Hi everyone,

soooo I've been getting a lot of emails and pms and reviews asking where I am. For those of you who are still reading (which can't be many as I'm such a crappy person for not updating (which I am really really sorry for)) I just wanted to explain why I haven't updated, especially after I promised I would;

About a week after I posted, things sorta went downhill for me and I tried to kill myself. As you can see I'm still here, but things have been really hard for me, so I wasn't able to update. I am soooooooo unbelievably sorry it wasn't fair for you guys of me not to put up a new ch! and now I'm trying to handle that on top of starting school which has also been very difficult, so I haven't had any time to write.

Once again I am soooooooo sorry, I never meant to leave you guys hanging. I'm going to keep trying to update, but please bare with me because I AM trying and I already feel absolutely terrible for leaving you guys waiting this long! I am begging for your forgiveness I never meant to make you guys wait!

xoxo DevineRose