It's been two months after that eventful incident. I know right, where does the time go?

After Scipio scared of Aunt Esther and Uncle Max, shortly after, we sent Baby Barbarossa to them so that they could forget about Bo. The plan worked, Aunt Esther cooed on how 'cute' he was and Uncle Max looked down at the 'boy' proudly as if he was his own son.

Three pain in the necks gone.

Everything seemed to work out for the runaways. Scipio became an assistant detective to Victor, his true calling. Hornet, Prosper and Bo fully moved into Ida's house, who was excited to have more company. Mosca actually found his father with the help of Riccio and Scipio. He now lives with him, along with Riccio.

Hornet and Prosper? Yes, Prosper FINALLY got a clue and kissed Hornet one night after dinner. Hornet's reply was, 'About time.' I was watching them from the open upstairs window to know this.

Enough about them, you're probably wondering about Earl and I right?

We actually became friends with some of the people we hated with a passion. Don't judge a book by its cover eh? Along with the new alliances, we also gained some future penpals from Italy. Talk about long distance relationship. Over the three months, something....shocking happened. Milkayla and Earl got together. They informed me about this new relationship after the picnic we had with Ida and the others.

I honestly thought they hated each other. Seems like it was just love hate. I thought that type of situation only happens in movies.

Now...your probably wondering if I myself have a new romance. The answer is no, (shocker), however, it's beginning of something new. I actually got to know Scipio better and quickly got used to his confidence. He is a lot more happier now that he's a grown up. He also promised to send me letters and emails each week, to continue the 'oh so' interesting conversations we have.

Of course when Earl found out about this, he went all 'ohhhh!' and started doing his annoying act of a girl swooning over her 'prince charming'. I then started to tease him about Mikayla, and that quickly shut him up. Good times shall come between the three of us. Mostly all the laughs will be Mikayla and I embarrassing Earl like we always do. It should be a sport.


The day is Tuesday, August 29th. I knew this day would come, however the impact of despair that filled my heart the minute I woke up, I didn't prepare for. Today was the day Moonsoon Highschool leaves Italy. Today was also the day we leave our closest friends. I feel like I did back in middle school, leaving my friends knowing that I probably won't talk to them in highschool.

I sighed, placing all my clothes in the barely touched suitcase. This is the hardest thing I have ever done.

A knock at the door erupted my thoughts,

"Hey are you awake in there?" Earl's voice came from outside the door.

Walking over, I opened the hotel door and leaned against it.


Earl frowned, "Why so glum?"

Glaring, I remarked, "Do you realize that today is the day we leave Italy? And all our new friends?"

His reply, "I'm fully aware of that. But Penelope, its not like we're never going to see them again. We can probably come back on some holiday. AND we'll be talking to them through computers."

Oh look, its Earl the wise.

However, he's right.

Pulling Earl into the room, I said, "Yeah, it just feels that part of my heart will be missing after we leave."

"Aw, totally a heart to heart conversation."

I snapped, "Stop it! Or I'll tell Mikayla about how you actually DIDN'T throw away your star wars collection."

That threat seemed to work.

Earl shrugged helplessly, "Alright alright. I know you'll be fine Penelope. Last night, I was worrying too. But, you just have to tell yourself that paradise doesn't last forever. Though, the memories and friends you gain will be forever. No matter how many miles separates them from us."

I stared at Earl in disbelief.

"That was one of the deepest things you ever said."

Earl smiled and brushed himself off, "You know Penelope...I'm a changed man. I reckon Dad will be shocked."

Rolling my eyes, I threw a pillow at him, "Oh yeah."

After that, a huge epic pillow fight started. It washed away my worries and fears. Everything will be fine. When Earl says it, I know I should believe it.


Mikayla panicked, "It's almost time!"

All three of us were in the hotel lobby, with our bags and suitcases. The gang, Victor and Ida were also there, to bid their last goodbyes and watch us leave in the taxi to the airport.

Ida pulled Earl and I into a tight hug, "You keep in touch now won't you?"

I reassured grinning, "Sure thing."

Next was Victor who grinned sheepishly, shook Earl firmly by the hand and hugged me awkwardly. I noticed he had his fake mustache on.

Ripping it off quickly, I stated, "Ya know, you really gotta get some new props Mister Getz."

He slightly yelped in pain, covering his mouth.

"I shall look into that Signora."

Hornet hugged me and ushered, 'we'll miss you' before handing me a book from her back.

Charles Dickinson. This girl is amazing. I thanked her before going off and ruffling Riccio's hair who glared up at me annoyed.

Always the grumpy kid we all know and love. Mosca and his father beamed at Earl and I, wishing us a safe return.

Earl smacked Prosper over the back, "What will you do without us?"

Prosper chuckled lightly and replied sarcastically, "I honestly don't know."

Bo ran up to me moments later, holding up a kitten.

"You can have one of my kittens!"

Kneeling down, I smiled at the angelic boy, "I really don't think your kitten will like it back at my home. But thank you for the offer."

A small smile appeared on his face, "You'll write, right?"

Earl leaned down slightly, "Of course, we'll mail you chocolates every week."

Bo squeaked with joy as Prosper glared at Earl. He obviously doesn't like that idea. Bo Chocolate=Disaster?

Last but not least, Scipio walked up to us. Prosper and Bo quickly joined the other group. Scipio smirked slightly, gently grabbed my hand and kissed it,

"It has been a pleasure having you around Miss Storms."

I felt heat rush to my face, "Oh, I bet it was. Your royal highness."

Earl snorted a little, making Scipio turn to him.

"Well, I guess this is a goodbye, Earl."

It was like two business men engaging in their last conversation before the company they owned comes to an end.

Earl shrugged, "Yeah. I guess."

Scipio held out his hand, hesitantly Earl grabbed it. As if they were trying to break each other's fingers...boys.

Mikayla appeared at my side, "I say they should HUG."

Earl and Scipio protested at the same time, breaking the intense handshake, "No way."

I laughed. One of the things I shall miss here in Italy.

We all talked for awhile, until I felt a tap on my shoulder. Michelle.

She said sadly, "Your taxi is here Signora."

Everyone heard, for the chattering was silenced.

"Well, I guess this is it then, huh?" I chuckled nervously.

Mikayla, Earl and I picked up our bags slowly and made our way to the front doors, the others following close behind. The taxi man helped us throw our backs in the back and settled himself in the front.

Mikayla and Earl piled into the car, I was about to, however, I looked back to the others who were standing there waiting to see us take off. I waved slightly, and jumped into the taxi, slamming it behind me.

The taxi man stated, "To the airport."

The car started and pulled away from the hotel. Ripping open the window, all three of us waved,


Earl shouted, "This isn't the last you heard of us!"

The taxi traveled farther and farther away. I kept my gaze on our friends before they were out of sight.


The sadness yet again melted off as I laughed, watching Earl and Mikayla bicker of the small toys.


The plane ride home was endless. Earl fell asleep on Mikayla's shoulder, I cheekily pointed out that he was drooling, making Mikayla push him off and try to get rid of the disgusting substance. Earl, who is the deepest sleeper ever, didn't even budge and continued to snore and annoy the people around us.



The taxi stopped in front of my house.

Mikayla stated before getting out of the car, "Well, I gotta go meet my parents. I'll call you later tonight!"

Earl smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips before she left. I coughed, pretending to be disgusted.

"Oh, go dream about your lover boy Scipio."


Earl paid the taxi man, we watched him drive off at the sidewalk.

Gripping tighter to his stuff, Earl said, "Judgement day. I'm gonna go show off the new ME to my father!"

"Good luck with that!" I laughed.

Earl ran across the street, and to his house. Before opening the door and going inside, he turned and waved at me, "We'll do this again sometime!" He started to the the little phone gesture.

No matter how much Earl changes, he will always be the little nerd inside.

I rushed over to my front door, I wonder if my parents will throw a 'welcome back' party for me?

Opening the door, I popped in, "I'm home!"

Everything happened so fast. Before I knew it, my mom shot out of the kitchen embracing me tightly.

I coughed, "Well I wasn't expecting that."

Dad came from the living room grinning widely before taking my stuff for me.

"Welcome back kiddo"

It like he hasn't called me that in years.

Mom broke apart before speaking quickly, "How was Italy? What did you get? Were the sights great? How was the hotel? Did you sleep well? Were you mugged? Did you get things stolen?!"

"Mom, mom. One question at a time please. However, I'll one. NO, we didn't get robbed. Geez mom, Italy isn't full of thieves!"

Just full of adventurous, trouble making ones.


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