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CHAPTER 2-Succubus+Fangires

A voice speaks up, "Last Time on Decade+Vampire Tsukasa had transformed into Kamen Rider Decade and we saw Moka in her vampire form, they beat back Saizou but more trouble is around the corner."

It's been about a week since Tsukasa and Moka's fight with Saizou, and since Tsukasa's weird transformation into Kamen Rider Decade and since then Tsukasa has been trying to figure out the mystery that is the Decadriver but to no luck. It is now a new day of school as Moka and Tsukasa are heading to there classroom together.

Moka looks at Tsukasa and asks, "So you say that you found the…what did you call it again?"

Tsukasa answers, "The decadriver Moka."

Moka nods. "Right, the Decadriver before you got onto the bus to come here?"

Tsukasa nods in agreement. "Yeah it was laying right there like it was calling me."

Moka blinks. "Calling you?" It was just a machine. Alright, an amazing machine, but still a machine.

Tsukasa nods. "Yeah so I picked it up and then when we faced Saizou and I suddenly knew how to use it, and then I changed into Decade."

Moka smiles. "Well Tsukasa I am sure we will learn more about it but for now let's just enjoy the day."

Tsukasa smiles. "Yeah you're right Moka, for now let's enjoy the day."

Moka fidgets a bit and gets close to Tsukasa

Tsukasa and Moka walk into the school unaware they are being watched by a blue-haired girl who was very top-heavy.

The girl watches on. "Tsukasa will be mine."

It's a little bit later during a break in between classes. Moka is waiting near some steps in the hall for Tsukasa to get back from getting her something to drink when she hears someone yelling for her.

Moka looks around. "Who is yelling for me?"

A blue-haired girl slides down banister and jumps showing her panties to the males that are now watching. "You Moka Akashiya."

Moka blinks, "Yes can I help you?"

The girl smirks. "My name is Kurumu Kurono and I will make Tsukasa mine," she challenges.


Kurumu gives a wink before dashing off.


Tsukasa got sidetracked when he went to get Moka something to drink. He starts to take photos using his camera. The scenery, though a bit eerie, has an odd charm to it. He is planning only to take just a few quick snapshots but then hears a groan.


Tsukasa shivered but follows the voice. He then sees a girl on her knees and clutching her chest. He knows all the students and staff in the school were monsters, but he just can't ignore a girl in need.

"Miss, are you alright?" he asks as he places a comforting hand on her shoulder. She turns her head and Tsukasa blushes. 'Wow, she's cute,' he thought. "Are you alright?"

"It's…my chest…" she answers. Tsukasa helps her up but she falls forward, pressing her breasts against his chest. He gulps as he feels the soft mounds against his chest.

"Miss, do you need to go to the nurse's office?" he asks her, gulping a little.

"Oh, you're such a sweet boy," she purrs. "Just…can you…look into my eyes?"

As Tsukasa looks into her eyes the girl unleashes her Charm power on Tsukasa. The girl then smirks. "I got you now, Tsukasa. You're all mine now."

As the Succubus's power starts to affect Tsukasa he suddenly grabs his head in pain. "AHHHH IT HURTS!!!" Tsukasa falls to his knees still holding his head in pain as many images flood his head, depicting armored guys like the one he'd changed into fighting...the same Rider he'd changed into and losing. "MAKE IT STOP!!"

Kurumu is taken aback by this. "Wh...what is going on? This has never happened before."

Moka after hearing Tsukasa screams comes running. She demanded, "What did you do to him Kurumu?"

Kurumu shakes her head. "Nothing. I just used the power that all succubi have but this has never happened before."

Finally Tsukasa collapses after the final image in his head is of Decade and a black armored Rider punch each other and explode.

Moka runs over to Tsukasa and checks him. "He just fainted," she says with some measure of relief.

Kurumu sighs a little in relief. "But this is weird. Why did he do that? No one else has."

Moka looks at Kurumu accusingly. "Kurumu, why were you trying to make Tsukasa yours?"

Kurumu gets a smug look on her face. "Because he is my Destined One."

Moka glances at Tsukasa and then looks back too Kurumu. "Your Destined One?"

Kurumu nods. "That means he is destined to be with me."

Before Moka can say anything else, her Kurumu and the unconscious Tsukasa are surrounded by 4 creatures that have some type of stained glass pattern covering them.

Moka holds Tsukasa close to protect him."What do you want?"

One of the stained glass creatures that bears some resemblance to a crane walks up and answers, "We are here for him. Now give him to us or we will have to hurt you both."

Kurumu's fingernails grow and become razor sharp claws as a pair of bat-like wings grow out of her back as she gets in front of Moka and Tsukasa. Moka gets a look of surprise on her face. "Kurumu?"

Kurumu snorts. "Don't get the wrong idea. I am only protecting my Destined One."

Moka smiles a little. "Alright I understand."

The crane-like creature growls. "So it's going to be the hard way. Very well. My fellow Fangires, attack them now."

The other three creatures; one that looks like a horse, another the looks like a moth and the third one that looks like a crab, all go after Kurumu who tries to fight back.

Kurumu is doing her best to fight back but the Fangires are overwhelming her. "Damn it, I know." Kurumu flies up into the air.

The Moth Fangire looks up and laughs. "You think you get us by flying. What a pitiful try." The Fangire then releases some type of spore or dust that goes around Kurumu that causes bruises and scratches causing her to scream in a bit in pain and fall down in front of Moka and the still unconscious Tsukasa.

Kurumu groans a little and tries to stand up but is really shaky. "Ow…that hurt. This is bad."

The Fangires close in on Kurumu. "Time for you to die succubus." Kurumu eyes get wide in fear as she is too hurt to move. "" Just as the Fangires are about to kill her they hear Moka's crying out Tsukasa's name. At this they hear the Crane Fangire's scream of outrage which causes them all to look over at Moka and Tsukasa who is now up and holding a card. He has the Decadriver on his waist.

Tsukasa has a determined look on his face. "I won't let you hurt Kurumu-chan anymore. She protected me so it's my turn to protect her." Kurumu has a look of joy on her face after Tsukasa's words.

The Crane Fangire growls. "Just who do you think you are?!"

Tsukasa smirks as he places the card into the Decadriver and slams it closed. "I'm just a Kamen Rider who's coming to school here! You better remember that! HENSHIN!"

The Decadervier calls out, "KAMEN RIDE: DECADE!" Several emblems, the ones around the window of the buckle, appear around him and transform into images of armored men. They overlap him and a polished black suit of armor appears on him then a then a red light flies around him giving the illusion of cards impacting his helmet forming stripes and irregularly elevated steps like a twisted crown. Across his chest a white and black cross or sword goes from the upper left shoulder to lower right ribs turning the side panels maroon and white

Decade looks at the Fangires and smirks under his helmet. "Kurumu-chan, thank you for defending me. Now it is my turn to defend you and Moka.

The Crane Fangire signals for the other three to attack Decade, "Kill Decade!"

Decade looks at the three Fangires that have surrounded him. "Heh, looks like I am surrounded." The Fangires laugh as they think they have Decade.

Decade then forms his Ride Booker into its gun mode and pulls out a card an places it into the Decadriver and closes it at which point the Decaderiver calls out, "ATTACK RIDE: BLAST!" Decade fires his Ride Booker and as he does several transparent versions of the Ride Booker in gun mode appear around the Rider Booker and fire alongside it and hit two of the three Fangires, causing them to be blasted backwards.

The Fangire that didn't get hit jumps back to the Crane Fangire who has a hold of Kurumu and Moka. "Stop right there Decade or these two get hurt," the Fangire wars. Decade stops and stands there helplessly. "Moka, Kurumu-chan, I am sorry I got you into this situation."

Moka smiles. "It's ok Tsukasa. Go ahead and get him. We will be fine."

Kurumu smirks and she manages to cut the Crane Fangires arm and grabs Moka and jumps back. "You're good to go Tsukasa."

A card flies into Decades hands as it depicts a face and the name Kamen Rider Kiva. "Interesting. let's try it." Decade places the card into the Decadriver and closes it at which point the Decadriver calls out, "KAMEN RIDE: KIVA!" Decade's armor changes into Kamen Rider Kiva's armor and Decade as Kiva brushes his hands off. "Now then. Let's do this."

The Crane and Crab Fangire look on in a bit of fear. "K...Kiva!?" the Crab Fangire exclaimed. The Crane Fangire growls. "No it's just Decade. We can beat him. We just need to attack him together. NOW ATTACK!" They both charge at Decade.

Decade smirks behind his helmet. "Heh, too bad you lose." Decade pulls out a card and places it into the Decadriver as it calls out. "FINAL ATTACK RIDE: Ki-Ki-Ki-KIVA!" The chains around the iron boot of Kiva's armor shattered and the boot opened to reveal a pair of wings. Decade then jumps into the air and does a back flip-like move and comes down on the Fangire and kicks them both causing them to explode.

"Who's next?" Decade as Kiva asks the Horse and Moth Fangires.

Both Fangires look at each other and nod before the Horse Fangire speaks up, "We will get you next time Decade. Count on it." They both run off before they too are destroyed.

Decade pulls the Decadriver off and his armor vanishes as he walks over toward Moka and Kurumu. "Are you two ok?"

Moka smiles and nods, "Yes Tsukasa. I think we both are ok."

Kurumu looks at Tsukasa and adds, "Thank you Tsukasa."

Tsukasa smiles grabs Kurumu's hand. "I know what you were trying to do Kurumu-chan and while I am disappointed, you did put yourself in harms way to protect me and Moka so if you want I will be your friend."

Kurumu blinks and blushes. "Ok friends...with benefits."Aat this she jumps onto Tsukasa planting his face in between her breasts.

Tsukasa falls to the ground with Kurumu onto of him. "Gahh!?!"

Moka frowns and tries to pull Kurumu off. The scene freezes at this and it zooms out to reveal the picture is in the middle of the Decadriver.

A voice starts talking. "Decade has gained a new admirer and a new card, but it seems that his troubles are not yet over for it seems there is magic in the air, what does that mean for Tsukasa find out next time on DECADE PLUS VAMPIRE!"


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