Character #1

Name: Penelope Storms [no middle name :[ ]

Age: 15 [bday: Feb. 12th, 1993]

Appearance: Wavy Dark brown hair with green eyes. She has dark navy blue glasses, she cannot see objects from afar. Normal plain pink lips, with a long thin nose that has a slight bump in it. An average body type with the distraction of small feet. Doesn't have a butt whatsoever, [flat bottom xD]. Her teeth are straight with help from braces. Penelope is a little below the average height of a female 5'3. She has a slight tan because she's always out in the sun.

Personality: Penelope is a pretty simple person, she knows who she is and accepts it, she doesn't try to change herself. She sometimes thinks about things twice before jumping into action. On rare events, she can be loud and maybe even sometimes rude. Penelope is overall a caring and calm person.

Hobbies: 1. Penelope sometimes likes to curl up and read a good book and relax.

2. She likes to earn money so she can buy cool necklaces

3. loves colors

4. likes to draw even though she is as terrible as her old english teacher

5. fishing

6. to watch classic old movies

7. to meet or make new friends

Fears: 1. afraid of needles

2. heights

3. cats

4. scary things or movies

5. being alone outside at night

6. someone to attack her while she's sleeping

7. ceiling fans

Character # 2

Name: Earl Beckett

Age: 15 [bday:August 9th, 1993]

Appearance: Earl has shaggy redish brown hair with brown eyes. His face is round, his lips are a darker pink and he has a puggy nose. Earl doesn't usually go to the gym so he's on the skinny side. He has board shoulders and has the hugest feet ever. Earl's bottom is like a small pillow [rofl]. His teeth are white, however he has braces because they aren't the straightest ones. Earl's height is 6'1. He is also pale as heck, he needs to put on sun lotion every time he walks out in the sun.

Personality: Earl is the type of guy who isn't very daring. He is afraid of doing things, because he thinks he will be rejected or made fun of. He however has good judgement when it comes to serious life problems. Earl secretly wants to have someone to comfort and accompany him at all times, he just doesn't show it. Earl is quiet, but when you get him talking he can be quite interesting.

Hobbies: 1. Comics

2. Star wars

3. classic rock music

4. collecting

5. t.v

6. video games

7. food

Fears: 1. rejection

2. embarassment

3. nothing good on t.v

4. people who roleplay

5. jaw breakers

6. most jocks

7. having to clean his room

Alright, those are my two main characters, there will be other characters in here to, but they don't have a important role in the story.

Disclaimer: none of the thief lord characters or the story of the thief lord belongs to me. Only my characters and the plot I added to the thief lord.

IMPORTANT note: the story will be taken place where the gang is in search of the wooden wing

I tried really hard to make my new characters realistic as possible, so tell me what you think! :]

The first chapter will be up soon! Thank you!