A/N: Welcome to the sequel to In Harry We Trust. Please read that first otherwise very little of this is going to make any sense whatsoever. That being said, I don't own the characters and even some of the originals came from names that originated elsewhere. Enjoy!

Sunlight streamed in through the dense green leaves and highlighted the forest floor beneath in an odd glowing green color. The trees were packed together so tightly that only small rays of light were able to penetrate through, illuminating the forest floor and the numerous creatures that scurried here and there away from each other or towards their latest meal. The calm that had afforded in the jungle was just that, complete and utter calm; trees swaying in the gentle breeze while the only real noise to speak of was the movement of the leaves or of the larger animals nearby.

KABOOM! The quiet and peace of the jungle was suddenly broken by the sound of splintering trees and thudding footsteps. Large trunks were flung into the air to smash down to earth taken some of its dead brethren with it, sliding through the meadows and falling endlessly into the nearby cliffs and rivers. Shouts of human voices could be heard now over the large racket as shouts of Latin phrases precluded flashes of different colored lights.

The crashing was getting closer now as the trees were continually flung out of the way, clearing a large path for a massive creature. The leaves and bushes broke apart as two men in black cloaks ran past the pristine clearing and made a break for the nearby tree line like the devil himself were on their heels. Breaking through the trees the two men continued to run, shouting at each other as they did.

"I told you to take a left, not a right! This is your entire fault, you know!" One of the figures yelled to the other as they ducked a series of branches, a few scraping past and taking fabric with them.

"My fault! You're the one that starting shooting first without even thinking about it!" His shorter companion dodged as a massive tree trunk flew over their heads to crash down a few hundred feet in front of them. The pair changed directions, sprinting off into the dense jungle still together.

"What's there to think about?" He ducked and maneuvered around a large stump continuing to sprint into the heavy foliage.

"It's a riddle, you idiot." Another tree trunk slammed into the ground nearby, throwing the man forward. His partner helped him to his feet as they continued on. "If this is what he had in mind, then I'm going to turn myself in as soon as we get back."

"Travel the world…meet interesting people…purge our world of those unworthy….no one ever says we're going to be chased through an unknown jungle, and possibly eaten by…" He was cut off as another large mass of tree slammed into a nearby patch, ripping them all up by the roots.

The two men shared a brief look before sprinting down a large hill towards a small valley. Nestled in the valley was a pristine looking river that offered a great view of the mountains around them; as the water meandered through the valley it ended in a large ford that would later empty out into the much larger ocean several miles away. The pair were aiming for a pillar of smoke that was coming up from the nearer side of the river, but from this distance it was still hard to discern what it really was, but the men didn't care if it was only a boat so long as it moved faster than what was chasing them.

As the men broke through the jungle the creature behind them roared fiercely, letting everyone in the ten mile radius know that it was royally pissed. The men barely stopped to think as they continued to sprint through the packed jungle; jumping over branches, ducking tree roots and dodging around less volatile animals. They didn't care if they ran straight up the throat of a smaller predator, so long as it got them away from the larger one chasing them.

The pair broke through the final clearing to see the shores of the river with a small building sitting near the water's edge; it was a one story cabin made of wood with two small square windows that looked out back the way they had come. There was a short dock that came out into the deeper section of the river, but there was no boat moored at the dock. Pausing only briefly the pair rushed to the door of the building and dashed inside, locking the door tightly.

"Like that's going to stop it. Where's the bloody portkey?" The larger of the two split off and started searching the dingy room that they had entered. The cabin had been sectioned off into various rooms by half-wall dividers that still offered views of everything going on within the rest of the cabin. Currently it appeared to be abandoned, but with a fire roaring in the nearby stone hearth and not a speck of dust on any of the furniture.

"He's not going to be happy if we come back empty handed, you know." His partner split off to the other side of the large room searching under and around various things with his wand. Flipping the piece of wood in a complicated fashion on each item he came near he groaned and moved on to the next before moving to the next wall.

"I don't care, he is much better than that thing out there and that is really saying something." The other man was answered by a roaring sound that seemed to be getting closer. They shared a brief look and then started searching faster, upturning the furniture and pulling everything out of the drawers that they could find.

"Daryl….Steve…Puff?" The smaller one kept muttering under his breath as he moved around still scanning with his wand.

"Shut up and just find the damn thing, we're going to be killed any second and you're still working on that stupid riddle." The larger man finished his half of the cabin and started searching the other half as well, overlapping with his partner.

"I'm telling you that the answer is there, we just need to figure it out. I wasn't a Ravenclaw for nothing; although my current actions seem to suggest otherwise. How do we know if this is the right tomb anyway; it could be any number of them?"

"He was certain this was it."

"Then why did he send us?" The smaller exclaimed as he grabbed a pot off the top of the mantle. "Screw this; I'm using the floo to get out of here. It's not here, let's just go somewhere else, anywhere is better than here."

"The floo can be tracked, you know that. Our contact said…" The larger started, still scanning around until a large tree trunk slammed into the cabin. The trunk pierced the roof and tumbled through the far wall, splitting it in half with most of it falling backwards into the river.

The two men rushed to both of the windows on the near side of the cabin to the clearing that they had just run through. Each took up a window and stared out at the tree line several hundred yards away. They could just barely make out a black shape moving between the trees almost as if it was uncertain to venture into the sunlight. A single large foot protruded from the trees and into the sunlight. The skin was scaly and mottled in grey and green spots here and there; the whole foot about the size of a good sedan with three toes each capped with a razor sharp claw. The foot retracted slowly just as another tree sailed over the line and took out the other half of the far wall exposing the house to the river now.

"Destination, Desire….damn what was the rest of that." The younger man kept talking to himself as the older rushed over to the hearth and threw in some green powder from the pot on the mantle. The flames glowed green for a second and then flickered before changing back to normal.

"I've tried the floo and there's no portkey. Our only shot is apparition, but I have no idea where we even are. Our contact was supposed to provide a way in and out." The larger, older, man stood straight up and joined his companion at his window, staring across the clearing at the trees.

"We're going to die here man, we're going to die!" The smaller man clutched at the other's shoulders. "I never even got to tell her I love her. Oh God, we are going to be torn to shreds and eaten!" He cried to the heavens before his companion slapped him a little too hard, knocking him into the wall.

"We're not going to die if we both stick together and remember our training."

"What training? All they ever told us was 'point and shoot', oh and to run away if the Aurors show up. Honestly, you'd expect a pureblood supremacy movement to be more organized, but oh well."

"You know, you're right. I always figured we would be learning advanced spells and things to use on our enemies, but it's always the same stuff. Unforgivables this and Unforgivables that…." They were interrupted by a rather fierce roar that came over the clearing as the dark shape started to move into the sunlight. Not spending any time at the windows the two rushed to the middle of the cabin.

"I don't care where we end up, anywhere is better than here." The older man moved to grab the younger by the arm intending to disappear together.

"Wait, what about splinching?" The younger man still moved to grasp the other's arm even as he asked his question.

"Who cares? If we loose an arm or a leg maybe they'll let us sit out the next raid, at least we'll still be alive. Now then, where should I aim for?" The older seemed to be in deep thought even as the thudding of large footsteps was coming closer.

"Anywhere, Anywhere! Send us to Azkaban, the Ministry of Magic, Albus Dumbledore's bath tub, I don't care." The smaller man was now openly sweating, holding onto the arm even more.

The large thudding footsteps seemed to be gathering momentum and they both knew that with the size of the creature it wouldn't take long to traverse the small distance and be upon them. Indeed shadows were already being cast over the small cabin by the much larger form that was starting to loom over it. The holes in the roof from the massive trees that had been thrown through it offered the first glimpse of the creature up close, the stone colored jaw that dripped drool from massive sized teeth as it opened the jaws to swallow the two men whole.

Screaming like little girls the two men clutched at each other as the creature moved in for the kill. At the last possible moment the older twisted slightly and the pair of Death Eaters vanished from the spot leaving a small piece of fabric, part of an eyebrow, and the distinct stench of urine behind them. Snapping its jaws closed around air now the creature bellowed in anger at the loss of its meal, but it slid out of the cabin and started off back through the jungle towards where it had started.

As the creature moved away the boards and planks of the cabin started to reform. The outer walls pulled itself out of the river and melted seamlessly back into the mold of the rest of the cabin. The holes in the roof slowly reformed like a wound closing up, sealing slowly and then leaving a completely unblemished polished wood behind. Finally within the cabin the furniture righted itself, the drawers slowly pulling themselves together as the cabin was reset back to what it had been before. A fire still glowed in the hearth with a solid column of grey smoke that curled up from the chimney. The silence of the jungle was restored once more, as the creature moved back to its slumber and sanctuary.