For many years, the shop owner of Ichiraku Ramen and his daughter have been kind to Naruto. They were kind to him when others were not. Teuchi, the owner, had shown the first stroke of kindness when the blonde was only five. He'd seen a small blonde boy with whiskered cheeks carrying a bag of groceries. It was rather cute, Teuchi had thought, the boy was almost smaller than the bag he was carrying. Unfortunately, a villager purposefully tripped the young boy. The groceries were immediately lost. People trampled over the food and did nothing to help him up.

Teuchi knew why. He knew that this was the Jinchuuriki, but he had learned that it was a waste of time to hold a grudge against the boy. He wasn't Kyuubi reborn, he just carried the demon and that protected the village. Why couldn't everyone see him that way? He was a hero! The man exited his shop after calling his daughter out to the stand. He walked over to the small boy and helped him up. There were confused and upset tears running down Naruto's whiskered cheeks. Teuchi took the blonde over to his shop and gave the boy a free bowl of ramen. He always took great pride in being the one to cause Naruto's obsession with the food.

He'd never go out of business with Naruto around. He was always coming for a bowl or five. After a few years, Naruto started bringing friends. Teuchi's business couldn't breathe easier. Then, Teuchi and his daughter had an argument. A rather heavy and burden filled argument. Ayame left. Teuchi didn't want anyone to know that the two had had such a terrible fight. He knew of only one thing he could do. Naruto knew everything about their business and had even assisted in making ramen a few times. Teuchi headed for the boy's apartment and sucked in a deep breath. He would have to forego his pride and ask Naruto for help.

"You want me to transform into Ayame until you and her stop fighting, so no one will know?" Naruto felt his eye twitch involuntarily.

"Yes, you see…" Teuchi sighed. "Part of Ichiraku's atmosphere is a family oriented one. Without Ayame, it's not the same."

"Well, I understand… but…" Naruto paused and thought it over for a moment. "Hmm… you know what? For you, anything. I just get free ramen while I work there!"
"You've got it, Naruto!" Teuchi chuckled.

Heee... prologue.

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