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Chapter 18

Sephiroth was hovering above me in a bed of black silk. I was pinned to the mattress by his smoldering gaze. I felt a chill run down my bare skin as his hands ghosted up and down my sides.

It took me a moment to realize that the man over my body was also nude. That marble skin was calling me like a moth to a flame, but a deep rumble from the General had me submissively lay still. Sephiroth brought his lips to the side of my neck and began to trail down my body.

Mewls and moans were flowing out of my mouth as those talented lips and hands danced over my skin. I felt my cock twitch as Sephiroth's silver locks brushed it. My ears were flat, mingling with my spikes as my tail curled around Sephiroth's arm.

Then I got am idea. I uncurled my tail and slowly brought it between the General's muscular thighs. I heard a growl as I wrapped my tail around his member.

Sephiroth's head dropped to rest on my chest.

I moved my tail to stroke him while I ran my claws through his hair. When I tickled the sensitive spot just underneath the head of his cock with the tip of my tail, I was not expecting the reaction I got.

Sephiroth let out a vicious snarl and pined me to the bed. I stared into his emerald eyes getting lost in the green of them. It felt like the color was swirling all around me.

Then there was green all around me. It feel like I was floating in liquid, and I couldn't breathe. I tried to find air, but my body felt like lead. Where was I?

Everything was so hard to see through the liquid. My eyes wanted to slide shut and the darkness was creeping along the edges of my vision. Using what strength I had, I kept my eyes from closing so I could figure out where I was.

The sounds of machines was muffled through the liquid, but there was a voice that I could hear as plane as day.

"Specimen C, I see that we are awake today. I was hoping to see if we could try something different today." I saw Hojo beyond the green. It was then that I finally realized where I was.

Hojo had me in a mako tube. Wires were all around me, tangling me in a web. I was in his lab! I struggled to get free of my prison, but that oily voice just laughed at my actions.

Where were Vincent and Zack? How did I end up here? Sephiroth…where was my silver haired protector and lover?

The tube was draining and I feel to the bottom of the container. Rough hands grabbed me by the arms and proceeded to drag me to a metal table. It was useless to try and get free when my body felt so heavy.

All around me were tools that this sick, twisted man used to hurt Sephiroth and Vincent. I couldn't tell what half the stuff in the lab was, but I could tell everything was used to cause someone a great deal of pain.

"Now, now, there is no need to get so excited. Last time you got so excited that the experiment didn't take to well." Hojo came around me as he picked up a scalpel testing to see if it was sharp enough before he moved it to my chest were dozens of scars I don't remember getting were now in place. My gaze widened in horror at what he was planning.

"Don't worry, Specimen C. We have all the time in the world to get this right and then not even Sephiroth will be able stand in my way!" His laugh echoed in my ears as the blade dug into my flesh.

My body went flying across the small cramped space. I tore franticly at my chest to see if the blade was still lodged in my chest. Large hands gripped my wrists and pulled them away from my skin.

I started to struggle against the hands holding me. I could hear people talking all around me, but I couldn't understand anything that was being said to me.

It wasn't until I felt the touch of lips upon mine did I finally start to relax.

The haze of confusion slowly faded into silver and black. Sephiroth pulled back to look into my eyes.

"Are you alright now?" I blinked at the question, but I nodded not trusting my voice at the moment. Sephiroth let go of my hands and rubbed the tattered remains of black shirt. I hissed as his fingers came into contact with one of the many scratches that were fading.

"I-I had a nnnnightmare. It f-f-felt so real." My body began to shake as I remembered the feel of the scalpel digging into my chest. Sephiroth lifted me into his arms and cradled my smaller form.

He sat back down with me in his lap and tried to ease the stress out of my body. My ears were flat and my tail was wrapped around me like it was trying to comfort me. I saw Vincent looking at me with a concerned expression as he tried to reach for me.

Sephiroth snarled at the gunman as he tightened his grip around me. Vincent didn't back down this time. He came back with a snarl of his own as crimson glared into emerald. No doubt it was the beast's instincts to check to see if I was alright.

The air seemed to get so much thicker as the stand off continued. I reached out an arm to touch Vincent, but Sephiroth pulled me back.

The General growled at Vincent. "He's mine!" His eyes flashed with the statement and the grip became tighter around my body.

Vincent's eyes shined with repressed power. "That may be the case, but he is our cub. We have as much of a claim as you and we will not tolerate a threat to him!" All of the beings in Vincent's body were speaking with the man. My eyes widened as he snarled to Sephiroth to release me.

The red clad snatched me from Sephiroth's arms when he didn't comply. The General gave a vicious snarl when Vincent pulled me to his chest.

"You may have chosen to be his mate, but he will remain under our protection until we see that you are fit to be his mate! From what we have seen thus far, you are a poor choice."