Yep, it's another triple drabble. Cuz when it comes to the wee!Chesters, I'm apparently incapable of doing anything shorter—trust me, I tried. This is my fourth attempt. I now have four new wee!Chester stories, and this is still the shortest I could manage. LOL But I did use the challenge word three times, so it's legal, right? Another chapter of "Not So Drunk" is up for those reading it.

This is the start of a set of stories that will look at some of the important lessons life has taught the Winchester brothers. Lesson 1: When facing a deadly foe, always have your brother at your back.

Happy Birthday, Anjelicious!

word: time
Word count: 300

Evil Doesn't Stand a Chance

"Timing is everything, Sammy," Dean explained to his two-year-old brother. "You have to hold your shot until just…the…right…time." He sighted down the weapon barrel carefully, finger poised on the trigger.

Sammy listened intently as instructions were given. "Now, Dean?" the little boy asked.

"Shhhh," his big brother cautioned, one finger to his lips. "Don't wanna scare it off." Sammy hadn't quite gotten the hang of whispering yet.

"Sowwy, Dean," came the almost-whispered reply.

"S'okay, Sammy. Just keep watchin'. Y'ready?"

The small head nodded seriously. "Weady." Chubby little fingers tightened on blue plastic, trying to mimic the older boy's firm grip on his pistol.

Dean adjusted his little brother's hold, corrected his aim, helped him position one finger inside the trigger guard so he'd be ready for action. "Hold your weapon steady."

Sammy pressed closer to Dean's side, small tongue poking out in concentration as he peered through the hole in the bushes.

"Now!" Dean whispered and they both pulled the trigger at the same time. Two streams of holy water hit the neighbor's cat full-force. It yowled and hissed loudly before streaking off, an indignant black blur. Dean smiled, satisfied at their enemy's retreat. "See, Sammy—told ya that cat was evil."

Awed hazel eyes gazed up at him. "He wunned weawy fast."

"That's cuz he's smart, kiddo. He knows evil don't stand a chance against the Winchester brothers."

"Yeah!" Sammy agreed emphatically.

Dean looked down at the toddler, who still gripped his water gun tightly. He gently removed it from Sammy's hands before the leak in its side dripped water all over the younger boy. "Good work, little brother."

"Fanks, Dean," Sammy replied happily. "C'n we pway 'gain?"

"Sure, buddy." Dean tousled the already-unruly hair. "Let's fill up. I saw a squirrel out back I'm sure is bad news."