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I plugged the IV in the soldiers arm and took his blood pressure, all the while trying to block out the shouts and gunshots that radiated from outside the canvas walls of the medical tent. Once I was done with this one, I would have to hurry to the next bloodied patient, and then the next. They just kept coming. My breathing was ragged as I rushed through procedure after procedure, stitch this, bandage that.

I flinched as another grenade went off on my right. I barked at the frenzied nurses to go out and retrieve the newest slew of patients. I could only hope that they would survive even this simple retrieval. I clenched my teeth and hissed,

"What kind of logic is this?! How is it more convenient to have the medical team so close to the battlefield? Now we're all going to die!" But I knew I had to do my job either way. I took a deep breath and rubbed my temples, trying to calm myself down. I rushed the newest arrivals to the few cots we had left and instructed the nurses to get them cleaned up. It was going well for the moment, few soldiers were dead, and the battle seemed to be quieting down. And suddenly, it just plain stopped. I let out a huge sigh. "Boy," I said to one of the nurses, "Thank god that's over!"

But I guess I had celebrated too soon. Suddenly, shouts erupted from outside as the remaining soldiers ran frantically from the tent. It wasn't hard to imagine what came next. The whine from overhead warned us only seconds before the impact.

"BOMB!" A nurse screeched in terror. Shit! The next thing I knew, I was thrown to the floor of the tent. Fire and smoke surrounded me, making my eyes water and my lungs ache. I felt a sharp, burning pain in my side, and when I drew my hand away from the spot, it was covered in crimson blood. My vision was starting to blur and I could barely make out the equipment or one of the patient's cots. Or, at least there was supposed to be someone there…I thought, feeling sick. Panic and fear welled in my chest. It was too much; the loss of blood was draining me of my strength. With a final groan of agony, my head fell back, and I blacked out.

3 Months Before

The man at the counter handed her the uniform and looked down at his clipboard.

"Miss Winry Rockbell, congratulations. You have been promoted to military surgeon! Your medical team disembarks tomorrow for the battle field. Good luck to you!" Winry sighed in surrender.


When she reached her apartment building, she set the uniform on her kitchen counter and sat down with a huff, her head in her hands. It's not like I wanted this…I'm not even qualified! She thought, anguished. The war had started just a few months ago, and already the military was short on medical personnel. Now they were recruiting anyone who knew how to fix some stitches. And apparently, automail mechanics had enough medical knowledge to be addressed as doctors in their eyes. The fact that she had some ties within the military that knew of her automail prowess probably didn't help her cause much either.

But, then again, Winry thought, trying to be more optimistic, I'll be saving people's lives! And, I'll…be living up to my parents! Thank god Granny taught me a thing or two about medicine, or I'd be pretty much clueless! But at the thought of Pinako, her eyes welled up with tears. The Drachman army had taken over Resimbool, and now Winry had no contact with her only living relative. She didn't even have any way of knowing if she was safe. Winry almost sobbed out loud. Again, war was taking something away from her.

But she knew she had to remain strong, for herself and her country, even if she did have to put herself in harm's way. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her that almost made her laugh.

"I wonder how Ed would react if he knew I was going to be on the frontlines, as a doctor?" She said to herself. But she already knew the answer to that. He'd stomp around and yell at her for doing something stupid that might get her killed…

Thinking of Ed made her smile fade. She hadn't contacted him in over two years. He and Al had gone to Central to study alchemy, and for all she knew, they were still there. They had sworn that they would come home soon enough, but it had been a long time since they had even sent her a letter. And now, there wasn't even a home to go back to.

But at 23 years old, maybe she needed to move on. But even as she was telling herself this, she knew that she still loved him. And maybe, if she survived this war, she would finally see him again.

It was getting late, and the day ahead of her was going to be long and tiring. She yawned and decided to save her angsting for later. She had to get a hold of herself. She just hoped that she would be able to handle witnessing war, especially after all those bad memories that she associated with it.

Either way, she'd have time to think tomorrow. All she needed now was to rest.

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