well I kinda got drunk and had sex with some random guy I never met before." Pulling on the best innocent expression a hangover, sore girl who had sex for the first time can have I turned to face my dad.

"Well, you see," my own voice sounded off to me, "dad, I was at Jessica's party and we were having fun when, um, when I tripped and fell. My head, uh, started bleeding, um, so I kinda just passed out." My dad was still breathing heavily but I think my parents were starting to buy into the story, it makes sense; I am clumsy.

"Oh, honey! Are you all right? Does your head hurt?" My mom took it better than I thought she would, at least this could also explain the headache.

"Renee, what are you doing?" Daddy-dearest still did not believe my lie fully.

"Charlie, she hurt her head and the poor girl's head hurts like crazy, we both know that she is not the most graceful person," I blushed furiously at this part, why was my mom saying this? "In the world, but she came back didn't she? Just leave her alone. My poor baby's going to college!" Let the tears fall. Now. My mom has been extremely emotional lately because I was going off across the county without them. It was annoying at first but now it has come into use for me, I guess that's a good omen.

Edward POV

"Hey Ed! Glad you came!! C'mon dude, let's get laid." I cannot fathom why I even agreed to do this. Mike Newton of all people was dragging me around some noisy, wild teenage party. I hate teenage parties, they're so annoying. Jessica Stanley of all people just had to invite me and my mom just had to find the invitation and she just had to think that I'm some kind of loner that she just had to ask my dad to force me to go and plead to me herself. I can never say no to my mother. Call me a momma's boy for all I care but I think it's the gentlemanly thing to do, no matter how much I get made fun of for it.

"Edward!" I turned around at the sound of my name to find my best friend in the entire world, drunk with his girlfriend. Jasper isn't exactly what you would call the bad boy type of person but I guess he decided to let loose today too. Jasper has blonde hair and blue eyes and he is a little bit of a goody two shoes, southern hospitable gentleman, go figure. Alice—Jasper's black haired, brown eyed petite girlfriend—seems to have drunk only a little of the alcohol there is in this hellhole of a party. Hmm…maybe I should just get drunk, have fun with some girls (dancing, nothing more) and go home.

"Jasper, careful! I don't want you to get hurt!" Alice shrieked. They were so protective of each other that it was really funny. What with Alice being 4'11 and Jasper being 6'0 the way they interacted was amusing. But don't let Alice's small size fool you; she can be a demon when she wants to.

"What's wrong with him? He usually doesn't drink, nonetheless get drunk." I really was curious as to why Jasper decided to down so many drinks.

"Umm, no reason. I guess he's just happy." Something was wrong. Usually Alice was so chipper, but now she seemed off.

"Okay, what's wrong? Why are you not annoying the crap out of me, pixie?" What happened next was something that never in my entire life would I have guessed. Alice jumped into my arms crying. Alice never cries; she did not like to show cowardice. What was wrong with her?!

"Alice! What is going on? What's wrong? Can I help somehow? Did something happen to you? Did something happen to Jasper? Are you gonna die?!" I had a habit of over-reacting. But something was seriously wrong with my friends and they weren't telling me what.

"N-n-n-o i-i-i-t-t's not an-y-thing like t-t-that." She took a second to calm down and wipe the tears away; she was starting to scare me.

"Jasper is just upset over the fact that I have to move to Boston. I'm actually going to be a professor's side student. I will be watching and taking notes on what one of the professors at Harvard Med. Does." Whew! At least it wasn't something like Jasper has cancer and is going to die! Going off to some college for a year isn't so bad I guess. I wouldn't really know, Jasper and Alice were meant for each other and I've never had anything like that before so I wouldn't know the feeling.

"Is that all? That's not so bad. C'mon you guys will always be able to talk on the phone, e-mail, video chat, text message, and visit each other. It's only for a year right?"

"Well, no. It's actually until I graduate. I'm taking an internship under that professor and by doing that I can actually get all the credits I need to graduate. I just have to keep interning for the rest of the four years. You know, being a senior in college is not at all as awesome as everybody makes it out to be." Alice was right. College must be hard. She and Jasper are both seniors in their undergraduate colleges; now they have to be separated for the best year of college. Sucks.

"But, really is that any reason for Jasper to go all drunk on us?"

"No, but you know how he is. He's really sensitive. Just let him go crazy tonight and I'll deal with him tomorrow." She smiled angelically and suddenly I didn't feel so lucky for Jasper. He was in for it.

"Edward, you just graduated your first year of college! Go have some fun!" Might as well, so I went into the kitchen, grabbed a couple beers and chugged them down like no tomorrow. No matter what people say, ignorance is bliss. Translated, you can have hell of a lot of fun when you're drunk. You don't think about anything, therefore, you can do everything you never would normally do.

This party was boring. I had nothing to do, all anybody here wanted to do was grind and have sex. I wanted none of those; grinding isn't one of my past times and I was holding out in that department for the woman I love. I know it sounds crazy and stupid, but I did not want to have sex until I met the girl that could take my breath away, the girl I would be head over heel in love with. Drunkenly walking through the party around and around, drinking more beer was not exactly what I would call fun.

That's when I saw her. She took my breath away.

This girl was beautiful beyond beautiful and what she was wearing was beautiful. It fit her every curve and her brown hair was all flowy and cool and her eyes, when they locked into mine my heart literally skipped a beat. I wanted her. Badly. The one thing I would never expect this girl to do she did, she jumped me, not that I was complaining. One thing led to another and I had the most amazing night of my entire life.

Bella POV

The pink plus sign was now my worst enemy. This was not happening, this was not happening, this was not happening. Things like this just don't happen to girls like me. Maybe if I clicked my heel three times and chanted "not happening" it would all go away. I was actually crazy enough and did it.

That line was still staring at me.

The line meant one thing:

I was pregnant.

Luck was on my side and my roommate, Rosalie, was not with me at the moment. I was at college now and it's been 3 months since that night.


"Bella, honey, are you sure you'll be okay?" My mom was still worrying about me. I'm 18 and going to college, it's not like I was running away to Mexico and was never going to return back. Jeez, she's such an over-reactive person.

"Flight 6990 to Boston Airport now boarding" That's my flight. Time to leave home and everything from this small town behind. Time for freedom.

Fortune was with me and I didn't get stuck on the plane with a crying baby, gassy neighbor, or a snoring Cyclops—this flight was for normal people and I could just relax and enjoy it. The entire plane ride I simply read my favorite book in the whole wide world: Wuthering Heights.

"Please fasten your seatbelt we will now be landing." We're here. Boston. Soon enough Harvard Medical School was facing me and I was ready to go inside and start my new life.

According to my sheet I was in room 216 and a person named Rosalie Hale was my roommate. Reaching the room I saw a bunch of Louis Vitton luggage outside the room.

"NO! THAT DOES NOT GO THERE! Emmett, what on earth are you doing?!" I'm guessing that was Rosalie and someone named Emmett. Well, here we go.

Walking into the room I saw the most beautiful blond bombshell in the world and a huge, beyond huge, guy with curly brown hair. 'Rosalie' had wavy, blond hair and sky blue eyes with a body that any model would be jealous of. Heck, she was probably a model herself. 'Emmett' had enormous muscles with brown eyes and brown hair.

"Hi! Are you Isabella?" Rosalie came up to me and pulled out her hand.

"Yea, um, I prefer Bella. Um, are you Rosalie?"

"Yupp. This is my boyfriend Emmett; he'll be helping with our furniture and stuff. Is this your first year of college?"

"Yeah, what about you?"

"I'm a sophomore here for graduate and so is Emmett, but he doesn't go to Harvard, Emmett goes to MIT."

"Wow, that's awesome! Um, would you mind helping me with unpacking and stuff, and then maybe, um, we could go get some lunch or something?" I was nervous; I really wanted them to like me."

"Rose! Here is this good enough? Now, let me go introduce myself to your new roommate." Emmett came up to me and pulled me into a big bear hug so hard that I couldn't breathe!

"Emmett, you big idiot, she can't breathe! Put her down!" Thank-god Rose saved me, I think my skin was turning blue.

"Hiya Bella! Sorry 'bout that!" Emmett seemed extremely funny and nice, plus that dimple filled smile was hard to stay upset over.

"It's okay."

"C'mon Bella, get your luggage I'll help you sort through them. Emmett, get out! We're going to have some girl time." Rosalie and I hauled up all my suitcases and while she was helping me put everything where it was supposed to be, we talked. I told her all about my sucky childhood and about Jessica, but I left out the party night, I don't think I was ready to tell her that yet. Rosalie, however, felt different and she told me absolutely everything about her life. I honestly got to know her and I thought she was awesome!

5 hours later we found ourselves at a café and we were still talking about our lives. We were on the love life part of our little talk. Suddenly this pixie like girl came up to Rosalie and hugged her.

"Rose! OMG, it's been sooo long! I cannot believe you're going here with me!"

"Hahaha, calm down Alice, I think you're scaring my new roommate Bella."

"OMG! Hi! I'm Alice." The girl came up to me and pulled me into a hug. What is it with these people and hugging???

"Hi, I'm Bella." Alice decided to join us and we girls talked the entire time. It turns out Alice was a senior for undergraduate but she had to stay here not only for undergraduate but also for her graduate years because of some internship thingy. She told us all about her life too and I reciprocated for Alice. It also turns out that Alice was from Washington too, but her hometown was Seattle, not Forks. She has a boyfriend named Jasper who is Rosalie's cousin so that's how they know each other.

Our conversation once again turned to love and both Alice and Rose told me how they met their significant other. They now expected me to tell them about my life. What would I tell them? Basically I have a non-existent love life other than Edward and I don't think I want to tell them about that. Yet. Should I trust them?

"It's okay Bella, you can trust us. We won't tell anyone." Alice was really nice and so was Rosalie. I went on a limb and told them about the party…and Edward. Rosalie was ecstatic that a goody two shoes like actually did do something bad while Alice had this funny look on her face. I wonder what that's about.

We all went back to Rose's and my room and decided to have a sleepover. It was our last night before college officially starts and we wanted to celebrate. The sleepover was new to me so Alice and Rose told me that I just had to do all the sleepover things. So, we did makeovers, played truth or dare, watched a scary movie with all kinds of junk food and went to bed at midnight. Tomorrow we would be so screwed.


Ugh! I totally regret staying up last night and all that junk food. Never again will I listen to Rose and Alice. Something churned in my stomach as I got up. I needed to use to the bathroom.

"Bella? Is that you? What's wrong?" A sleepy looking Alice came into the bathroom and she found me sitting next to the toilet where I just threw-up. What was wrong with me? Maybe all that junk food did get to me.

"Hey Alice, we should probably get ready for class and stuff. Our first class starts in 2housr." Alice, Rose and I all had our first class together and that announcement definitely woke her up.

"WHAT?! We have to get ready! C'mon I'll dress you up! Let's go!!" Dress me up? No. Way.

"No, I don't want to be dressed up. I can dress myself thank you very much."

"Aww, c'mon Bella it's your first day of college. You have to look super super nice. Not that you're not already gorgeous but we want all the guys falling for you today."

"NO ALICE! I said no once, can you not understand?! I DON'T LIKE GETTING DRESSED AND I DON'T WANT TO ATTRACT ANY GUYS!" A wide eyed Rosalie and Alice stared back at me. What was wrong with me?! Why did I just yell at Alice?

"Oh my gosh. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to yell, it's just that I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm sooo sorry."

"It's okay Bella, I forgive you. Um, so I'll leave you alone then." As soon as they left the bathroom my stomach churned again. I hit the deck and threw-up for another five minutes. Something was seriously wrong with me. Maybe it was just the nerves getting to me.

A week later…

I found myself in front of the toilet for the fifth time this morning. Ugh. Suddenly a dark thought came to mind. What if this was morning sickness? I've been having it for more than a week and I have mood swings all the time and I'm late for my period by three days. What if I'm pregnant? No. Way.

End Flashback

"Bells! Where are you? I'm home!!!" Uh-oh. Rosalie's home, what am I going to tell her?

"Bella, what are you—IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?! HOLY SHIT BELLA! YOU'RE NOT PREGNANT ARE YOU?!" The silent tears running down my cheek were answer enough to her question. I was knocked up. Preggo in the ego. Eating for two. Up in the Duff. Bun in the over. In the pudding club. Up the spout. I was pregnant.

"Oh, sweety! Come here!" She hugged me and comforted me as I cried and cried and cried. This was actually happening. I was in reality. I was pregnant. And scared.

I needed to think. I needed to do something. I needed to get out of here. We were on break so I didn't need to worry about classes but I had something bigger to worry about now. I need to think.

Alice came as soon as she heard the news from Rosalie a couple days later and she also comforted me. She acted like she knew something I didn't, but she still comforted me.

"Bella, honey, is-is Ed-Edward the-the father?" Her voice was breaking and she sounded just as scared as me. Silently I nodded my head. Who else would be the father? Who else could have done this? No, I couldn't blame it all on him. I have to take some punishment too. I was stupid, drunk, and crazy that night. We both did things we shouldn't have done.

It was then that I decided I had to tell Edward. He had to know what was happening with me. I don't think I can do this alone…

The wind blew my hair in my face as I stood in front of the house. His house. Tears were threatening to break out, but I held them in. Now is not the time. I found where Edward lived through Alice; she knew him and didn't tell me this whole time.

I had to do this. I can do this. Edward deserved to know. He had to know.

I knocked on the door and five minutes later he opened the door. He looked like he just woke up from bed even though it was already noon. He also looked kinda pissed until he saw it was me.

"Hi! Who are you?" Just the sound of his velvet voice was making me want to cry, but I had to do this.

"I'm Bella. May I please come in?" He didn't recognize me. Why didn't he recognize me? If not my face then my name should have rung a bell, right? Ugh! Stupid pregnancy hormones.

"Um, sure." He stepped aside and let me through. "Sooo, what are you doing here? Do I know you? Your name kinda sounds familiar…"

"My name is Bella Swan. I like apples and green crayons." Hopefully that would ring a bell because that is exactly what I told him that night. My words took affect. He froze, eyes wide in shock, so I continued. "You're Edward Cullen. You like strawberries and blue crayons."

"Why did you leave that night? I didn't know how to contact you at all. Bella, I feel something for you. I know it's too soon to call it 'like' but I really do like you, I don't like you just because you slept with me. I want to get to know you better." His eyes were pleading with me for some reason. Why was he so desperate? I could not have had that much affect on a guy as beautiful as him. His words were cutting me deeply. Would he still want me after I told him I was pregnant?

"Edward, I have to tell you something." The seriousness in my voice shut him up immediately and he looked at me, hesitantly.

"What's wrong?" His voice gave way that he was nervous or scared or both. I'm not sure. Here we go.

"I'm pregnant." The room was silent. He didn't say anything. Suddenly the most unexpected thing happened.

Edward POV

I cannot believe I lost her. She was the most beautiful person I have ever met and that night was the most amazing night I have ever had. Sure, I regret doing that particular thing with her so soon, but she was amazing. I just wish I could remember her name, I wish I wasn't drunk that night.

She wasn't like all the other girls. She actually seemed down to earth and she seemed to be a cool person. Someone I really want to get to know better.

"YO! EDWARD, my man!!" Sadly, my neighbor here at UC Berkeley was an annoying guy named Tyler who just so happened to love barging into my room at the most random times.

"What Tyler?" I didn't even bother to hide the annoyance in my voice.

"Dude, I know you're probably busy and stuff, but I just saw the hottest girl in the universe downstairs!" Of course, he bothers me to tell about a girl.

"Look, Tyler I'm kinda really busy now so if you please just leave me alone." Not even bothering to look at his reaction, I just shoved him out of my room.

5 minutes later my doorbell rang. What did that annoying, godforsaken boy want?! Opening the door I was about to yell at him to leave me alone when I saw the most beautiful girl in the whole universe. She looked familiar.

"Hi! Who are you?" Wow, she was really really pretty I'm surprised my voice stayed normal. I need to know who this girl is; I feel like I know her already.

"I'm Bella. May I please come in?" Why didn't I recognize her? If not her face then her name should have rung a bell, right? Why do I know this girl, yet I don't know her at all? She seems so familiar. I had to let her in.

"Um, sure." I stepped aside so she could walk in, still trying to figure out who this goddess was.

"My name is Bella Swan. I like apples and green crayons." It was her. She was the girl. She was here. In my room. In California. She was here. "You're Edward Cullen. You like strawberries and blue crayons." She remembered me! She knows me! Why is she here? Why didn't she come before if she knew who I was?! Why did she leave that night?

"Why did you leave that night? I didn't know how to contact you at all. Bella, I feel something for you. I know it's too soon to call it 'like' but I really do like you, I don't like you just because you slept with me. I want to get to know you better." I was desperate. I needed her like a drug, for some reason. I need her. Some crazy force was driving me to her.

"Edward, I have to tell you something." What was wrong? Something happened to her, didn't it? Why is she so solemn? So many questions were swimming through me head at once.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm pregnant." That was not what I was expecting. She couldn't be pregnant? She just couldn't. I fell for it again. With Tanya, Rebecca, Lauren, and even Jessica. They wanted me for my looks and money. I cannot believe this! She wants my money. She comes here saying she's pregnant so she could get my money. This wasn't happening. She CANNOT be pregnant! She was lying. Along with my heart shattering into a million pieces, anger filled my body like a raging ocean.

Bella POV

"What?! You're lying! I can't believe I fell for you! You're just like all those other girls who tried to sleep with me! Except one difference, you actually did sleep with me! You want me for my money! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Showing up here and telling me that you're pregnant. I used a condom that night; do you think I would be that careless and just get a girl pregnant?! How can you do such a thing?! How much money do you want from me?! TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS?! 20? 30? A MILLION? JUST GO AND BEG FOR THE MONEY IN THE STREETS IF YOU WANT IT YOU WHORE!" His eyes were dark and full of anger, I couldn't take it anymore. I just ran away from him. Ran away from what life I had with anybody from home. I had nobody with me. Jessica was in some finishing school her parents forced her into and she's all the way in Europe. Edward refuses to believe me. I have no other friends except Rosalie and Alice. I'm all alone in Boston.

My parents disowned me.

What do you girls and guys think? Should I continue, did you like it?