Little Jacob

This story contains spanking. Don't like it don't read.

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"Hey, Jared look at that loser." Paul said as he pointed to Jacob

"What's up, Jakey?" "Don't call me that Paul."

"What are you going to do if I don't?" By this time Jacob was starting to get really angry.

Jacob got up from the step he was sitting on and walked up to Paul.

They just stood there for a few minutes glaring at each other.

Paul raised his fist up and punched Jacob right in the mouth.

Jacob and Paul continued to fight and now there was a circle of people watching this fight and cheering for a winner.


Billy was going outside to tell his son that it was time to come in when he saw Jacob fighting Paul in the front yard. "Jacob Black stop this fight right now."

Jacob looked up and saw a very angry Billy staring at him. The fight stopped and everyone left including Paul. Jacob wished that he could just leave instead of having to deal with his dad right now.

Billy dragged Jacob by the arm inside the house. His mom, Sarah was sitting on the couch reading her favorite book, The Outsiders.

Sarah looked up from her book and looked at her son. "Jacob, what did you do this time?" she asked with a sigh "I got in a fight with Paul." Before Jacob could ask his mom to help him Billy dragged him into the study.

Billy pulled his chair into the middle of the room and put Jacob in front of him.

"Jacob, could you tell me why you were fighting when I told you to stay out of trouble." Jacob just shrugged. "Don't shrug at me young man I want an answer." Jacob told his dad the whole story.

"Jacob, do you remember what I said I would do if you got in another fight." Jacob looked scared and took a step back.

Jacob knew he would get in more trouble if Billy caught him but he didn't care, Jacob took off running through the house.


Jacob didn't listen he just kept running. Sarah stopped Jacob in the living room by grabbing his T- shirt.

Sarah lectured Jacob about how running away when your in trouble just gets you into more trouble. She gave Jacob a quick swat to his bottom when Billy came into the room.

Billy took Jacob back to the study to finish his punishment.

"Jacob I am so disappointed in you right now, you are going to get 15 swats for fighting and another 7 for running." "Go get me your wooden hairbrush."

Jacob could feel tears forming in his eyes when he handed his dad the brush.

Billy sat down and pulled Jacob over his lap and pulled down his pants and underwear.

After Billy lectured Jacob he started the spanking.

Smack Smack Smack Smack

"Owwwwwwww." Jacob cried and his hands flew to his bottom.

"Jacob move your hands now. Jacob pulled his hands away and Billy kept on spanking him.

Smack Smack Smack Smack

Smack Smack Smack Smack

Smack Smack Smack Smack

Smack Smack Smack Smack

Smack Smack Smack

Billy lifted Jacob up and held him for a few minutes. "Jacob, remember this next time you want to pull something like that again." Jacob nodded.

Jacob pulled his pants back up and hugged his dad. "I love you dad."