I apologize for not having the time to get back to this story in quite some time. I still intend to at least finish the first year of the story, but for right now I haven't had the time to get it done. The reason for this announcement is two fold, the first part is that I do intend to get back to these stories and have quite a lot already written for the next part of the series, the second announcement is that I am starting my own review and edit team for my original work.

If you are interested in doing some review and edit work on some science fiction / fantasy stories, then I would gladly accept anyone and everyone who wants to come on board. Right now I have a community over on Google+ named Hollow Press. This group will be available to anyone that wants to help me out and only help me with my writing. You will be given advanced copies of my work when I get it done and the finished product ahead of the release on Amazon. I welcome any and all constructive criticism on my sotries and would love to talk plot or dialogue with anyone.

Thank you all for all the support and love that I have gotten from this community over the years.