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Chapter 4

~One Month Later~

Jacob was sitting at his desk in school, watching the clock on the wall. Tick, tick, tick. He was so tired and to be honest he just wanted to go home. Finally after what seemed like hours the bell rang. Jacob rushed out of the building and started his way home. He was about 2 blocks away from his house when his enemy Paul stopped him. Paul was still mad that Jacob had got him in trouble with the teacher this morning. Paul pushed Jacob on the ground. "Paul, get off of me." Jacob shouted. This fight went on for about twenty-minutes. Billy finally came to look for Jacob and found his son and Paul fighting. Paul was on top of Jacob, he was throwing punches all over Jacob's body. Billy grabbed Paul and pulled him off his boy. "Paul go on home." Billy ordered. Billy took his son by the arm and pulled him into the house. "Dad, I didn't do any thing to Paul that would make him attack me." "Jacob, I am not going to punish you." Jacob let out a sigh of relief. Billy started addressing his son's wounds. "Ow, dad that burns." Jacob complained. "I know, when I was younger my dad used this same mixture of herbs to clean wounds too." After Jacob was cleaned up he went upstairs to his room. Billy went to call Paul father. "Hello, Mark, I called to tell you that your son started a fight with my son after school today." There was a long pause in the conversation. Mark sighed. "Thanks for calling me Billy, I will deal with Paul." Billy hung up the phone.

~At Paul's house~

Paul was sitting at his desk doing his homework when Mark walked in the room. "Paul, we need to talk." "Ok, dad, what do you want to talk about?""Paul did you start a fight with Jacob after school today?" After a few minutes Paul finally nodded. "Why did you do that Paul? I got a phone call from Billy saying that he found you on top of Jacob and you were beating him up. Is that true?" "Yes, dad that's true." Mark left the room. Paul thought that was all his dad wanted to talk about and he was glad. Mark came back into the room with a ruler in his hand. "Dad, what are you going to do?" Mark closed the door. "Paul you know what I am going to do." He said as he pulled a chair to the middle of the room. Paul was now getting scared. Mark knew that if he told Paul to come then he wouldn't listen. Mark stood up and grabbed his son's arm to stand him in between his legs. He unbutton Paul pants and yanked then down along with his underwear. Mark turned Paul over him lap and began lecturing him. "Paul, how many times have I told you to not start fights?" When Paul didn't answer he brought his hand down hard on Paul's small backside. Paul gasped. "I asked you a question Paul." "I don't know a lot." Paul said in a small voice. Mark then started to spank Paul with his hand. When he got to ten spanks Mark stood him up. Paul went to pull his pants up… "Paul, you know we are not done yet." Mark said in a firm tone. Mark bent Paul over his desk and started laying swats on him with the ruler.

Swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat

Swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat

"Paul, you know I love you but you can't keep going around and starting fights with everyone you see." Paul nodded, his eyes were puffing because he had been crying. Mark hugged Paul and then he pulled his pants up. "I think someone could use a nap." Paul nodded and Mark put his son to bed and Paul slept on his belly that night.

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