E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: Time

Length: 100 words exactly!!

A/N: John Winchester's journal tells a little about Sam's first steps. He was a little over one year old when he took them.

Happy Birthday Anjelicious! Hope you like the Wee!chester drabble.


"Dad, look at Sammy!"

John grinned as his youngest son took his first tentative step. Sam's eyes were shining with excitement as he tottered toward Dean.

"That's it, Sammy. Just take your time." Dean held out encouraging hands.

Sam's smile faltered as he pitched forward, falling flat on his face. He immediately burst into tears.

"It's okay, Sammy." John knelt to comfort him but Sam was reaching chubby hands toward his brother.

"I got you, Sammy." Dean hoisted Sam to his feet, wiping away the tears. Sam beamed at his older brother.

John smiled wistfully. If only Mary were here.