An Introduction If You Will

So after watching the first two seasons of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles I was hopeful this show would get a third season. However FOX TV did not have my enthusiasm for the show.

On that note I do not own any of the characters in this story and I am just writing this story in my opinion of what would happen. All Terminator terms, people, and past season info belong to FOX, WB, and I'm sure fifty other companies. This story, however, is mine.

Summary of the Show: The show focuses around Sarah and John Connor and his female guardian, Cameron. The events are set after the movie Terminator 2, but before Terminator 3 and so on. In the first season we see John find out that Skynet wants to kill him and a terminator named Cameron was sent back through time to protect him. The main enemy was Cromartie. It was T-888 terminator that was eventually used as the body for John Henry. John doesn't want to run anymore, he wants to fight Skynet head on. In season two it was about small battles to try and slow down Skynet and discovering more about Cameron and her malfunctions after she suffered a car bomb at the end of season 1. Here is a breakdown of the key players of the series so you can jump right into my Fictional Story of Season 3.

John Connor – Leader of the Future Resistance that will save the humans from total elimination from the machine network called Skynet. In this story he is about 18-20 years old. The nuclear war that starts the war doesn't happen for years so for now he is just a normal guy trying to learn to be the leader he must become in the future.

Skynet – A network of self aware computers that believe humans are a threat to its survival and wants them all terminated after it starts the nuclear war. In order to combat the humans, they made various types of machines that look like humans on the outside, but a metal endoskeleton that is almost un-killable with the weapons of our time. Most common form of terminator is the T-600 model which is a machine with rubber skin, and the T-888 model which look exactly like everyday humans.

Sarah Connor – John's mother. She is very untrusting of all terminators, even though the future resistance sent a protector terminator to save her son John at a young age in Terminator 2. She has fought terminators before in Terminator 1 and 2. She is always trying to keep John close to protect him.

Cameron – A new prototype of terminator chassis called the TOK-715. Looks exactly like a human female about 20 years old and is a protector for John sent from the future. She was John's most trusted machine in the future after he re-programmed her. Her best role is infiltration.

Catherine Weaver – A rare terminator type from the T-1000 series model. She is made of liquid metal. Her background consists of refusing to help the future John Connor, but in this current time, she had allied herself with him. She is a business person that owns a big corporation (Zeira Corp) that deals in a lot of higher technology deals.

John Henry – In the beginning of the show, John Henry was just an AI on a hard drive called the "Turk" Catherine Weaver was able to capture a T-888 model (with no CPU) for it to grow into so it could become mobile, speak, and learn at a rapid pace. However it was immobile since the "Turk" was a computer hard drive plugged into its head. It is hinted around that it is the "Good" version of Skynet that doesn't want the war. However it is a new and young AI.

James (Agent) Ellison – A FBI agent that has quit his job and now works for Catherine Weaver. He was trying to teach John Henry ethics and morals in season 2 of the show.

Savannah Weaver – Catherine Weaver's daughter, however she is human.

Season 2 leaves off as Cameron breaking Sarah Connor out of jail. By doing so took a decent amount of damage that added to her internal glitches and damage from a car bomb she suffered from the end of season 1. She was in pretty bad shape. After getting a message that Cameron knew about from Weaver, they fled to Catherine Weaver's office right after breaking Sarah out of jail. Sarah and John went to talk to Weaver, trying to buy time for Cameron to destroy John Henry, which was believed at the time that it was Skynet. Skynet attacked the building causing Weaver, John, and Sarah to go to the basement. There we see that Cameron sat in a chair disabled without her CPU. Weaver said it looked like Cameron gave up her CPU, so John Henry could become mobile. Weaver then said that John Henry used the time displacement equipment to jump to the future and she was going to follow him. John sided with Weaver and Sarah and Ellison stayed behind. John jumped into the future with Weaver and realized that the only way to get Cameron back is to find John Henry.

With all the commotion that occurred from Weaver and John Connor jumping into the future, Weaver decided that it would be best for her to disappear. She figured that the humans would not take too kindly to find a human and a T-1000 spawning out of thin air. John noticing that he was naked took some clothes that were lying on the floor next to what seemed to be a human soldier's bed. He quickly put on the clothes and heard dogs barking and men coming his way. John threw his hands in the air to surrender. John looked around for Weaver to help explain the situation, but she was long gone. How she disappeared so quickly was beyond John. He was shocked to see Derek coming in after the two other soldiers.

"Derek?" John asked.

"Yeah, who are you kid?" Derek replied.

"I'm John Connor." John stated thinking that now it would be alright.

"Anyone know a John Connor?" Derek asked looking at his men. The other men looked in denial and had no clue who this man said he was. "Well John Connor, I am sure you will be quite famous in a minute. You are wearing my brother's uniform." Derek blurted out at him. John turned around and saw Kyle Reese and stood frozen looking at the girl he remembered so well.

This is where the season two ends and where my story of season 3 begins! Enjoy!

Chapter 1: So Why Are You Here?

"So really kid, who are you and where did you come from. Are you a gray or just a thief?" Derek asked snapping John back to his attention. Derek sounded like he was sort of agitated.

"Relax Derek, he is just a kid." Kyle said trying to get Derek to back down a little. "So what is your story, Connor?"

"Honestly, it is a long story Sir." John said sort of coy.

"Good, you will have plenty of time to tell us." Derek said tapping his foot on the floor.

"Look, if I tell you, you will just think I'm crazy and probably shoot me." John said really not knowing what to say.

"I've seen and heard some pretty messed up stuff kid. Try me." Derek responded.

"Okay, I traveled from the past to this time, because in my version of the past, a machine is reprogrammed to be my protector and she died because someone took her chip, and now I am here to get it back, then go back home then save the world from this war by stopping Skynet before the nuclear attacks." John explained to Derek just waiting for him to reply.

"Damn." Derek said. "You're right. Allison, go get him a new pair of clothes, then lock him in a holding cell. I don't trust this kid, and I want answers before I let him walk around like a free man." Derek commanded Allison.

"Yes sir." Allison said as the dog followed her every move.

"Connor it won't be long. I'll talk to my thick skulled brother. He got a check minus as a kid in school on playing well with others. He has been pissed about it since." Kyle said making fun of his brother and tried to give John some reassurance.

Allison smiled at John and told him to follow her. After walking around in the tunnels for a while, Allison brought him to what seemed to be a bunk room. It wasn't much. Just some old torn blankets on the floor and some spare clothes. She picked out a few clothes for John and handed it to him.

"Put these on and stay here. I will be back in 5 minutes." Allison said. "I will be kind enough to leave you be while you change."

John put on the new clothes. All in all, they actually did fit him a little better; grant there were still what appeared to be bullet holes and burn marks in them. After he changed he sat down for a bit.

"This headache is killing me, jumping though time is really starting to suck." John said to himself. "Not only does this suck, now that I am in the future, no one believes me at all. How the hell am I supposed to get out of this mess?"

Slowly, John got up and started to wonder what happened to Weaver and John Henry.

Allison came around the corner and looked at John.

"Sorry, but orders are orders. Are you ready?" Allison asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready." John said softly.

Allison led him around some more tunnels and into a room. It really wasn't a horrible place to be kept prisoner. It did have two guards ready to take care of anyone that was going to try and escape.

Just as Allison was about to close the door, she studied John.

"When you first looked at me John, you stared like you knew me. How is that possible? I for one have never seen you." Allison questioned him.

"Maybe I can tell you sometime, hopefully sooner than later." John said.

Allison shut the door to go report back to Kyle and Derek. John sat down on the ground holding his pounding head when he noticed she left him some food on the ground.

Weaver walked around for hours until she finally found John Henry standing around surveying the land. It was a quiet area considering the rest of the world was at war.

"Hello Ms. Weaver. I see that you have found me." John Henry said still staring off into the distance.

"Yes, John Henry. I have found you. Have you found what you have been looking for?" Weaver asked.

"Indeed I have Ms. Weaver. I know you told me all about the war before, but I needed to see it with my own eyes. I see now that the humans will not win this war without our help. John will also need Cameron to protect him as he will also need us to assist him in the past. How is John, knowing that Cameron gave me her chip?" John Henry asked.

"You probably can ask him soon enough. He followed me here into this time. His commitment to his machine outweighed his commitment to his own flesh and blood mother." Weaver said.

"I did not predict that he would do that Ms. Weaver. I will have to recalculate a plan to get us all back through time safely now. But even if we all go back to the past right now, he isn't quite strong or wise enough to know how to win this war." John Henry commented.

"I know. We can train him faster. However, the main key lies with his protector, Cameron."

"Why exactly must it be her Ms. Weaver? I have access to all of her files and I really don't see why she is the main key to everything." John Henry asked.

"Sometime when John Connor is truly ready to lead, I will tell you and everyone else everything I have seen before. Until then, that secret will be mine to keep." Weaver told John Henry.

"I understand Ms. Weaver. I can only calculate that you must have jumped in time before. Using your previous comments, your first jump wasn't back in time far enough so Cameron hasn't had the timeframe to become this key you talk about, and the human race was already doomed." John Henry thought out loud.

"You are a quick learner John Henry. Keep that thought to yourself. Let us hope that this third jump back in time will be enough." Weaver keenly looked at John Henry. "How much time do you need before you are ready to go home?"

"I only need another two days. Skynet is already building the prototype endoskeleton of the new TOK-715. I will need John Connor and Allison however to complete the process and be ready to time travel back to where we left." John Henry explained to Weaver.

"I will get you the girl and our hero; you get back to work on the TOK-715." Weaver said as she walked away from John Henry and back to the human resistance's camp where she left John.