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Chapter 25:

The Final Word

Dear Near,

I know you worked hard for the title of becoming the next L. I am sorry to have taken it away from you. I know that Matt and Mello are probably the last people on Earth you want to see but don't remove them from your lives completely. Despite when Mello says he hates you, some part inside of him wars with himself. He wants to be the one to beat you and he won't let anyone else do that. Maybe since the rivalry has been taken away, you two can be friends.

And I know Near cared for Matt and me both. I'm sorry I was unable to give you either. Please accept my apologies.


Lawliet "L"

Dear Mello,

If you are reading this, I am dead. You have always taken a special interest in the LABB murder cases. As much as I wished you didn't take an interest in that specific case, you found out about it and did take an interest. I never thought you'd have to meet the murderer. I never thought he'd get his hands on you. For that, I am truly sorry. I never wanted you to go out into the world on your own quite so earlier. I knew you out of all my heirs were probably the most capable but I never wanted you to get involved in the mafia. I did not learn of your involvement with the mafia until I was contacted by your right hand man, Rod.

As you know, as L, I had connections with shady characters. Rod would be one of those I had connections with. It was a reason why you were able to leave for London so easily. Although, his loyalty to you was his own. I merely used him to keep tabs on you once I learned about your involvements, although I'm sure that once you regained your memory, you put two and two together about Rod.

I'm sorry for giving you something to compete for and then taking it away in the very end. I would have never been able to choose an heir. Apart, Near and Mello would never achieve what I have but together, together you two surpass even me. If Matt is included… that would be a force to be reckoned with.

Also with this letter are my personal notes that I have composed for you about the LABB Murder Cases.


Lawliet "L"

Dear Matt,

All I can say is I'm sorry for taking Mello away from you for so long, even if it was unintended. Take care of him and yourself. Near once told me of your conversation with him when he died his hair blue and while it is true that Matt would not exist without Mello and Mello would not exist without Near, neither of them would exist without you.

Keep that in mind as you continue the rest of your life.

I know you hold back for Mello. I understand that it is sometimes the right choice but because of it, you have grown lazy. Try and live your life. Carpe Diem, Matt.

There is one thing I have to ask of you. It can only be asked of you because only you would be calm enough to grant it. Would you burry Beyond Birthday's ashes next to A's remains? While no one may believe he deserves a burial or even a cremation, he truly loved her and I believe if she was still alive today, he would not have gone insane.

Also with this letter, I have enclosed A's remaining story, or what I have managed to have gather of it at least. I give A's story to you because while Beyond Birthday said that Mello reminded him most of A, he said "M" most reminded him of her. He was also referring to you, you with your quiet passion and willingness to sit in the background with the will to make the people whom you care for happy. While Mello has her drive, you have her will.

Also with this letter, I leave you with one last burden on my heart- her real name.

Please take care of Mello and Near. I'm sorry to have burdened you.


Lawliet "L"

It was with great understanding that Matt carried Beyond Birthday's remains towards A's grave. It was love and respect for L and what L had represented to his heirs that he continued to carry Beyond Birthday's ashes to A's grave instead of dropping them and letting them spread with the wind. It was with happiness that he put the last patch of dirt over the jar.

"Rest in hell you bastard," Matt whispered.

He had known A since she was a young girl. Beyond Birthday had been second to arrive as one of the competitors for L's name. Every time A visited, L would realize eventually down the line, that she was happy to see him. When Beyond Birthday became a part of her life, he quickly realized that whenever he came, the boy was not happy to see him. He tried limiting his visits, hoping Beyond Birthday and A would grow closer but eventually, his work overloaded him to the point where he could visit maybe twice a year if he was lucky.

He began visiting when he could.

"L!" A ran up to him and hugged him. L stumbled back and looked at Watari like a fish out of water. Watari smiled and raised his arms up in a motion to show him what to do. L knew what hugs were but he had rarely received one himself. He carefully wrapped his arms around the girl as if she would break and patted her on the head. She let go and he turned to see Beyond Birthday. He bit his thumb, hoping the boy didn't want a hug too.

Beyond Birthday pouted from around the corner and it was easy enough for L to figure out what was going through the young boy's mind. He was jealous of L getting A's attention but for some reason… he was allowing A to spend time where as before, he would quickly take A by the hand and drag her away.

And he always seemed to be staring just above her head.

As ridiculous as this sounds, Beyond Birthday could see when people were going to die. He could also see their real names. He referred to this… this power as "the Shinigami's eyes." When I was in captivity he often laughed, saying I didn't have "the eyes" and I couldn't see their true names. He was somehow able to find out my name.

Shinigami do exist. By touching the "Death Note," which was how Kira killed people, shinigami are visible to whoever touched it. If Mello did indeed burn the notebook without touching it, we have no problems. Beyond Birthday did not possess a notebook but he did possess the eyes.

I believe that my visits had something to do with A's lifeline. He let me spend time with her because her numbers changed when I was around.

"A," Beyond Birthday said, coming through her door without knocking… again.

"B, what if I was changing?" she scolded lightly. It didn't really matter. Somehow he never came in when she was changing- except for the time she was sick as a little kid. He shrugged and sat on her bed, muttering something that suspiciously sounded like, "It's Beyond Birthday." She tried not to look flustered when she glanced at him from the mirror… he looked so much like L… A blush marred her cheeks and she shook her head, pretending to fix her hair.

"Why did you curl your hair?" he asked.

"N-no reason," she said. "If you don't like it…" she made for the bathroom, ready to get her hair wet so it would go back to being straight. She felt a hand on her wrist and she stopped.

"I like it," he said. It took him longer than most to let go of her hand but she was used to it by now. She didn't think much of it anymore. He still didn't let go as he brushed a strand of hair out of her face and then she began to feel the proximity of their closeness.


"Beyond Birthday," he corrected. She sighed and tugged her hand, reminding him to release it. He didn't move as she turned her attention back to the mirror.

"I don't see why you're paying so much attention to your looks. You look fine without all that-" he stopped himself. "Is L coming?" A didn't answer him but that confirmed it for him. He turned on his heel and slammed the door behind him.

"What if she had been changing?" Beyond Birthday sighed, sliding down the wall. The door opened and he didn't need to look up to know that A was checking on him to see if he was alright but he did anyways.

"Big Baby…" she muttered."That's what you should call yourself." She walked a few steps past him before she paused and turned, offering him her hand. He took it and didn't let go but it didn't matter to her. Her hand curled around his. They'd been doing it since they were children. Why should being a teenager make things different? Although she wasn't thinking about that as they walked down the hall. That was the logic that went through her head.

But what if it was L holding her hand? She couldn't stop the question from running through her mind. She felt a shudder of pleasure- of anticipation run down her spine and she felt a tug on her hand. She turned and looked to see why BB had stopped.

"B?" she asked.

"You shuddered…" he said quietly and dropped her hand as he went into the dining hall. She sighed and leaned her shoulder against the wall, not understanding what her best friend meant… He was her best friend, right? They had been together since childhood, they'd gotten sick together- they'd snuck into each other's rooms when they had the chicken pocks (A had gotten it then she had inadvertently given it to B when he snuck into her room).

"Is something wrong A?"

"Nothing's wrong Roger," she said. She ran a hand through her hair and froze. Suddenly, A didn't want to go out into the dining hall and face the other geniuses. They were smart- they weren't the smartest, she was- but they were smart. They would figure it out.

"Roger, I'm not feeling to hungry," A said. "May I go to the library and read?"

"Of course, A," Roger said.


"They take away our identities," B had said. "They give us a letter and they leave it at that."

"Well then, Backup, what's your identity?" she had partially teased. "I mean, if you're not B or Backup…" She still found some truth in what he was saying- she was sitting with him at midnight in her room, of course there was some truth or she would have thrown him out- even if she didn't want to believe it. L had given them these codenames… was he taking away their identity and making them a letter? Her mind processed it but he refused to believe it.

"Beyond Birthday," he said.

End Flashback

'Not even an offer to have food taken up to your room later or a saved plate,' A thought dully. It didn't really matter to her. She was only good to him as long as she kept studying and getting the best results.

The librarian gave her a small smile as she settled onto her favorite spot on the couch with her legs up as she leaned onto the arm of the chair, reading a book of fairytales.

"L," Beyond Birthday said upon finding L in the kitchen.

"Ah, B," L said. "I was looking for the sweets. They seemed to have moved."

"Uh… they're in the top drawer on the right," Beyond Birthday said. "And it's Beyond Birthday."

"Ah, my apologies," L said. "Beyond Birthday is here for A then?" He pulled a chair up to the counter and climbed up.

"She skipped dinner," Beyond Birthday said. "Not that-" Not that I would care was what he would have said if I hadn't interrupted.

"There are a few extra slices of pizza in the refrigerator," L said, now that he had his sweets and was sitting on the chair with his knees pulled up to his chest.

"Why do you know that?" Beyond Birthday asked.

"The cook was about to throw them out. I asked her to save them," L said.

"B, is that you?" A asked, stumbling out of the shower and wrapping a towel around herself. "B?" Her heart began to accelerate. Who would come into her room at this hour besides-

"It's Beyond Birthday,"

"You could at least announce yourself," A grumbled. "You scared me. I thought someone had broken in or something."

"And you would have come out in a towel?" B asked, looking up at her with a combination of anger and amusement.

"B-" she let out a squeak as B pushed her down onto the bed, keeping her body trapped with his own.

"You'd let them do this?" he whispered next to her ear, licking at her pulse before sucking on it.

"B, stop!" she said.

"Then why don't you scream?" he asked, hands traveling lower to caress her body.

"B, I swear- is that pizza?" she asked. B looked slightly bewildered as she crawled out from under him, going for the food.

"I… brought you food," he said slowly, staring at her naked self. 'Why didn't she just do that in the first place if she wanted out?' He picked up the towel she left behind and wrapped it around her from behind, using it as an excuse to hug her. He buried his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent.

"Thanks for the food," she said. "And you could just tell me when you think something I do is crazy, B. You don't always have to show me." He frowned at her from behind but she felt him nod. "Roger didn't… no, he didn't."

"What?" B asked. She smiled sadly and the numbers above her grew smaller. Alarmed, he turned her around furiously, staring into her eyes.


"You- what about Roger?" B asked, grabbing her by her shoulders.

"I was going to ask if he asked you to bring the food up to me," A said. He glanced up at her numbers, relieved when they went back up- although they weren't quite as high as they had been before.

"A," Beyond Birthday said.

"B, what if I was changing?" A groaned.

"And what if you were?" Beyond Birthday grunted. He didn't bother to correct her on his name this time.

"Why are you in a mood?" A asked. "You always get like this when L comes. I don't understand why. He only comes once or twice a year… can't you just enjoy it while he's here? Why aren't you dressed?"

"I'm not going," Beyond Birthday said.

"Why not?" she frowned.

"Tired," he shrugged.

"Liar," A whispered. Beyond Birthday smirked and stepped closer to her, pressing a kiss to her temple and then gave her a yellow flower.

"It's beautiful," she said. "How'd you know to get yellow? You looked through my closet, didn't you?" He shrugged and took the flower from her, putting it in her hair.

"Have fun at the dance," he said. He turned away to walk out but she grabbed his hand again.

"Wait, dance with me," she said.

"I told you-"

"You're not going, I know. Just, dance with me here," A said, pressing play on the radio sitting on her desk.

"Odd choice of song," Beyond Birthday muttered. A shrugged and smiled apologetically but didn't move to change the song.

Like anyone would be
I am flattered by your fascination with me
Like any hot-blooded woman
I have simply wanted an object to crave

A wrapped her arms around his neck and Beyond Birthday wrapped his hands around her waist.

But you, you're not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slight

"L…" L stopped and turned to see the girl he had known since she was little all grown up. She was wearing a yellow halter top dress that had a slit down the left side. She had on silver heels. She had a flower in her hair just over a hair clip.

"Hello A. Shouldn't A be dancing?" L asked, chewing on his thumb.

"I- um- well…"

"You wish to dance with me," L said. "Very well but I cannot stay very long." He took A's hand and led her onto the dance floor. He had never learned the steps but he had seen the steps and so he led her in a waltz. He winced upon having to straighten his back but A was practically glowing so he didn't make any remarks about his back.

"You're really good at this. Have you done this before?" A asked.

"No," L said simply. She missed a step in surprise at his answer. L slowed their dance down by half a count, letting her catch up to him.

"Sorry," she said.

"I believe that this is the best dance I have ever had," L said.

"By default, isn't it your worst too?" A asked. L allowed himself a small smile.

"Yes, by default," L said.

"L, we need to go," Watari said, handing L his mask. "I'm sorry to interrupt but the prime minister requests your presence." L dropped A's hand and his hand from her waist, lifting his mask slightly so she could see the small smile. She returned it.

"Thank you for the dance," he said, slouching again as he followed Watari. She watched until L disappeared from her sight and then made her way to B's room.

"A?" Beyond Birthday blinked sleepily.

"Can I sleep here?" A asked.

"What if Roger finds out?" he asked but he moved over obediently.

"You don't care if Roger finds out," A said. She settled on her side. Beyond Birthday didn't make any move to hold her. He wanted to- her numbers were almost out- but he knew she wouldn't let him unless she made the first move.

"Did you enjoy the dance?" he asked.

"I suppose," A said and he looked at her. Her numbers were scarily low. They had climbed slightly when L had paid attention to her- when he had danced with her but when he left, they had dropped slightly. Beyond Birthday still couldn't stop worrying even though her numbers climbed up and down- down more often than up. But her numbers hadn't been that low when he had last seen her.

He sat up abruptly, turning her onto her back so that she was pinned under him. She looked up at him, surprised.

"What happened?"

"Nothing," she lied. "Why aren't you wearing a shirt?" He wanted to shake her. Why did she always care about their state of dress at the wrong times? As it was, he squeezed her shoulders tighter, to the point where she winced. He wanted her to be scared. He wanted her numbers back up.

"What happened?" he repeated. She sighed and tried to turn on her side again but he refused to let her. "A? Did he use you? Did you have sex with him?"

"What? No!" A shrieked, sitting up quickly so that he had to fall back or risk being hit. "How can you even ask me that? I'm going back into my room." Beyond Birthday rushed up after her, and beat her to the door just as she got it opened. He shut it and blocked it with his body.

"A, what happened?" Beyond Birthday asked. She looked away.

"We're puppets, B. We're all puppets," she said quietly. "I told you, now move."

"No," Beyond Birthday snapped.


"It's Beyond Birthday," he snapped, grabbing her by the waist and kissing her. She struggled against him but he continued to kiss her and eventually she stopped struggling and started kissing him back. He took her on the bed, mumbling into her ear after they were finished, "His name is Lawliet."

She woke up naked, her dress on the floor, B's arm covering her. She kissed his forehead and pulled an extra sheet around her. She sat down at the desk and pulled out a paper and pencil from B's desk. She turned on the lamp light.

Dear L,

If I have indeed killed myself then you are reading this letter. I write to you for only two purposes.

I hate you and I love you. The pressure of being your heir was too much for me and I killed myself. You made me 'A'. You made me a letter… where I am not sure whether this was Watari or your doing, someone made me a letter. Someone took away my identity. But that is not the important part of this letter.

I am sure that B will believe that it is entirely your fault that I have chosen to commit suicide. I do not wish for him to murder the man I love. So, for your sake and his because there is not B without L- and it is my last wish- when he tries to kill you, tell him that I loved him.

Tell him a lie so that he will let you live… tell him because you have only twice agreed to what I have wished. Do one more thing for me and survive B's fury.


P.S. If you do not wish to survive B's fury, unless you have absolutely no reason to live, I believe you owe me that much.

Then hesitating, she changed her letter. So, for your sake- and it is my last wish- when he tries to kill you, tell him that I loved him.

"Do you think they're coming, Lawliet?" Beyond Birthday asked. "Do you?"

"Don't... call me that," L said.

"And why not?" Beyond Birthday smiled, laughing. "Because A found out your name?" I did not understand what he was talking about then.

"What are you... talking... about?" L asked. "I... never told... A..." Watari found an entry in A's diary that Beyond Birthday told her my name upon my request.

When L heard that A had killed herself, he insisted upon going to the orphanage. It didn't matter that he had about thirteen cases to work on. He needed to see for himself. He was the greatest detective in the world, after all.

Instantly entering the room, he smelt cigarette smoke. But seeing A's body, he threw up. That was a fact that he never told anyone. While he was on the ground, he noticed the cigarette carton and the untouched cigarettes in the package and the cigarette butts on the floor that she had smoked before her deth. With the image of A's body and the crime scene already burned into his mind, he untied her. She fell and L caught her, crying for the first time in he didn't know how many years.

"I am so sorry…" he whispered. "B… Watari, where is B?" He ran upstairs to B's room and found a piece of paper crumpled on t he floor. He read that letter every single day until he was forced to leave for Whammy's house because he was investigating the Kira case but he brought it with him.

A's real name was Alanis. I was able to do one thing for her while she was still alive. I found some of her poems and I sent them to an aspiring musician.

"What took you so long?" Mello asked, not looking up as Mello came through the door.

"You know, same old, same old," Matt said, lighting a cigarette.

"Ran out of cigarettes?" Mello asked. Matt inhaled the cigarette smoke. "Those things will kill you, you know."

"You know… maybe I will quit," Matt said.

"What brought this on?" Mello asked.

"Dunno," he lied.

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